GumBallPay: Another Criminal Enterprise? (2024)


The media News staff is constantly working to add new or recently found people and legal organisations to its database. In this framework, payment processors are given strategic attention. We just learned that the BitOptionFX broker fraud is being facilitated by the offshore payment processor GumBallPay. We’d like additional information regarding GumBallPay, the network, and its beneficial owners.

After conducting a brief initial OSINT examination, we have already determined that

  • no social media accounts or names of specific people are associated with the offshore payment processor;
  • GumBallPay, an Israeli payment processor, has been able to verify that it handles payments for broker scams such as BitOptionFX (see this media story). The Israeli firm Tomer Art (, owned by Tomer Yizraeli, created the website’s graphics. 
  • Given that the website is only in Hebrew and targets prospective Hebrew customers, we can deduce that Israeli FinTech entrepreneurs are the beneficial owners of GumBallPay. In our opinion, the design is exceptionally well-executed.
  • GumBallPay ( is a payment platform run by Pulaski Publicity Ltd, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This company describes itself as a marketing and SEO firm on another website (; it is registered with infamous company builders Wilfred Services Ltd in SVG, where there are numerous scammers listed.
  • According to the website, GumBallPay has concentrated on the high-risk markets of esports, forex, and gaming; as a result, high-risk merchant accounts are available. BitOptionFX is an offshore payment processor that goes over and above by managing illicit transactions for Forex scammers.

We’d appreciate additional information regarding GumBallPay. Please provide the Our media Research Team with your insights and knowledge regarding our whistleblower system.

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