Riley County Attorney Victim/Witness- Karla Hagemeister/Manager

Riley County Attorney Victim/Witness- Karla Hagemeister/Manager Review

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Published: 23 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Riley County Attorney Victim/Witness- Karla Hagemeister/Manager Innocent Lady Victim suffers Criminal Battery & Police & Count neglect & false representation, abuse & nonpayment of claim owed to her Manhattan, Kansas!!

Sweet Innocent Lady was battered by a criminal fleeing from police in a police chase in Riley County Kansas 0n 4-17-2005, while on her way to work, going through a green light on Fort Riley BLVD in Manhattan, Kansas. The Police chased the criminal in the city limits of Manhattan Kansas and gave no precautions or preventions to not have the USA citizens be endangered from the criminal they were chasing down with their police cars. The police chase had highspeeds of 70pmh and no streets were blocked off or regulated during their chasing down that criminal who ran a red light and impacted that innocent lady’s body and car with permanent damages. The county attorney’s crime victim’s/witness division was given a claim of damages to be paid by this lady and the county gave her no assistance to recover financial, medical, property and other life essential damages. In fact they gave false representation, since they hid from her the goings on of the case and how the case enolved. They provided NO assistance to her in any way. And now they say there was no form recieved to them on time. This lady seeks restitution and wants to have this matter settled fairly and collect full financial costs for all she endured and she is still suffering from the injuries inflicted on her from that happening.It seems to her that people in job positions ought to take a stand on this issue and speak up and take pride in being able to produce fair payment to her, since it ought to be the True American way of life. She has difficulty sitting and standing for short periods of time and has to constantly reposition herself to withstand sitting and standing so she can have less pain issues and more range of motion. She had to work her drive-thru window job just few weeks after this injury happened since the doctors she was appointed to did not want her to be off work. Her injuries worsened, since she had to work with fractured ribs, shallow breathing, broke fibula, sprained neck, bruises, bloody gashed knee, non moving stiff hips, broken toe, bumped forehead, multiple spine issues, sciatic nerve pain from waist to toes on both legs, her knees were out of place in 3 different places, her ankles out of place in 5 different places, her hips out of place in 3 different places. The weight of the headset was too heavy for her and she could not even sit down a second without huge pain and strain and had to keep moving to alternate positions to lessen the pain.Seems the police, the county, the crime vicitims division of that county ought to have spoke up for her in her defense from that criminal battering her with damages. A simple sorry is not acceptable for payment to her. Seems someone ought to take a closer look at this tragedy and give this matter the attention it deserves and pay this very fine lady what is owed to her and accomodate her with future medical essentials and assist her to find gainful employment with an employer who can give her hope for her financial future, as she has to provide for herself.She is a rather tough lady and she has a high level of ambition. Seems she tuffed out this tragedy with her strong ambition towards life and she is a Christian.

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