TLK Fusion is Being Investigated: Find Out Why (2024)

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What if you employ a marketer to assist you in managing your brand, but they result in a $10 million litigation against you? Does this sound absurd? This is precisely what TLK Fusion executed with their clients, the Kardashians.

They are marketing consultants who are incapable of protecting their clients’ interests. In order to advertise itself, this organization implements unethical and unscrupulous marketing strategies. Additionally, they do not hesitate to suppress any unfavorable TLK Fusion reviews that may exist online.

The subsequent column will provide additional insight into the manner in which this perilous organization operates its schemes and the reasons why it is imperative that you refrain from engaging with it:

TLK Fusion Marketing Strategies: All Bark, No Bite

TLK Fusion Marketing is a marketing and advertising firm, as its name implies. They are situated in Santa Clarita, California. Their address is 24501 Town Centre Dr #103, Valencia, CA 91355, United States.

The organization asserts that it assists entrepreneurs in realizing their aspirations by employing branding and marketing strategies. Additionally, they provide social media marketing services. The organization has been in operation since 2009 and asserts that it is capable of enhancing its clients’ public image and increasing brand recognition.

However, this prominent organization is incapable of overseeing its own website.

Initially, the website of TLK Fusion appears to be quite distinctive and appealing. Nevertheless, it is replete with broken connections that fail to direct you to any destination. The majority of the URLs on their homepage will redirect you to the homepage.

This raises the question: “Should you entrust TLK Fusion with your website if they are unable to manage their own?” The response is negative.

It is comparable to employing a math tutor who is incapable of counting.


I would not be astonished if TLK Fusion updates their website in response to this review.

The Cost of TLK Fusion’s Idiocracy to the Kardashian Sisters: Over $10 Million

TLK Fusion asserts that they are branding specialists; however, they are unable to provide their clients with ethical and effective service due to their absence of business acumen. The Kardashians are one of their most renowned clientele. They even gloat about it in the case studies section of their website:

The Kardashian sisters were subjected to a $10 million lawsuit by the marketing consultants at TLK Fusion, who provided them with a stolen brand name. It is important to be aware that these aspects of a brand are the responsibility of marketing and branding professionals.

They are required to provide their clients with guidance on the appropriateness of a brand name, the safety of the brand name, and whether the company should modify its brand name to prevent any potential issues. TLK Fusion claims to be an experienced marketing firm; however, they were unable to inform their client of the potential legal repercussions of using a misappropriated name.

Khroma Beauty is the brand in issue. Lee Tillett, a makeup artist, is the individual who is suing them. The Kardashians’ cosmetic line was subsequently removed from stores as a result of a significant lawsuit.

This lawsuit was of significance to TLK Fusion. Additionally, they are not unfamiliar with these challenges. B&P Company, an anti-aging product manufacturer, filed a lawsuit against TLK Fusion and Kris Jenner in 2012. The lawsuit for breach of contract and fraud.

TLK Fusion had signed an agreement with B&P Company to promote their products and had appointed Kris Jenner as their endorser. Nevertheless, they subsequently violated the terms of the agreement, which resulted in this lawsuit.

This marketing firm is not only inadequate at evaluating contracts, but it is also inept at evaluating the legal aspects of its branding strategy. Typically, marketing companies do not cause their clients to experience such significant troubles.

The professionalism of a celebrity firm such as TLK Fusion is called into doubt by the sheer volume of lawsuits they have filed.

Employees Who Are Overworked Complain About TLK Fusion

Additionally, the TLK marketing agency is known for its practice of harassing its employees and providing them with substandard working conditions, in addition to exposing their clients to legal liability. It is certain that upon reviewing these TLK Fusion evaluations, you would not wish to submit an application for any TLK Fusion positions.

inexperienced personnel

Overworked Employees and an Unhealthy Work Culture

Inadequate Compensation and Poor Communication

An excessive number of meetings and communication that is shockingly low-quality

Utilizing fraudulent DMCA takedowns to obscure TLK Fusion reviews

TLK Fusion may not possess the necessary expertise to oversee their clients’ identities. However, they are acutely aware of the potential for employing unethical and unlawful strategies to manage their own online brand.

Fake DMCAs are employed by this California-based organization to eliminate its unfavorable TLK Fusion reviews from the internet. They do not appreciate it when their consumers who are dissatisfied share their experiences online. The following are a few examples of when they employed this illicit method to remove a complaint from the internet.

Taking Down a 2017 RipoffReport Complaint: Case #1

In this instance, they copied and pasted a complaint that was previously posted on Ripoff Report, a review platform, and posted it on a newly created WordPress blog. Subsequently, they altered the date of their post to create the impression that they were the original creators and subsequently submitted a copyright claim to have the complaint removed from the internet.

Rather than enhancing their operations, they opted to employ an unlawful method to resolve this complaint. I am curious as to how many TLK Fusion evaluations were removed from the internet as a result of this deceptive strategy.

Case #2: RipoffReport Post Removed for Another Instance

In this case, TLK Fusion sought an order from the court to remove the post. A disgruntled customer’s complaint was removed by employing their exorbitant legal team.

It is a common practice for unethical businesses and fraudsters to employ their army of attorneys to suppress the voices of individuals on the internet. This identical strategy was employed by Basil Couvaras, a multi-millionaire scammer, to remove posts from the internet that disclosed his fraudulent activities.


The TLK agency appears to be quite ordinary until one examines their evaluations. The employees of this organization are not treated with respect, as indicated by the numerous reviews available. Additionally, they provide their clients with inaccurate assurances.

The individual in the review below discloses that TLK Fusion committed to significantly increasing their brand’s visibility within a few months and engaged into a distribution agreement. However, the firm failed to produce any results after three months. TLK agency informed the reviewer that they had the authority to modify the provisions of the agreement at any time, rather than addressing the matter in a professional manner.

That is certainly not the response you would anticipate.

The reviewer also emphasized in his complaint that TLK Fusion’s Facebook page had only 21 followers at the time of writing. That is an extremely low figure for a “marketing” firm.

There is an abundance of complaints regarding this organization on the internet. It is evident that they have no regard for their consumers.

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