Blaine Anthony: A Poacher Hiding in Plain Sight? (2024)


Blaine Anthony is a superstar of reality television who rose to fame by producing distinctive, intriguing, and enjoyable outdoor TV content. Television personality Blaine Anthony has spent 14 years focusing on bear conservation.

Blaine Anthony, president of Nature Productions and star of “The Bear Whisperer,” discusses his upcoming adventures.

Blaine Anthony is eager to guide additional outdoor enterprises into multimillion-dollar businesses as he continues his outdoor excursions.

For American TV program presenter and producer Blaine Anthony, it has been a crazy ride. The reality TV star is most known for his series “The Bear Whisperer,” but his outdoor adventures go far beyond outdoor-related businesses. Blaine is eager to update his followers on his activities and the plans he and Nature Productions have for the future.

What Blaine Anthony would have you believe

Blaine Anthony, owner of Nature Productions and star of “The Bear Whisperer,” never stops breaking new ground in nature

Through his critically acclaimed show “The Bear Whisperer” and his role as president of Nature Productions, Blaine Anthony hopes that you will view him as a trailblazer in the outdoor entertainment industry, constantly pushing the envelope and discovering new lands.

Blaine Anthony, a well-known TV broadcaster and producer, has deeply impacted the outdoor industry with his popular show “The Bear Whisperer.” He excitedly tells his admirers about his outdoor exploits while teasing them with more exciting ones to come.

One of the most well-liked personalities in outdoor television, Blaine Anthony is praised for his sincerity and dedication to sharing truthful stories. He refuses to adhere to social norms and stays loyal to himself.

Since 2002, Blaine has been producing engrossing TV shows, driven by a deep love of the outdoors. His rise to prominence in 2009 as “The Bear Whisperer” enabled him to support efforts to save black bears and share his experiences on regional and national media.

Blaine has gone on multiple hunting adventures during his successful career, most of which have been without the use of bait. His travels have enthralled audiences with exciting encounters and instructive insights, taking him from Alaska to isolated bear dens.

After beginning his ascent to prominence on The Sportsman Channel, where he won awards such as The Sportsman Choice Award, Blaine moved purposefully to the Pursuit Channel to grow Nature Productions’ operations.

In the future, Blaine wants to use his love of the great outdoors for marketing and company development, acting as a driving force behind the success of outdoor businesses.

In his future vision, companies would use non-linear platforms such as Pursuit Up and YouTube to grow into multimillion-dollar corporations under his direction.

Blaine Anthony’s trip can be followed by fans to get updates on his travels and upcoming endeavors. For additional details, visit  or send an email to Twyla Wheeler at [email protected].

Blaine Anthony, what’s all the buzz about in the media? 

Acclaimed “Bear Whisperer” star charged with killing a bear whose demise was featured on his program 

Renowned reality TV personality Blaine Anthony, often known as the “Bear Whisperer,” is in hot water with the law after it was alleged that he hunted illegally and featured a black bear on his show in a national park where hunting is forbidden.

The Daily Beast first revealed a criminal complaint in which Anthony, whose real name is Harvey Neil Anthony, is charged with breaking the Lacey Act by illegally shooting and killing a black bear in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. According to the complaint, Anthony went on to fabricate documents about the bear’s provenance.

The 1900 Lacey Act forbids the trading of wildlife that was acquired illegally.

To hunt bears lawfully in Alaska, citizens need to secure a variety of licenses and permits. Hunters who are not residents are required to have a licensed guide or a resident relative within the second degree of kinship accompany them.

This incident is similar to the 2012 incident in which Republican musician Ted Nugent killed a black bear in Alaska without permission. Nugent was subject to penalties, probation, and prohibitions from hunting and fishing in areas managed by the US Forest Service.

The purpose of “The Bear Whisperer,” a program hosted by Blaine Anthony, is to inform and amuse audiences about bear conservation. The charges against him show that the federal government does not agree with his claims to be a conservationist.

The complaint states that from 2011 to 2019, Anthony and his group traveled to the Kenai Peninsula on several hunting expeditions. In May 2017, they are said to have killed a black bear in Kenai Fjords National Park while on a forbidden hunt; a video of the incident was recorded for the show.

Anthony is charged with lying to Alaskan officials about killing the bear in an area that was approved for hunting, stuffing it, and having it delivered to his Maine residence.

Anthony and his production firm face serious allegations that could result in jail time and heavy fines.

On June 10, Blaine Anthony is expected to appear in court for a hearing.

The “The Bear Whisperer” host is charged with murdering a black bear in a national park and airing the video on his show

An individual by the name of Blaine Anthony, Harvey Neil Anthony, a prominent figure in reality television due to his role on “The Bear Whisperer,” is currently confronted with federal charges. Anthony is accused of poaching a black bear within the restricted hunting area of Kenai Fjords National Park.

The misdemeanor charges levied against Anthony and his production company, Nature Productions, Inc., carry maximum penalties of $200,000 per organization and $100,000 per individual, respectively. On June 10, Anthony is expected to appear in court in response to these allegations.

As per the criminal complaint, Anthony engaged in illicit black bear hunting and killing in Pilot Harbor, a restricted area of Kenai Fjords National Park, in 2017, thereby constituting a violation of the Lacey Act. Allegedly, he fabricated documentation to deceive state authorities into believing the bear was lawfully captured in Berger Bay, a region that allows hunting.

The illegal hunt was allegedly documented by Anthony’s team, which then transported the bear to Homer, Alaska. The Bear Whisperer allegedly broadcast footage of the poaching incident, which was depicted as a lawful hunt. Additionally, the complaint details an additional occurrence in which Anthony displayed the killing of an additional black bear during an unrelated hunting expedition.

The complaint alleges that an individual designated solely as “Individual A” assisted Anthony in the relocation of the bear. Nevertheless, the specific function and affiliation of this person in the case remain ambiguous.

Enacted in 1900, the Lacey Act proscribes the unlawful commerce of wildlife, encompassing practices such as poaching and trafficking. Anthony is presumed to have contravened this legislation through his unauthorized pursuit and transportation of the black bear.

Anthony faces a significant legal obstacle in the form of these allegations, which could potentially jeopardize his standing as a television personality who specializes in wildlife conservation.

A reality television personality named “Bear Whisperer” is charged with killing bears in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park without authorization

Federal criminal accusations have been made against Harvey Neil Anthony, a well-known television personality better known by his stage name Blaine Anthony, for allegedly engaging in illegal black bear hunting inside the borders of Kenai Fjords National Park and lying to state officials about the locations of these hunts.

“The Bear Whisperer,” a 2011 television series, stars and is produced by Anthony, a 55-year-old Maine resident. The program, which centers on Anthony’s relationships with animals, has been aired on channels such as Pursuit Channel and Sportsman Channel. Anthony is shown working with Maine state wildlife biologists to equip bears with tracking devices in multiple episodes, presumably to support population monitoring research.

The Lacey Act forbids the breaking of wildlife regulations across state, tribal, or international borders, and federal prosecutors have charged Anthony with doing so twice.

The charges describe Anthony’s participation in the Kenai Peninsula’s black bear hunting excursions on at least eight occasions between 2011 and 2019. Anthony supposedly went on these excursions with an unidentified Alaskan boat operator and a camera team from his production company, Nature Productions.

Anthony is accused of killing a black bear in Pilot Harbor, Kenai Fjords National Park, in May 2017 and boating the bear’s body to Homer. There is alleged footage from this hunt on “The Bear Whisperer.” Anthony purportedly sent the Alaska Department of Fish and Game a forged sealing certificate, stating the bear was shot in Berger Bay, which is roughly 19 miles from the actual Nuka Island kill location.

According to several claims, Anthony had the bear shipped to Maine after it was taxidermed. Video from Anthony’s trips to Alaska in 2015 and 2017 is also mentioned in the criminal complaint. It appears that more black bears were killed inside the park’s borders during those trips.

It’s unclear, though, exactly how detectives came to the conclusion that these deaths took place in the park. Regarding the current legal actions, representatives of Kenai Fjords National Park and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska declined to comment.

While Anthony’s production firm, Nature Productions, has not yet responded to questions about the accusations, Anthony is scheduled to appear for an arraignment session next month. Furthermore, there is no mention of the Anchorage attorney defending Anthony in the accusations.


In conclusion, Blaine Anthony, popularly known as the “Bear Whisperer,” has developed an image over the years that is very different from what the media accounts portray. Through his television shows and public demeanor, Anthony has been hailed as an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist; nevertheless, the criminal allegations that have been brought against him provide a different picture.

Allegations of illegal bear hunting within national parks, coupled with claims of paperwork falsification to conceal these activities, contradict Anthony’s purported commitment to wildlife preservation. In addition to endangering his reputation, the accusations cast doubt on the veracity of the material he presents in his presentations.

As Anthony gets ready for court, the case serves as a reminder of the difficulties associated with being a public figure as well as the value of openness and compliance with the law, especially when it comes to conservation and environmental protection. How these events will affect Anthony’s career and the future of his production firm, Nature Productions, is still to be seen.

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