Larry Gaynor – A Racist Exposed?(2024)


Since 2017, a laboratory has been named in honor of Larry Gaynor, an alumnus of Michigan State University and an anonymous donor to the Eli Broad College of Business. 

The Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO) is attempting to change its name because of a 2020 incident involving Gaynor that was driven by race, hence this title is currently up for question. The thing happened. Let’s examine some facts regarding Larry Gaynor before delving into the full story of his origins.

An Overview –  Larry Gaynor

TNG Worldwide is a well-known company in the beauty industry, and its CEO is Larry Gaynor. Another Michigan State University alumnus is Larry Gaynor. The controversy that has engulfed him can be linked to remarks he made at a webcast intended for business use by spas and beauty salons. 

His words during the webinar were derogatory to Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese business owners in particular. He said many derogatory things about the Vietnamese salon industry, including their pricing, language, and hygienic practices. He also made a few jokes about the Vietnamese language. A video recording of the webinar has been shared on numerous websites, and Gaynor’s comments have drawn harsh criticism.

Larry Gaynor: Student Bill on Naming Controversy and Donor Accountability Passes MSU Unanimously

Following a meeting of their assembly, the Associated Students of Michigan State University made a decision that was widely supported and garnered a lot of attention. Two separate measures were brought up during the meeting, and the attendees voted to approve each of them without discussion.

Numbered 59-10 and known as “Bill 59-10,” the first piece of legislation addressed the issue of whether or not the Teresa and Larry Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab at the Eli Broad College of Business should be renamed. 

Following allegations that Larry Gaynor, the namesake of the lab, had made xenophobic and racially charged remarks about Vietnamese people in 2020, the Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO) took this move. 

The absence of any accusatory undertone in the execution of this action is noteworthy, as it underscores the need to address issues related to insensitivity or bias. It is important to note that this move was taken without any hint of accusation.

In addition to being a distinguished leader in the cosmetics and beauty industry, Larry Gaynor is the CEO of TNG Worldwide, a notable company that he graduated from Michigan State University. 

At the center of the issue surrounding him are the remarks he made during a business webinar intended for hair salons and beauty supply retailers. He denigrated the Vietnamese population in general and businesspeople in particular during this webinar. 

He made several unpleasant remarks. He spoke in mocking Vietnamese while expressing his negative views on the Vietnamese salon industry, including its pricing policies, cleaning standards, and linguistic usage. A recorded version of the webinar has been shared across many websites and platforms, and there has been significant criticism against these claims.

The second piece of legislation, Bill 59-11, was written to enforce stricter donor accountability guidelines and investigate individuals whose names are attached to university hall names. 

Because of this step, we made sure that the individuals receiving this accolade adhered to the institution’s values and standards, which would help to advance diversity.

To show a commitment to addressing issues through the current processes and channels, if these actions are approved, they will be forwarded to President Samuel Stanley and the Board of Trustees for further examination and action.

It is significant to remember that Larry Gaynor attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1977 with a degree in accounting. This is why his association with the university is remarkable. 

He founded TNG, a company that provides a wide range of production and distribution services to salons, spas, and other kinds of establishments, after earning his degree. The Teresa and Larry Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab was established in 2017 thanks to a $3 million major gift from TNG to Michigan State University. This lab at the Eli Broad College of Business is considered the “front door for entrepreneurship and venture creation”.

It is crucial to make sure that individuals and contributors connected to the organization reflect the values and ideas of the organization, as highlighted by Larry Gaynor’s recent divisive remarks and the decision that followed to suggest modifying the Entrepreneurship Lab. 

The Michigan State University accepted Gaynor’s apologies and said through a representative that his remarks were out of line with the school’s values and caused “inefficient harm.” The university made it apparent that Larry Gaynor’s remarks did not align with its values, even despite this. The organization reaffirmed its dedication to encouraging an environment that is welcoming and encouraging of all students and employees.

Ultimately, the occurrences underscore the significance of handling challenging situations constructively and expertly, refraining from employing a combative tone, and putting forth the effort to protect the objectives and values of a university or other establishment. 

The events that have transpired have called attention to this issue. It emphasizes how crucial it is to make sure that each person’s activities and contributions align with the general beliefs held by the campus community. More specifically, it emphasizes how important it is to ensure that people’s actions align with the broad values that the university community upholds.


In conclusion, the Associated Students body overwhelmingly voted to accept two important recommendations in response to recent events at Michigan State University. Concerns about donor accountability and the naming of college property are addressed in these ideas. 

The accusations against Larry Gaynor—who also happens to be the namesake of an entrepreneurial lab at a university—of making false statements have drawn attention to these problems. The university is taking a proactive and optimistic stance to solve these problems and ensure that the institution’s beliefs and ideals are upheld. 

This demonstrates the significance of open communication, responsibility, and a commitment to fostering an environment that is welcoming and considerate of everyone within the academic community.

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