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Published: 02 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Traded in My Gorgeous 99 Chrysler Sebring on Feb 3rd, 2018 at 3J’s for a 2000 Pontiac. John LIED to me and told me that the motor had been replaced and that the car was just serviced. Check engine light came on about 10 minutes after leaving his lot. ABS light was on and oil pressure dropped. Auto Zone scanned the codes and said it needed a catalatic converter or had oil leaking into the exhaust. Also overheaded badly the next day. Went through 2 gallons of antifreeze to get home, 9 miles. It was overheated the whole time. I told John this car had multiple issues and that he could keep the whole $675 in cash we paid him, just return my Chrysler to me. He agreed to give it back. I asked him if it was driveable and in the same condition as when I took it to him and he said, yes. He had told my neighbors on the phone the day before that the transmission died. Which I did not believe. When I questioned him, he said they were lying and that my car was fine. He came to my apartment to pick me up to go get my Chrysler, when we got there, he told me that I couldnt have it, it wasnt driveable because the fuel pump went bad. So, then he sold us a 96 Mercury Cougar. Told me there was not a single thing wrong with it and it was just serviced, ANOTHER LIE! The oil was pitch black and the oil sticker said it hadnt been changed since 2008. All fluids were empty. I took it 5 days after getting it for an oil change, and they DECLINED to change the oil and told me this car was shot and has a severe engine oil leak, and a ton of other stuff. I got it in writing from them. I took it to John and showed him and he said, “you are working on my nerves you fu**ing B**ch. Now I still owe $1800 on a car I have to junk. He buys his cars from an auction, and has no clue whats wrong with them. He does not post a buyers guide in most of his cars and there was not one in either car I bought from him. This is required by law for the customer to sign. He didnt give us a copy of anything except a yellow receipt. No contract. He lied to our insurance agent with the Pontiac we bought. He called her and asked her to fax a copy of the insurance card, and he told her the car was paid in full so that we wouldnt have to carry full coverage. The second car, we told him not to tell her that because we dont need full coverage. The point is he LIES to insurance agents, commits fraud, lies about the selling price of the cars for tax purposes, and he is rude and obnoxious. After we found out all of the problems with the cougar, he called my home several times, always asking for my fiance because he wouldnt talk to me. My fiance told him I just want my Chrysler back, at which point he said he sold it. He obviously did because it was no longer in his garage or on his lot. I also checked at his mechanic. I have filed criminal charges against him for unethical business practices, have contacted my attory, consumer affairs, the BBB and will be contacting the DMV and IRS. He should be shut down and put in jail!

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