24 Hour Transmission Repair, Coast To Coast Transmission, Nationwide Transmission, TransmissinCiti,

24 Hour Transmission Repair, Coast To Coast Transmission, Nationwide Transmission, TransmissinCiti,

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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Our story started when our 2002 Ford F150 would not go into reverse or go into overdrive otherwise it drove just fine and shifted well. On 7-6-08 we filled in the questionaire about what was wrong with our vehicle via Transmissionciti web site. We did not have the funds to pay in full from local shops that ranged from 2200.00 to 3200.00 to rebuild the transmission, so when coming across transmissionciti web site when googled transmission repair it seemed a very good thing that we could finance the transmission repair. After we sent in the questionaire we received an email back from Larry from Transmission City quoting 1397.00 for labor, towing, and a complete rebuild kit. It also stated we require no money upfront we will pickup your vehicle first and determine to the penny what it will cost to repair before you pay any deposit. Repairs include a 100,000 mile 5 year prorated National warranty that is good in all 50 states. Your job can normally be completed in about 24 hours. For your convience we will assign one of our local repair shops in your area to repair your transmission. His name was Larry and he gave a number to contact him so that we could make arraingements for towing. ANother form was emailed on 7-7-08 that was from Transmissionciti that needed to be filled out and signed before thr vehicle would be towed it also stated agian the warranty. It also stated We are not responsible for shop actions, if for any reason you are not comfortablr with the facility it is your responsibility to let your rep know before the work begins and we will refer you to another facility. It also stated after your transmission is reinstalled you have 7 days to return the vehicle for an inspection to ensure that nothing is leaking. Prior to our vehicle being towed Larry called and stated they would be towing the vehicle to Denton that was their best shop and they copuld get to it and have it back in 24 hours. We asked Larry what about getting the truck back home after the repairs made Larry stated we will tow back to you. Our first thought was no not out of state to hard to check on things. We expressed this to Larry and he told us everyhting we wanted to hear. They had done business with them before and they were the best and they could have it done in 24 hours because they were open 24 hours and would be working on it as soon as they got it. When we asked about taking back after 7 days since price of gas and travel were $$$$ Larry stated “Just check to make sure you are not having any leaks”. Our email also stated If you choose to not have the transmission repaired there will be a charge that will never exceed 50% of the amount of this agreement plus repair shop costs. If you decide not to have the work done you have 3 days to pickup your vehicle there is a 39.00 per day storage charge that is added. 7-8-08 they picked up our vehicle and had our daughter (14) sign a contract that stated There is a charge for towing and diagnostic work, payments would only be accepted by cash no money orders or checks, the warranty had went from 5 year 100,000 to a limited 100% 6 month or 6,000 whichever comes first and a 3yr/100,000 prorated warranty, also agreeing to let them make duplicate keys and to place a locator device on the vehicle. On all the paperwork that we have received hard part damage appears around 30 to 40 times so you can bet you will have hard part damage whether you actually do or not you will never know with these people. After pick up of our vehicle we heard nothing from Larry except that they were 98 miles away from the shop and they would start work that night. Larry also stated that he would be emailing us the contract to do work never received any. Larry called 7-9-08 to tell us that the torque converter was bad and guess what we had hard part damage and he needed almsot 900.00 down and then we would pay almsot 300.00 every 2 weeks until the note was paid off. We made a trip to inspect the facility 7-9-08 the shop from the outside appeared to be open with a large lit up banner 24 hour transmission shop the open neon sign glowing in the window and the entire front of the building lit up. No one there. they were not open 24 hour nor do they work on transmission. We decided not to have any work done and wanted to pick up our vehicle that is when we learned after doing more searching on the computer that this company has several names and several location addresses we talked to the local police department and they are really no help. We went on 7-11-08 to get our truck of course we arrived after hours but we had told Larry our rep that we needed to come after work and he had stated that he would check with the company because he was not affliated with the shop to see if someone could meet us. When we arrived to pick up our vehicle around 9:47pm on Friday 7-11-08 there were 2 large framed gentlemen witing on us they had our pickup in the front with 2 cars angled in behind it to ensure we would not run off without paying our funds, after being told to inspect everything and to make sure our parts were all there, when we started looking and told they guy that our parts were not all there he stated “whatever” when we told him the ford emblem that was hanging off the vehicle was not like that he stated “whatever” when we told him the serial numbers did not match on the transmission parts he stated that is what came in with your vehicle. Now remember they towed the vehicle and they took the transmission out. When we told him once more that all the parts were not there he stated he had no part of the business he eas just doing a favor. When we asked for a itemized list of charges he stated no that the charge was 1029.12 cash to take the truck otherwise I could come back Monday during business hours, He stated he was just doing a favor. When we finally agreed to pay in cash he got on the company computer and used the compnay scanner to print me out a copy of what my daughter had signed and wrote on it and was not going to write paid in full until we asked how would we prove the amount had been paid. Something to be remembered this man named Larry was Larry Duncan the owner of the company and the one would does commit the fraud, he misrepresented himself by acting like he had nothing to do with this company, acting like he was doing a favor, the transmission we have is not ours so he has what we consider stolen parts we told him our parts were not there he knew they weren’t there. So we got our truck back with some transmission parts that belong to someone else, they did not have our toriginal engine key with the alarm module thay had made a key which we took and Larry accused us of having the key and we explained it was the key they had. Our truck has dents in the hood that were not there when they picked it up. My advice is to file charges with local law enforcement, better business, inform newspapers, news channels. ANd most of all do not use these people Larry Duncan is after your money and does not care how he gets it he just wants it. Racejunky Moore, OklahomaU.S.A.

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