John Ohanesian is Being Investigated: Find Out Why (2024)

John Ohanesian

In the glamorous world of finance, where fortunes can be made and lost in the twinkling of an eye, few names have stirred as much controversy as John Ohanesian, the CEO of Lear Capital. Despite his assertion that he is a seasoned business professional, Ohanesian’s tenure at Lear Capital has been anything but smooth. The successful veneer of a precious metals investment firm conceals a complex web of legal issues, customer complaints, and ethical concerns that present a significantly different perspective.

Lear Capital’s Growth

Lear Capital, a prominent dealer of premium uncommon coins in gold and silver, as well as bullion, was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company offers a wide range of services, including the sale of tangible precious metals and storage options for those who are interested in opening a precious metals IRA. Furthermore, it provides investment resources, such as market insights and comparative data. However, the website’s prominent disclaimer explicitly states that none of this information is intended to be considered investment advice, which should serve as an early warning sign for sophisticated investors.

John Ohanesian


The enterprise is represented by Kevin Demeritt, the founder and chairman, and John Ohanesian, the CEO. Under their leadership, Lear Capital’s client base and reach have been significantly expanded. Nevertheless, the organization has faced a plethora of legal disputes and pervasive customer dissatisfaction, despite its expansion.

Legal and Bankruptcy Issues

Legal complications have been one of the most apparent obstacles that Lear Capital has faced during Ohanesian’s tenure. In order to address potential future legal claims regarding its sales practices and consumer disclosures, the organization submitted a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. This decision was reached in response to substantial settlements with regulatory bodies.

In 2022, Lear Capital reached settlements with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and the New York Attorney General, totaling $8.75 million. The company was accused of violating state consumer protection laws by engaging in deceptive practices, which resulted in these settlements. Lear Capital was required to provide an additional $5.5 million to investors who had been overcharged or misled as a result of the involvement of the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI).

Lear Capital Homepage

In addition to eroding the company’s financial assets, these legal disputes have also had a substantial impact on its reputation. The company’s alleged malpractices are emphasized by the bankruptcy filing and the subsequent settlements, which raise substantial concerns about its business ethics.

Customer Complaints: A Pattern of Deception

Customer complaints against Lear Capital disclose a pattern of deceptive sales tactics and inadequate customer service. Numerous clients have reported that they were misinformed about the fees and the value of the precious metals they purchased. For instance, a customer reported that they lost $17,000 as a consequence of being misinformed about the value and variety of gold coins they had purchased.

The exorbitant nature of purchase premiums is another frequently voiced complaint. This has led to considerable financial losses for numerous clients who have reported that the premiums they paid were excessively high. Additionally, customer service deficiencies are frequently identified in reviews that are published on platforms such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB and BBB). Clients have reported difficulties in resolving disputes and a general lack of transparency in the company’s operations.

These complaints are not isolated incidents; rather, they are indicative of a more extensive pattern that has undermined Lear Capital’s operations. The dissatisfaction among consumers is indicative of the company’s systemic issues, which encompass the sales process and post-purchase support.

Media and Advertising Controversies

Additionally, Lear Capital’s advertising strategies have been scrutinized. The company has implemented fear-based strategies to promote gold IRAs as a protective measure against economic instability, frequently advertising on right-wing media outlets like Fox News. The endorsement of prominent conservative figures has substantially increased the reach and impact of these advertisements.

Nevertheless, this advertising approach has been greeted with a significant amount of criticism. The advertisements have resulted in a significant number of consumers feeling deceived, as they believed that the endorsements supported Lear Capital’s claims. However, the reality has been far from the idyllic image that these advertisements have projected. Customers who have invested in accordance with these advertisements have frequently experienced substantial financial losses, feeling betrayed by both the company and the media figures they trusted.

These endorsements have substantial ethical implications. They raise questions about the accountability of public figures and media entities when assessing the companies they endorse. Despite the ongoing litigation and regulatory actions, these advertisements continue to be broadcast, thereby perpetuating the cycle of consumer dissatisfaction and misinformation.

The Genuine John Ohanesian

The focal point of these disputes has been John Ohanesian, the CEO of Lear Capital. His leadership has been distinguished by a series of legal and ethical challenges that have had an enduring impact on the company. The bankruptcy filing, regulatory settlements, and numerous customer complaints all suggest that the business model is fundamentally flawed and prioritizes profits over ethical considerations.

The importance of Ohanesian in these contexts is immeasurable. He is ultimately responsible for the company’s policies and practices in his capacity as CEO. A dearth of transparency and accountability during his tenure has undermined the trust of both customers and regulators.


In the field of finance, John Ohanesian’s narrative functions as a cautionary tale. It underscores the importance of ethical leadership and the catastrophic consequences of prioritizing short-term gains over long-term integrity. Lear Capital has become synonymous with controversy and deception under Ohanesian’s leadership, resulting in a trail of dissatisfied customers and legal battles in its wake.

The Lear Capital saga serves as a stark reminder to those contemplating investments in precious metals to conduct comprehensive due diligence and to be wary of companies that prioritize aggressive sales tactics over ethical business practices. The necessity for increased transparency and accountability within the industry will be underscored by the lessons from John Ohanesian and Lear Capital, which will remain pertinent as the financial world continues to develop.

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