Armin Ordodary and the FSM Smart Fraud (2024)


Media released a request for information about the broker fraud FSM Smart and its operator, Armin Ordodary, at the beginning of March 2017. We did, in fact, learn some important facts. After speaking with insiders, we were given the assurance that Armin Ordodary would merely serve as a front for a bigger organization. Not long after we requested it, FSM Smart modified its domain. The fact that the Scam Broker is still active online is another reality. We must reiterate our request for information because this is intolerable.

Verified FSM Intelligence Regarding Armin Ordodary

Following the most recent call, we were informed that Armin Ordodary was the manager and founder of both the white-label broker platform provider NepCore and the SIAO Group. In the interim, both businesses have shut down their websites.

We have received confirmation that Armin Ordodary is a manager and shareholder of DOO, the upmarket Serbian company. This is purportedly a marketing firm that introduces fresh victims to broker scams, not a boiler room.

It has come to our attention that the Iranian-born resident of Cyprus and his businesses are merely a small component of a worldwide criminal network.

Information about the illicit broker scheme FSM Smart ( and its aggressive client acquisition strategy through Upmarkt d.o.o., a Serbian boiler room, was provided to the media by whistleblowers. Benrich Holdings Ltd., a company based in Cyprus, is the only shareholder in this boiler room. Armin Ordodary, a resident of Cyprus, is a director of both companies.

The Warnings to Investors About Armin Ordodary

Early in 2018, the illicit broker was introduced. Currently, investors are advised not to participate in the FSM Smart scheme ( and

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned investors against the plan in March of 2019.

ASIC, an Australian agency, warned investors not to participate in the broker scheme in April 2019.

August 2018: A warning was released by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand;

October 2018: A warning was issued by FINMA, Switzerland’s financial market supervisory authority;

In November 2018, the Manitoba-based Canadian watchdog, MSC, issued a warning to investors about FSM Smart.

According to reports, the FSM Smart contact address is Hertensteinstrasse 51, 6004 Luzern in Switzerland.

FSM Smart (Armin Ordodary’s Brainchild)

As one of the oldest and most innovative Forex brokers in the world, FSMSmart has elevated the entire industry to new heights. Both FSMSmart and its operations manager, FSM Smart Ltd., are well-known in the financial services industry.

Over 140 countries worldwide have benefited from the Company’s noteworthy and well-founded financial services thanks to its brave service and steadfast dedication.

Because of the company’s vast market expertise and experience, FSMSmart provides top-notch services. As we enhance our existing technology to enable the vast and volatile industry to establish a reliable and sound trading system, we continue to give the enormous value of the market to our clients.

The Company’s founding members, who have been in the brokerage and forex industries for more than 50 years and who have been directing and instilling values in FSMSmart from its foundation, are financial professionals and adept financial service providers.

FSMSmart is constantly coming up with new ideas and methods to ensure that our clients have a luxurious and fulfilling experience. In addition, the company strives to offer the finest possible trading circumstances and top-notch client support while carefully selecting Account Managers to ensure success in forex trading.

Financial Conduct Authority

The UK government has no control over the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulator that is funded by fees collected from participants in the financial services sector. The FCA protects the integrity of the UK financial markets by regulating financial companies that offer services to consumers.

It focuses on how financial services companies, both retail and wholesale, are expected to behave. Similar to the FSA, which it replaced, the FCA is set up as a company limited by guarantee.

To establish regulatory standards for the financial industry, the Financial Policy Committee, the Prudential Regulation Authority, and the FCA collaborate. The FCA is responsible for the conduct of around 58,000 businesses which employ 2.2 million people and contribute around £65.6 billion in annual tax revenue to the economy in the United Kingdom.

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