Amir Waheed Orlando: A Scammer? (2024)

Given Aamir Waheed’s background and role in the Allied Veterans of the World hoax, you should avoid him. He is untrustworthy and a repeat fraudster.

Aamir Waheed was involved in the multimillion-dollar Allied Veterans of the World scam. In addition, he faced a patent infringement case.

Now he has a real estate firm and claims to be an expert in the sector.

Before doing business with Aamir Waheed or his organization, Real Track Inc., read the following review. You will understand why you should keep away from him.

Who is Aamir Waheed from Orlando, Florida?

Aamir Waheed is the owner of Real Track Inc., a real estate company that acquires and sells properties. According to his multiple PR pieces, Aamir is a specialist in real estate transactions.

Furthermore, his public relations articles state that he has sat on the boards of various firms in the sector. He claims over 25 years of expertise in the real estate industry.

However, his public relations pieces ignore to disclose that he previously ran a fraud in Florida.

Aamir Waheed of Orlando, Florida used to be a member of Allied Veterans of the World, a $300 million hoax.

DEVELOPCO INC: Aamir Waheed’s Desperate Attempt to Escape His Past

DEVELOPCO INC is Aamir Waheed’s latest initiative, although there is no information or reviews available on the internet. Given Aamir’s vast riches from his numerous frauds, it’s logical to believe that DEVELOPCO INC is really a shell corporation used to launder money.

Aamir Waheed developco inc

If you search for Developco inc on Google right now, you will only find automated company listings. Why would a firm require customers if all it does is launder money?

If we check at DEVELOPCO INC’s official website (, we will see a generic placeholder webpage.

Aamir Waheed and Allied Veterans of the World Scam:

Aamir Waheed now runs a real estate business. However, it was not the case a few years ago.

Initially, Aamir was involved in the infamous Allied Veterans of the World hoax.

For those who are unaware, Allied Veterans of the World was one of the greatest hoaxes of the previous decade. It has been going on for years and has claimed several people across the United States.

Before I go into Aamir Waheed’s role in the fraud, here’s a short recap of what Allied Veterans of the World was:

What was the Allied Veterans of the World scam?

Allied Veterans of the World, founded in 1979, was a non-profit organization that claimed to donate time and money to veterans and first responder groups around the country.

It pitched itself as a forum where veterans could aid other veterans. The non-profit promised to provide a significant amount of money to Veterans Administration clinics and hospitals.

To earn funds, the organization operated 49 gaming parlors around Florida. Customers might play automated slots and other games. This way, even if you lose money, you won’t feel awful since you believe it will benefit veterans.

But it was all a lie.

Authorities discovered that the organization had only handed out 2% of its $300 million in profits over the previous five years. The nonprofit’s executives used the remaining monies to buy real estate, Maseratis, yachts, and Porsches.

At the time, Florida’s Lieutenant Governor resigned despite having no connection to the organization’s misdeeds. She did it because the organization had supported her.

According to IRS officials, Allied conspired and planned to mislead government agencies and the general public. The swindle sparked widespread criticism, and police arrested a few members of the group.

Now you realize why Aamir Waheed’s claimed role in this scheme is so significant.

Proof of Aamir Waheed’s Role in the Multi-Million Scam

Although most of the persons involved in the multimillion-dollar fraud have obscured their allegiance, there is one piece of evidence linking Aamir Waheed to Allied.

Aamir Waheed filed an appeal in 2014 with the Fifth District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida.

He challenged a non-final ruling that found probable grounds to justify the State’s seizure of several assets. The Court upheld in part but overturned in part.

The Court stated that the State took several assets formerly owned by Aamir and the other appellants. These assets also included motor vehicles.

Authorities seized the assets because to Aamir and other appellants’ suspected involvement in the Allied Veterans of the World syndicate. According to court filings, Aamir and his coworkers reportedly carried out an unlawful gambling enterprise throughout Florida.

It entailed the operation of ‘internet sweepstakes cafés’, which were actually illegal gaming rooms.

Allied served as the parent corporation. Furthermore, it had 40 associates around Florida that managed these cafés. Aamir Waheed and his associates ran a number of these eateries.

The Trial Court determined that there was probable cause to seize those assets. Aamir Waheed and others utilized or tried to exploit the assets in contravention of the FCFA.

In his appeal, Aamir Waheed contended that the Trial Court’s ruling should be reversed owing to insufficient evidence.

The Court overturned the ruling in part. They dropped the seizure of motor vehicles as assets, stating that they couldn’t have been utilized in the illicit gambling operation. However, it did not reverse any of the Trial Court’s previous rulings.

In 2014, Sweepstakes Patent Company sued Aamir Waheed, Tariq Waheed, Cheri Black Waheed, and their firms.
The complaint alleged patent infringement. Sweepstakes Patent Company claimed that Aamir and his enterprises were infringing on their patented “Personal Computer Lottery Game”.

This is conclusive evidence of Aamir’s involvement in the Allied fraud.
His firm was running illegal gambling cafés, and he was detained as part of the authorities’ crackdown on the gang.

According to the lawsuit, Aamir Waheed ordered, committed, and profited from the patent infringement. He ran promotional contests and lottery systems.

According to the lawsuit, these computer-based sweepstakes gaming systems infringed on many of the plaintiff’s patents.


It’s certain that Aamir Waheed owned some of the Allied Veterans of the World cafés. He played a crucial role in the multimillion-dollar swindle.

However, it is unclear whether the authorities detained him for his role in the hoax.

Furthermore, he now runs another real estate agency and claims to be an expert in the industry.

Given his history of perpetrating frauds, I do not believe anyone should do business with his new enterprises.

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