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Published: 04 January 2023

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Sales Strategies Group, Inc. will take your money and RUN!!! It just happened to me and others I know. Sales Strategies Group is a Real Estate Coaching Company that does business across the country and uses brokers to sponsor their event. They will promise you the world. They will tell you that they are having a one time Realtor training event in your area with acclaimed Real Estate coach James Harris. They have over 100 confirmed Realtors attending to date and their average attendance per event is 150-200 Realtors. They will tell you that if you or company sponsors the event for a cost of $4,900.00 you will be referenced throughout the event as the lender that they recommend, you are the only sponsor, and most importantly this is not a sales event. They also tell you that if you invite 75 or more of your own Realtors the event is free. 74 Realtors or below you will get $25.00 per attendee. Before signing up with them I made it clear that I did not want to be part a sales event. In short they would not ask these Realtors to buy anything as I am sponsoring the event. Jon Providence who was my initial contact promised that they would not at any time during the event be asked to buy something. If the Realtors liked what they heard they can approach the speaker after the event and request further coaching. Needless to say he was lying. The event came around and from the very start I saw that I was ripped off. The entire event was focused around the Realtors spending $450.00 for another event in the future. James Harris pounded this so much and took it to a point that he suggested that I offer to pay for it if they send me a deal. Obviously this is a RESPA violation. James Harris was rude to these people, wouldn’t let them use the bathroom and a large # left at the half way point of the presentation. I could go on and on about how horrible he was, but I am sure you can imagine. After the event I complained to Sales Strategies Group, Inc. how I was lied to and what happened and they agreed in writing to refund me my total cost of $5,300.00 in 45 days. 45 days came and went and I have not received my promised refund that I have in writing from them or the $25 per Realtor attendee. I had 53 of my own go. I have called, emailed, written to them many, many times. They will not let me talk to the people needed or they will not return calls. I have filed a report with the BBB and Florida Department of Consumer Affairs. They will not return calls or letters to them either. Please forward this information to all Brokers / Realtors you know with the tag please forward. I would hate for this company to take advantage of others as they have me. Here are the names of the individuals from Sales Strateties Group, Inc. that lied to me and you should be aware of.. They have offices in Tampa, Florida and Victor, New York. John Providence — Intial contact and Lier James Harris — Horrible Speaker, Offensive to all, suggests to commit RESPA Violations Ryan Lotman — Director of New Client Relations (promised me he would get this handled. Then ended up not returning my calls) Greg Kazmer — CEO (Sent me offer of Refund in writing for $5,300.00 and hasn’t returned or accepted calls since) Jillion Beomon — I was told she was a Manager ( promised me that my refund was in process and apologized for the time it has taken. Then stopped accepting my calls or return messages) Bill Adams — Manager New York Office (was very nice at first, said he would take care of this and apologized for lack of communication. Did not follow through) Joe DiLeo — Owner / CEO (Has never taken my calls, emails or fax.. Will not return messages or letters from myself, the BBB, or Florida Department of Consumer Service. Has stated in his own words in writing that his company will not refund either agreed upon refunds they put in writing or all future refunds regardless of their service) Here are some of the complaints I received from Realtors after the event.. Pretty interesting reading.. I attended your event yesterday. I feel you deserve some feed back on the event as I can’t imagine it went as you had planned. For a coaching event with nothing supposed to be sold it was quite the opposite. Your speaker pushed his training with so much ferocity it was uncomfortable to sit through. I have never been a part of an event that seemed so unorganized in time management from a speaker standpoint. He seemed desperate Kevin. He continued and continued his push with zero organization. This is the first seminar I have ever been a part of that did not allow us to grade the speaker at the end. I know why that is now. First I would like to thank for taking the initiative to put on a Realtor Event for us, however I would also like to express my displeasure with the event. Having a speaker talk to us as though we were all failures and needed his service is not a way to attract business. Although there may be a select few in that room that may buy into his impression of us, I am not one of them. I left at the half way point not because I was not interested in the next step for $425. I left because I will not be talked to the way James Harris was speaking to all of us. Although I appreciate you agreeing to refund the cost of the next training event, I am sure are aware that this is a direct violation of RESPA rules. I did not sign up for the event but wanted you to be aware in case you did not know this. It looked to me as though it was an act of desperation from the speaker and your part to get people to sign up for the event. I would suggest you look further into this before you make those statements. It is my sincere hope that you do not conduct business in the same manner as you present Realtor Events. I attended this event on sole basis of your promise that we would not be asked to buy anything. This was not a training or coaching event by any means. This was a hard sales event, nothing more. I am a top agent for Realty Executives and have attended many seminars. Your event by far was the worst. James Harris was insulting throughout the entire event. I suggest you look much further into these companies before you invite Realtors to see them. It does not reflect well on your company I think you should know some of the things that went on during your event. I am 5 months pregnant and was to made to feel very uncomfortable throughout most of the presentation on Thursday. I have never attended anything where people were belittled and pointed out for using the bathroom. At the end of the first half of the presentation James continued to say over and over again that he would be done in 2 minutes. That 2 minutes lasted 30 minutes. I don’t know if you have had experience around a pregnant women, but having the ability to use the bathroom is a must. Every door besides the one in the back had signs on them with do not use and with James belittling those who went to the bathroom I just held it. I would highly suggest a better structure to your next event.. I appreciate your call and apologie yesterday. From our conversation I will not hold you accountable for all that transpired on Thursday. If there is any benefit from listening to the insulting speaker James Harris, it is this. I will make known to all my colleuges at RE / MAX what happened on Thursday so they will be subject to an event such at this. Hi, I was very disappointed in the speaker & his presentation. I feel I took time away from my busy business day for nothing. We were told there would be “no”” selling. The speaker used the “”bait & switch”” tactic. He was insulting and the most unprofessional speaker I’ve ever seen unless I was at a carnival. Fortunately I’ve had experience with your company and I know you don’t conduct business the way he did. I feel he owes you and your company an apology and refund! Kevc01 Naperville

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