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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been a resident at the 360 Residences for almost one year now. While I love the building and my unit, I am at a constant level of irritation regarding the upkeep of the building, and the manner in which the staff respond to my complaints. For the amount of rent that the residences pay, and the image that the building is trying to portray, the building is NOT kept up to acceptable standards.Here are a few specific examples:Condition of public hallways – Its usually about two weeks (or more) before the hallways (or at least the one that I am on) is vacuumed. It is very normal to see debris scattered throughout the halls. Recently the walls were spot painted to cover up the scratches. The spot paint doesn’t match the preexisting color of the walls. This looks tacky. There are also spots in the halls with stains and dried up pieces of gum.Elevators – The elevator walls are smudged and dented. The marble flooring is cleaned with a mop and dirty water (I have observed this twice) which leaves a film on the flooring. While I understand that the elevators are heavily used, they should be kept cleaner. Back in January of this year someone vomited all over the floor in one of the elevators during the evening. The mess wasn’t even cleaned up until the staff arrived the next morning (after 9 am). You can imagine my surprise when I stepped into vomit when entering the elevator. Another incident occurred in April of this year where there was dried blood on the elevator doors and frame located on the 19th floor. It took maintenance over 2 weeks to clean this up.Use of the Pool – Per the communication that went out on 7/2/2013, residences of the 360 are allowed only two guests. This is not happening. I have seen personally some guests inviting over 15 people at a time into the pool, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in front of children. While the communication does reiterate the rules, nothing is being done to enforce them. Security for this building is a COMPLETE JOKE and seem to be useless.These are just some examples of the state in which the property is in. As I am sure that you are well aware, someone this past Saturday morning decided to turn on the fire hose located on the 4th floor and flood the floors below. The building management is asking if anyone knows who did it… I would think that Alliance would install more security cameras – in the elevators (to keep people from defacing the walls and punching dents in the doors) – Stairwells (to catch those smoking pot and cigarettes in the hallways and to monitor any mischievous activities).As it stands now it is highly unlikely that I will be renewing my lease at the end of its term. It’s a shame that this is the case. The building is wonderful, and under the right management would be a great place to live. I would think that Alliance would want to keep renters like me happy – someone who respects the property and who pays rent on time.

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