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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company 24HR Transmissions.com or 24HR Transmission & Auto Repair or Coast to Coast Transmissions ARE ALL LIARS AND FRAUDULENT. Larry, the owner, ANSWERS ALL CALLS AND LIES CONSTANTLY. Larry promised that he would pick up my transmission and send it to Texas in one day, rebuild it in 1 day, and ship it back to me in 1 day, a total of 3 days. I had my local mechanic call and discuss this with Larry. He told me that Larry answered all of his questions and promised to have my transmission picked up, rebuilt, and returned, in 3 days. I paid $1000.00 on the deposit for the transmission on December the 19 2006 for work to be started. I was told by Chris, Larry’s salesman, that I would get a receipt by fax for the deposit by the end of the day. I never received the reciept. I called and Larry said he would get his secretary look into it. Now the fiasco begins. After repeated calls from me and my mechanic, someone came by to pick up my transmission 9 (NINE) days later! So I call 24 hours later to see if they received my Transmission. NOPE! (Larry says he has no control over shipping). Finally after 4 days of calling, etc, Larry tells me that they recieved my transmission. I wait two days and call to see if my Transmission was almost back to my mechanic. NOPE! Not only is it not on it’s way, it is not even started. Now it has been two weeks. Larry then calls me to say, “It’s gonna cost you another $800 to fix your transmission.” Originally he told me that for $1100 he would pick up, rebuild, and return my transmission in 3 days. Now it has been 2 weeks and he says the price is almost double. I say to him, “What am I supposed to do, you have $1000 of mine AND my transmission?” Larry says, “Not much.” I would have to pay for return shipping if I backed out now. So I have to pay another $800! This was on a Monday. Larry tells me my transmission will be shipped on Monday night or Tuesday morning. So I will get my transmission in the next 2 days now, right. NOPE! I call Wednesday & Thursday and Larry tells me he “will have to get back to me on that.” I finally receive a call on Friday (hoping my mechanic was telling me my van is ready). NOPE> It’s Larry on the phone saying I still need to sign some forms and fax it back to him. I am supposed to fill out a “Credit Card Authorization From, AND send him a photo copy of the front & back of my credit card, AND send his a photocopy of my Drivers License! Of course this is the first time in 3 weeks there has been any mention regarding this “requirement”. I call Larry and say that never have I had do give this much info for a payment. (I’ve used my CC for 15 years for thousands of dollars worth of purchases and have never been required to provide this.) (Also, I had received an email notification from my Credit Card company saying that my payment was posted on Dec. 19 for $1100 and another 2 weeks later for the $800 charge). I explain to Larry that I am uncomfortable with this info since my payment had already posted. THEN Larry tells me he still has my Transmission. Now I’m really upset with him. I discuss that he has my payment, has told 100 lies to me, promised me a transmission in 3 days, and he still is holding it. What in the world is going on! Now I’m really nervous and my wife is mad at me and freaking out. I call my credit card company and they tell me it sounds like fraud. Now I’m screwed because I have no transmission, I’m out $1900 and will have to buy another full transmission. Of course this is on a Friday now, so he can’t ship the Transmission until Monday. So I receive the transmission on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning right, NOPE! Larry has “no control over shipping”. Kent Champaign, IllinoisU.S.A.

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