24 Hr Transmission, Nationwide Transmission, Coast To Coast Transmission

24 Hr Transmission, Nationwide Transmission, Coast To Coast Transmission

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Published: 21 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 9/507 my 1999 Ford Explorer XLS truck stop running. My truck was towed to Falcon Auto. Falcon Auto diagnosed my truck stating, replace or rebuild the transmission, Bob from Falcon auto quoted 2 prices, a rebuilt transmission would cost $1600 out the door. A new transmission would cost $3100. I declined the new transmission & said I would call him back about repairing my truck since it had 202,000 miles already. I searched the internet to compare prices for a rebuilt transmission. Nationwide Transmissions ad read $987up- Installation Is Included. Rebuilt to factory Specifications! Todays Special starts at $987 Includes removing, rebuilding & reinstalling your transmission. Free Towing —Call right now! I spoke with Steve a rep for the West Coast. He quoted $1297 with the $200 instant coupon. He faxed the papers & said they could have my truck towed for free to their Auto provider. On 9/6/07 Steve faxed the contract to have my truck towed. 24Hr towed my truck to Hiros Transmission in Gardena. On 9/6/07, they billed my credit card for $17.00 to verify that the card was legitimate. On 9/11/07, Brandon, a rep phoned to say We need to charge your card for the balance of the bill so we can make sure you have the money to pay for the repairs before we do the work, to avoid holding your truck for months because you dont have the money to pay. Brandon sent a credit card receipt by internet on an adobe file, (he also sent another customers personal information including their complete name, address, & credit card information, he apologized for the mix up after I called to tell him that wasnt my car, name or information) he sent the information to me again. I am concerned that he may have sent another individual my personal & credit card information too. 2 hours AFTER 24Hr had charged my card for the balance of the bill $1280.00, Rich the big boss rep called back to say it would cost $3100 to rebuild my transmission, it had too many bad hard parts. I argued with him about having had my truck inspected, diagnosed, & an estimate of $1600.00 to have my transmission rebuilt, I was not willing to pay another $1800.00 to his company to have them bully me into paying more than was required. Rich stated the price I paid only covered soft parts & that all transmissions needed hard parts, & mine needed more. He said that Falcon could not rebuild my transmission for $1600.00 they would charge me an additional fee for hard parts. I quoted the contract back to Rich it states, You will pay this amount later, plus any hard parts, if any, are needed. I said it says, if any, are needed and now you are saying there are always hard parts needed to rebuild a transmission. That is false advertisement to customers. On 9/20/07, I called Rich again to check on the status of my truck. Rich stated that 24Hr Transmission had Hiros Transmission ship my transmission to Texas so 24Hr could re-examine the transmission because there were some conflicting quotes given to 24Hr from Hiros and for the $3100 24Hr could rebuild my transmission in Texas for cheaper & send it back. I stated to Rich that I agreed that my transmission could be fixed for cheaper, because I have a quote in my hand from Falcon. I told Rich if the quote was higher than $1600.00 24Hr could return my transmission & I will take other legal action against them for trying to take advantage of consumers with unethical business practices & trick charges for parts & service that were not necessary to repair a truck. I said I was taping the conversation & Rich said, Good we always tape our conversations too so well have identical tapes 24 Hr is now charging $895 in fees, A lack of response within 14 days, will be equivalent to a surrender of your transmission. If I refuse to sign this contract they refuse to return my transmission. They already have charged my credit card for $1297.00 and have not completed any work on the truck. It has been 2 months since my truck stopped working. They have refused to accept any certified or registered mail to them. Even though they sent me the cancellation contract of stating they would keep $895. and refund me $400 dollars. I declined. I asked for itemized statements showing how they calculated the costs. I still haven’t heard from them. I have called but they just put me through numberous voice mails. I have contacted them by email, the same one they used to get my money but they have not responded. They refused to return my transmission after they had it shipped from Californina to Texas without my permission. They told the auto shop Hiros not to contact me about any business. Hiros had my truck. Nationwide stopped talking to Hiros as well. This company leaves everyone hanging with a vehicle without parts, and takes your money up front. For the mechanics that they contract with they leave them hanging as well. I am definitely interested in a class action suit. This company has to be a grab and go company. Probably just a few computers, phones, credit card machines and lots of papers. Things they can pack up and leave with in a matter of minutes if the Law gets too close. I am willing to go all the way with this company to bring them down, and hard. I pray for Federal prison time for every last one of them. I have reported them to BBB and to Consumer Affairs, law enforcement and am going to contact the FBI. These are fraudelent practices across state lines and via the internet. My bank was doing an investigation on this company for the credit card dispute. When the investigator called 24 Hr or Nationwide, from the numbers on their website the lady who answered the phone stated that they do not repair transmissions, they only sell trucks. The investigator stated, “Ma’am I am looking at your website and it gives dollar amounts and says that your company repairs transmissions?” The lady continued to deny this and so the investigator is looking into further action on this company. 24 Hr, Nationwide, Coast to Coast are all a bunch of thieves, highway robbers. They use different names but are the same individuals. Jacquie COMPTON, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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