Brook Lang Seatte: An Abuser? (2024)


The court found Brook Lang Seattle, a GTM expert, to be “abusive and intimidating.”

Following his divorce from Tracie Lang, he petitioned the court to lift the residence limits set under the parenting plan.

Brook Lang Seattle and Tracie married in May 2000. Tracie had worked as an administrative assistant, but she left her position shortly following the engagement.

She was a homemaker for the duration of their marriage. Brook Long Seattle, on the other hand, began as a sales executive before moving on to work in business development, marketing, and other related fields for several software companies.

Brook Lang Seattle

He established Montavo in 2004.

Eventually, the company combined with another to become Montavo, Inc, a Delaware-based company.

Brook Lang Seattle gained roughly 2 million shares of the company’s equity as part of the transaction.

The couple had three children, ages seven, five, and three at the time of their trial.

In 2007, they split. Their split was due to a domestic incident that occurred on April 17.

Following the domestic dispute, Brook Lang Seattle was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Tracie Lang obtained a protective order the day after the fight and filed for divorce.

Initially, each had attorneys representing them. However, Brook’s lawyer withdrew her counsel in 2008, and he proceeded pro se.

When the court ruled that Brook Lang Seattle was abusive and violent:

According to court documents, Brook sparked a lot of controversy. He persisted on communicating in person and pressured Tracie to consent to co-parenting sessions.

In the latter case, he had planned for his own counselor to intentionally foster contact between the two.

Furthermore, he asked that his children’s medical and educational providers be located near his home.

Brook Lang Seattle interfered with his children’s medical visits several times.

In January 2008, the court issued a consent decree. The order compelled PETP to conduct a parenting evaluation.

However, PETP pulled out a few months later. They submitted a statement of noncompliance, stating that Brook refused to engage in the same.

Apparently, Brook Lang Seattle did not show up for his PETP evaluation appointments. He stated he did not think they would give him enough time.

However, he insisted on receiving a parenting evaluation. Brook claimed to know something that others did not, and he requested that Lynn Tuttle be appointed as the evaluator.

The court concurred. Tuttle finished the review in September 2008.

She advised that the court establish the children’s principal residence with Tracie. She also advised that Brook Lange Seattle attend a DV Dads Class and a domestic violence treatment program.

Tuttle stated in her review that Brook appeared to struggle with accepting responsibility for his own actions.

She advised domestic violence treatment because it could help him confront his feelings of “entitlement” and recognize how they effect others.

Similarly, she stated that the DV Dad Class will help him realize how his abusive conduct affected his children and how to resolve it.

“Flickering Lights On Off, Driving at High Speeds”: How Brook Used to Behave with His Wife

Following the evaluation’s suggestions, Brook Lang Seattle requested that the court allow him to call three additional witnesses. One of them was his therapist, who had even denied the domestic violence allegations.

Certainly, the court did not allow him to introduce so many fresh witnesses. It only let him add one.

Although both sides testified extensively, the testimony itself revealed several unsavory aspects.

Documentation shows that Brook Lang Seattle was excessively domineering.

He would talk to Tracie for hours and flip the lights to get her to listen. When Tracie left a fight, he would occasionally turn off the electricity to the entire home.

He would drive at high speeds and curse at his wife.

The Court’s Findings Against Brook Lang Seattle:

The trial court determined that Brook used to frighten and dominate his wife during their marriage. It considered such behavior abusive.

In addition, the court determined that Brook’s receiving domestic violence therapy was in the best interests of her children. It was believed that the treatment would help him better recognize his controlling and abusive conduct.

Furthermore, the court found that Brook bullied and controlled his wife and others in order to drive his personal relationships.

It determined that he is unable of agreeing with anyone else unless they share his viewpoint.

The judge also stated that Brook Lang Seattle is “one of the most controlling people this court has ever observed” and that the case exhibited a definite domestic violence connection.

Finally, the court determined that Brook needed to better understand his conduct in order to be a decent parent to his three daughters. It said that his behavior was inappropriate towards his family.


Brook Lang from Seattle currently leads Montavo, a firm he created while married to Tracie.

He claims to be an IT professional with decades of expertise. However, this does not excuse his history of domestic abuse and aggressive actions against his family.

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