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Published: 25 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Russ Whitney And Robert “Rich Dad” Kiyosaki Scam Artists – Deceptive sales practices!!! Scottsdale Arizona!!

Robert Kiyosaki and Russ Whitney formed a corporation for Whitney to hide behind as he gets indicted from attorney generals across the country for unfair sales practices. Now Russ is doing it under Robert Kiyosaki’s name. Sad to say but it is clear that Robert sold out to the crook Russ Whitney. Whitney and his new cartel gets your name and contact info at these free events where the say they are teaching Robert Kiyosaki training, but in reality they just get your name to upsell you in into a Utah training program. If you go to THAT 3 day training they upsell you AGAIN! By the way if there are any real believers STILL in the Kiyosaki training, they teach the opposite of what Kiyosaki supposedly believes inoh yeahthey upsell you AGAIN into even more expensive packages. Do you see a pattern here? SCAM!!! Now having been deceptively sold myself, I realize ‘Kiyosaki has no beliefs except scamming with Russ Whitney to make money on poor people desperately trying to get ahead. Everyone knows Russ is a scam artist and he is sure to go to jail again. Let’s stop them!! Call and send in your comments to your local attorney general about Robert Kiyosaki. Call your local PBS station to tell their pledge division that Robert is scamming people, this is where I first was introduced to Kiyosaki. THANKS ALOT PBS!!! Call the national headquarters for PBS in Washington and also get the United States Attorney Chuck Rosenberg who represents the Eastern District of Virginia. Email him at: [email protected] and urge them to include Robert Kiyosaki in their on going investigation of Russ and tell them to investigate the Kiyosaki-Whitney connection via the new corporation they have set up together.(THANKS Jillian for this info!…see her post under Kiyosaki’s name) We also need to let the S.E.C. know about everything. Russ has been busted by them before due to stock fudging. The S.E.C. should investigate the Kiyo-Whitney connection. We need to teach Kiyosaki he can’t steal from the people who trusted him. I got my local bookstore to remove Kiyosaki books from our store after showing these reports on Ripoff Scams. Also call Donald Trump’s office in NYC at (212) 832-2000 and tell them Kiyo is a fraud. Stop Kiyosaki from stealing from us and. When you see an ad to come see Robert Kiyosaki live anywhere don’t believe he will be there. You will find as many other have that the training is anything but what his books train. It’s just a scam to get you to buy Russ Whitney $10,000+ products. I was suckered and now can’t get my money back even though it is everything Robert “supposedly doesn’t believe in. Shame on Robert and his wife Kim and their sidekick Sharon Lechtor who our “”teacher/salesmen”” at the seminar said is the real brains behind the Kiyosaki operation when a student complained that it was misrepresentation that Robert wasn’t there and not what he believes. Joey Dallas

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