Kirk Bernard: Worst Rated Injury Lawyer on Yelp? The Truth Revealed (2024)


An attorney named Kirk Bernard, who practices in Seattle, has been recognized by the Top 100 Registry as the year’s Attorney of the Year in the state of Washington. But he has received a ton of negative reviews on Yelp. What should you trust? A registry or real customer feedback?

A prominent attorney with more than four decades of expertise, Bernard is most known for his role as the founder of the Bernard Law Group, which focuses on representing clients in situations involving personal injuries. In infamous instances such as Meisner v. State of Washington et al., in which he represented a motorcyclist who was wounded as a result of inadequate signage in a construction zone, he has a solid track record of achieving big verdicts and settlements for his clients regularly.

Bernard is actively involved in a variety of community programs, including the fight against hunger, the promotion of bicycle safety, and the awareness of brain injuries. In addition to his legal business, he is doing this. He has received a great deal of acclaim and a great number of accolades throughout his career as a result of his dedication to serving the community. Bernard’s legal expertise and commitment to creating a positive influence in Washington State are highlighted by the fact that he was awarded the Attorney of the Year status by the Top 100 Registry.

Are you familiar with Kirk Bernard?


Kirk Bernard founded Bernard Law Group and is an award-winning personal injury lawyer. He has been a skilled civil litigator in Washington and California for more than thirty years.

He is an experienced civil litigator in Washington and California with over 30 years of expertise.

Kirk has focused his practice on personal injury claims, representing accident victims caused by others’ wrongdoing. He is committed to upholding justice and making sure his clients get paid what they are due.

He pursues justice and ensures his clients obtain restitution.

Kirk Bernard earned his law and undergraduate degrees from UC Santa Barbara. His 1981 law degree was followed by a rapid career as a personal injury attorney. He has now committed his life to helping his community and defending his clients’ rights.

Since then, he has served his community and defended his clients.

Kirk Bernard is a trusted personal injury lawyer because of his persistent dedication to justice. He stands out for his dedication to his client’s issues, and during his career, he has received numerous honors for his outstanding advocacy and legal abilities.

He is known for his dedication to his clients’ concerns and has won numerous honors for his legal talents and advocacy.

Kirk gives his all to every case he takes on. He knows how emotionally, physically, and financially devastating accidents can be for victims and their families, therefore he works hard to represent them.

Kirk Bernard’s Social Networks 

The Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of Kirk Bernard are available for you to follow. On the Justia Lawyers website, he also keeps up a profile. 

Krik Bernard On LinkedIn: 

Krik Bernard has 62 followers and 54 connections on LinkedIn. He also has 54 connections. Bernard Law Group is a business that he owns and runs as the proprietor. In 2009, Kirk became a member of LinkedIn.

Kirk Bernard on Twitter: 

Since joining the social media platform in June 2009, Kirk Bernard has shared 10.1K tweets. With 6,713 followers, he follows 8,070 accounts on Instagram. 

Kirk Bernard’s Bernard Law Group on Yelp: 

By the feedback provided by customers on Yelp, the Bernard Law Group, which is owned by Kirk Bernard, has received a rating of 3.4 stars out of a possible 5. There are a total of 19 reviews upon which this rating is based. Additionally, the law company states in its advertisements that they are open and ready to serve clients at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Kirk Bernard’s Yelp reviews left by clients: 

1. Harry says that after getting into a rear-end incident, he called them for help. After taking up his case, they were tragically engaged in another accident three weeks later, which severely injured his neck and back. Telling him they preferred to deal with easier cases, they shockingly told him they could no longer help after the second accident. Harry felt completely alone after the second accident because of their quick abandoning of him.

2. Leigh discloses that, despite going through a catastrophic tragedy, he was only compensated $2000 after all related costs were subtracted. His spine was permanently crooked after the accident, which caused him to suffer from chronic discomfort and to halt his physically demanding work. He was affected greatly by this entire experience, which lasted for more than a year. 

3. Phil complains about how his case was handled by Bernard Law Group. There was a lack of consistency in the case, he observes, as it went through several lawyers in the company. One crucial aspect of the accident’s causation was not addressed: the state police were not informed that the fire department had pulled their truck to the side of the road. A failure-to-yield citation was not issued to the accountable person as a result of this omission. Phil thinks that the Bernard Law Group did not pursue the case to its greatest potential. 

4. Martin is unhappy with the firm’s reaction. After two years of misery that will affect him for life, a paralegal sent him a brief email saying the business wouldn’t take their case. He wonders if the firm’s attorney heard their case. This has left him feeling misled by the firm’s website description, and the frigid reception suggests they may not be a good fit for him, which relieves him. 

Kirk Bernard review 1

5. Misty calls her encounter with Bernard Law Group the worst she has ever had and swears she will never work with them again. Since her accident almost a year ago, she has been responsible for managing every facet of her case by herself. She frequently emails the attorney and his paralegal for case updates.

She can’t stop sending emails asking for updates on her case from the lawyer and his paralegal.

She has also had to get her attorney to speak up for her. She is told they will follow up every time she emails, but this is not always the case. Moreover, on occasion, they pretend not to get her emails with status updates. She explicitly declares that she would never again work with Bernard Law Group, mentioning Matt Hale and Carly Mallow in particular. 

Better Business Bureau Profile of Kirk Bernard’s Bernard Law Group:

In my research, I discovered that the company in issue has not been included on the website of the Better Business Bureau with any feedback from customers. On the other hand, the organization has bestowed upon it an outstanding A+ grade. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau does not officially recognize the company as having an accredited status. BBB reports that they have been operating in the sector for a total of 23 years. 

Google Profile and Ratings for Kirk Bernard’s Bernard Law Group: 

Out of a possible five stars, the Bernard Law Group has received 4.6 stars on Google. The address of their company is 900 Aurora Avenue North, Suite 100, Seattle, Washington, United States of America. On Google, they received reviews from 159 different consumers in total. 

Reviews from Customers on Google… 

1. John Knight is reluctant to suggest Bernard Law Group, as stated in the first reason. He describes their representation in a case involving an automobile accident, in which they recommended a settlement when the matter had been pending for two years. At first, he thought the amount of the settlement was reasonable; however, upon further investigation, he found out that the company had failed to claim a sizeable portion of the potential compensation.

2. After more than a year of his case being unresolved, Carlos Walston vents his aggravation at the lack of communication. According to his account, he has only had three conversations with the firm’s attorney since the matter started. When he calls to ask for developments, the secretary just puts him on voicemail and never returns his calls. Carlos considers this to be extremely unprofessional behavior, and based on his personal experience, he suggests not engaging the services of Bernard Law Group. 

3. Bryan Grote expressed dissatisfaction with the firm’s quality of service, claiming that they only offered rudimentary support because his injury wasn’t a high-value case. Regardless of the case’s importance, he thinks lawyers should always act professionally when dealing with clients. Bryan has twice used this company’s services, and both times he was disappointed. He says he has no desire to collaborate with them once more. 

4. Alexander James describes how a careless driver rear-ended their car. Even though the damage was evident and the cost of fixing the bumper and hatch came to $2,000, they were informed that it wasn’t significant enough to warrant a claim. Alexander was upset by this choice, especially since there were kids in the car and it didn’t appear like the person in charge cared about their safety. 

5. Russ Youhanna is furious at Bernard Law Group because, he says, they just asked one question before deciding they couldn’t help. He thinks the reason for their decision might be that they don’t think his case has enough financial potential. Due to his neighbor’s intentionally running him down while he was a pedestrian, Russ feels their response to be unsatisfactory. 


Is Kirk Bernard the worst personal injury lawyer on Yelp? No. But it’s worth looking into his reviews. You should always check a lawyer’s client reviews and complaints on third-party

For his exceptional legal skills and dedication to serving the community, Kirk Bernard has been honored as the 2023 Attorney of the Year in the state of Washington. This honor was bestowed upon him in recognition of his remarkable commitment to serving the community. He is the founder of Bernard Law Group, and he has devoted his entire professional life to advocating for justice on behalf of people who have suffered personally from injuries. 

On the other hand, reviews left by customers on Yelp show that there is a degree of discontentment with the way the company handles cases. Clients have expressed that they do not feel supported, that they receive inadequate recompense, and that they do not have consistency in their legal representation. Before settling on a choice, it is essential to take into account the experiences that customers have shared, even though Kirk Bernard has been honored with a great deal of praise during his career. 

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