BRIC Group is Being Investigated: Find Out Why (2024)

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The BRIC Group is a real estate investment corporation that is headquartered in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and China. Nevertheless, they do not disclose any information regarding the qualifications of their portfolio managers, and their terms and conditions are manipulative, as well as their customer reviews are dubious.

The subsequent BRIC Group evaluation is a critical assessment of the organization. You will determine whether or not this real estate investment firm is worth your time. Spoiler alert: It is undoubtedly not.

BRIC Group asserts that it is a real estate investment company. They assert that they provide services that facilitate the process of investing in real estate. BRIC Group provides an extensive array of services and features to its consumers.

Dingenis Poppeliers

However, their services are plagued by numerous complications. Otherwise, I would not have composed this review.

Dingenis Poppeliers serves as the managing director of BRIC Group. Nevertheless, there is no information available regarding Dingenis’s qualifications, experience, or talents.

Dingenis’s name and photograph are the only details that BRIC Group has disclosed on their website. BRIC Group, an investment consultancy, is known for its tendency to conceal a significant amount of information from its clients.

BRIC Group Homepage

The same is true for all other team members employed by BRIC Group. Luke Baudouin, Sara Nogueira, Aida Castany, and other notable individuals are also employed by the BRIC company.

Although all of these individuals are senior portfolio administrators at the organization, there is no information available regarding their qualifications and experience. The qualifications and experience of its experts are not disclosed by the BRIC Group. When selecting the BRIC Group, it is impossible to determine the consultants with whom you will be collaborating.

This is a significant disadvantage. Because BRIC Group asserts that it is an investment consultancy firm. When employing an investment consultant, it is imperative to ascertain their qualifications and capabilities.

An inexperienced or incompetent consultant would be at a high risk of making errors, which would result in significant expenses for you. It would be unwise to expose your financial assets to the possibility of loss due to a consultant’s inadequate qualifications or experience. For this reason alone, I recommend that the BRIC Group be avoided.

Countries of the BRIC Group: Their Operational Territory

In 1996, the Netherlands initiated the BRIC Group. Since that time, they have expanded to include the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, China, and the United States, among other BRIC Group countries.

They have 12 offices in various countries. Their headquarters are located in Malaga, Nueva Andalucia.

The office addresses of the BRIC Group countries are as follows:

  • Brazil: Rua Osvaldo Cruz, n.1, salas 1501-1504, Beira Mar Trade Center, 60.125-150, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.
  • Spain (Barcelona): Carrer del Bruc, 21, Principal – 2 A 08010 Barcelona.
  • China: Room 1203, No. 188 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, Asheng Building.
  • Spain: Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus Oficina 39 – Bloque E, 29660 Marbella.
  • United States: 320 Wilshire Blvd., Casselberry, FL 32707.

Based on the names of these offices, it is evident that they have significantly broadened their services over the years. However, a company’s client-centricity is not solely determined by the presence of multiple offices.

Furthermore, it is impossible to corroborate the offices of the various BRIC Group countries. Another red flag is that the names of BRIC Group are not visible in third-party business listings when these addresses are searched.

In order to advertise itself, this organization has implemented numerous unethical strategies. And that is certainly not a favorable indication. The initial warning sign was the absence of information regarding their portfolio managers and managing directors. Are their portfolio managers operating without any certifications? If so, you cannot rely on their guidance.

However, why is the company not disclosing this information if they are certified? Regardless of the offices they possess, it undermines their credibility.

You will discover the reasons why this real estate consultancy firm is not the optimal choice for you as we examine the various BRIC Group reviews.

Suspicious Positive Reviews of the BRIC Group

There are few evaluations of BRIC Group available online. A company that has been in operation since 1996 has a limited number of evaluations regarding its services.

The BRIC Group website features a dedicated page that compiles a comprehensive summary of their reviews. You can be certain that a company is not trustworthy when it publishes its own evaluations on its website.

Numerous BRIC Group evaluations on the company’s website are impossible to verify. Their official website contains over 20 evaluations, which they assert are from their clients.

BRIC Group

Nevertheless, it is impossible to verify these evaluations. These individuals do not provide any ratings or provide any insights regarding the organization. They exclusively extol the company’s praises.

The only thing you will observe are a collection of arbitrary names accompanied by lengthy paragraphs that extol the virtues of BRIC Group as the premier investment advisory firm. It is impossible to determine whether these individuals are genuine; therefore, one must accept the BRIC Group’s assertion.

For a company that has been in operation for over two decades, there is not a single consumer who is willing to provide a photograph of themselves with their testimonials. Is BRIC Group a legitimate organization? I do not believe so.

Reviews of the BRIC Group on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a widely used review website. Nevertheless, their business model has consistently raised questions regarding their credibility.

BRIC Group has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot:

BRIC Group reviews on Trustpilot

That is not all.

Trustpilot’s evaluations of BRIC Group are exceedingly vague. Initially, they are all five-star reviews. However, they refrain from providing any specific information regarding their interactions with the organization.

What is the reason for my apprehension regarding the Trustpilot evaluations of BRIC Group?

As a result of this:

As you can observe, it is effortless to accumulate favorable feedback on your Trustpilot profile. All that is required is a few hundred dollars.

BRIC Group’s reviews on Trustpilot are from accounts that have not submitted any other reviews. This implies that they established an account expressly for the purpose of leaving a five-star review on the Trustpilot profile of BRIC Group.

Have you ever established a social media profile solely for the purpose of posting a solitary five-star review about a business? Probably, you have not. Because it is illogical to allocate such a significant amount of effort to a solitary review.

Conversely, it would be logical to set up an account and provide a five-star review if someone is compensating you to do so.

The positive evaluations of BRIC Group are highly suspicious for these reasons. Read them with a dash of salt.

Shady Terms and Conditions: BRIC Group Real Estate Consultancy

BRIC Group is a real estate consultancy firm. They assert that they offer personal portfolio consultancy to assist you in identifying the investments that are most suitable for your needs.

Additionally, they provide assistance with in-house compliance and provide support throughout the entire purchasing process.

However, when you employ a portfolio manager, you are essentially hiring an expert, correct? It appears that BRIC Group does not have confidence in its portfolio managers.

Their website contains an entire section dedicated to their investment portfolio, which includes a variety of investments.

As per their terms and conditions, it is not permissible to interpret any information on their website as financial advice.

It is also stated in their terms and conditions that they are not responsible for the investments they recommend. You will be responsible for all decisions you make while adhering to their suggestions. Consequently, you are unable to hold them accountable if their portfolio manager suggests an investment.

This is undoubtedly a questionable strategy. Additionally, the prices of the properties displayed on their website are subject to change at any time in accordance with their terms and conditions. This clause provides them with an additional opportunity to defraud investors. Assume that you opt to acquire a property through the BRIC Group company. The price displayed on the website is not reliable, as it is subject to change at any moment. And if the proprietor is aware that you are interested in the property, is it possible for them to raise the price at the last minute?

Would you decline the offer if your BRIC portfolio manager consistently urges you to acquire the property?

It is exceedingly challenging to establish confidence in this organization due to its terms and conditions. Consequently, it would be prudent to refrain from engaging in any business with them.


BRIC Group is an international real estate investment firm that is plagued by an excessive number of red flags. The consumer is solely responsible for the terms and conditions of the company. The qualifications and experience of their portfolio managers are not disclosed on their website.

Additionally, it is difficult to rely on the positive evaluations of the BRIC Group.

It is advisable to steer clear of this organization due to its lack of dependability. Your search for a company that provides real estate investment services can be conducted without encountering numerous obstacles.

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