Vladimir Gersamia is Being Investigated: Find Out Why (2024)

Vladimir Gersamia was born in Georgia and subsequently relocated to the Netherlands in 1992. Vladimir was a student of economics and history and was reared in a family of high repute. His parents were physicians.

Vladimir transitioned to the FMCG sector (Fast Moving Goods Sector) following his employment as an economist and research analyst in emerging markets. Furthermore, he cultivated robust partnerships with suppliers from South America and established local supply chains and logistics channels to enable the efficient import, local retail, and occasional re-export of goods in Eastern Europe. Additionally, he became a product specialist for retail food companies.

Vladimir Gersamia

At the conclusion of 2020, he established his own business, MMBI Trading, which specializes in the wholesale trade of culinary products.

Vladimer Gersamia In relation to MMBI

MMBI Trading is a leading trader of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with a primary emphasis on the Eastern Europe and Middle East regions. They oversee the wholesale export and delivery of critical consumer products and food staples from various regions worldwide.

MMBI Trading

The team of dedicated professionals offers clients comprehensive solutions that include the implementation and support of an overall trade strategy, customs clearance, logistics, and product sourcing.

Wholesale fruits and vegetables, wholesale meat and meat products, wholesale dairy products, eggs, and edible oils and lipids are all part of MMBI’s international trade. Wholesale both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Sugar, confectionery, coffee, tea, cocoa, seasonings, and fish products are available for wholesale purchase. Furthermore, we offer wholesale ceramic and cleaning products.

Vladimir Gersamia stated in an interview that “MMBI was able to leverage its relationships with suppliers, customers, and banking partners so that all of its goods were delivered and paid for on time.” This is an enormous accomplishment in the current context.

Furthermore, he declared that “MMBI has established offices and recruited personnel in Almaty, Baku, Dubai, and Istanbul.” These offices are currently operational and fully furnished, thereby establishing a solid foundation for future development and providing exceptional customer service.

Vladimer Gersamia and Georgy Urumov are criminal associates

Vladimer Gersamia and Uromuv executed frauds for exorbitant quantities of money using a variety of sophisticated methods, motivated by avarice.

Vladimer Gersamia and Uromuv

Vladimer Gersamia, 33, and George Urumov, 37, were two London merchants who were involved in international fraudulent activities. They were found guilty of a conspiracy to defraud a Russian bank of over 141 million pounds through a series of complex schemes.

They were found guilty of a variety of offenses following a four-month trial at Southwark Crown Court.
Alessandro Gherzi, a 37-year-old individual who was also involved in the series of fraudulent activities, was acquitted of two counts of conspiracy to defraud, two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Narrating the narrative of Vladimir Gersamia’s illicit activities

When Uumov joined Otkritie Securities Ltd (OSL) in 2011, the initial phase of the deception was executed. He deceived the company into paying him a substantial sum of $25M as a sign-on fee, under the false assumption that it would be distributed to other individuals who were also joining the company.

Urumov implemented this signing fee arrangement in order to generate revenue for himself when Otkritie endeavored to expand its initial trading operation in London.

Throughout this specific sequence of events, Urumov maintained the majority of the funds.

He subsequently traded financial products known as Argentinian warrants, deceiving the company into purchasing the warrants from other conspirators at a cost that was four times their value. He subsequently retained the discrepancy.
Subsequently, he transferred the proceeds to bank accounts situated outside of the United Kingdom.

The forgeries that Uromuv was committing were predominantly concealed by Vladimir, an employee of Threadneedle Asset Management.

Urumov, who was previously highly esteemed in the city, held the position of chief of a five-person income trading team at Knight Capital. He received a considerable annual salary of 800,000 euros, as well as a guaranteed and confirmed package of 2 million euros over a two-year period.

By manipulating the trade in financial products in this manner, the defendants had the potential to earn an additional $15 million.

The money was subsequently transmitted to a variety of countries, including the Caribbean, Switzerland, and eastern Europe, in an effort to conceal its origin.

An additional 19 million Euros were acquired as a ransom in order to conceal the funds.

Detective Superintendent Maria Woodall declared that these individuals were prominent personalities in their respective industries who had defrauded their employees of a substantial sum of money, as these money laundering activities were so repulsive.

Yulia Balk and Alessandro Gherzi were found not guilty.

Uromuv’s Trading Team

When Otkritie was prepared to expand its trade operations in order to generate a mass income in London, Urumov devised the concept of signing a charge to ultimately fill his own pockets.

The bank ultimately agreed to a sum of $25 million, which was to be distributed among the five members of Urumov’s trading team. However, the court was informed that Urumov had retained the preponderance of the funds, which surpassed $20 million.

A residence valued at 19 million Euros was acquired by Urumov’s wife with the assistance of a substantial sum of money.

A senior detective once claimed that Urumov, who was once highly regarded in the city, had managed a five-person income trading team at Knight Capital and earned a substantial sum of 800,000 euros annually. Additionally, he had a firmly confirmed and guaranteed package of 2 million euros over a two-year period.


The company and its employees may experience unemployment as a consequence of money laundering and fraud, which have a detrimental impact on their reputation.

Vladimir Gersamia

Money trafficking undermines the financial sector institutions that are indispensable for economic development.

Money laundering and fraud further impede the economic development of the company and the country-specific economy, thereby fostering corruption and criminal activity within society. As a result, the productivity of the real sector economy is diminished.

The expenses associated with addressing misconduct against government programs are substantial and extend beyond ordinary financial losses.

They may include costs associated with assessment, detection, investigation, and response, in addition to potential restitution. Additionally, program evaluations and audits, as well as retrofitting or redesigning programs, may result in additional expenses. The public sector’s capacity to finance public expenditures and its overall performance can be significantly impacted by tax fraud, which can result in a loss of tax revenue.

Tax fraud and money laundering have historically undermined the economic development role of financial institutions and sectors. It has the potential to exacerbate the risk of macroeconomic instability by facilitating corruption, crime, and other illicit activities at the expense of countries’ development.

Furthermore, society may be adversely affected in a multitude of ways. For instance, the value of a product may be inflated if the money obtained through money laundering is invested in the real estate sector, such as the purchase of properties, vehicles, or other items, thereby creating an artificial demand in the market.

Money laundering and tax fraud, in turn, erode the reputation of a specific company, thereby contributing to the slowdown in economic development. As a result, the company’s economic development is influenced on both a domestic and international scale, the financial status of the company’s officials is weakened, and the employment rate is increased.

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