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Published: 26 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Disclaimer: ANY WRONG DOING IN THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT IS (ALLEGED) just as UFO’s do not exist.. 4 Wheel Parts has an “Unsatisfactory Performance Record” with the Better Business Bureau when it comes to answering consumer complaints along with the following below: *Delivery Issues *Difficulty obtaining Refunds *Overcharging *Poor Installation *Poor Customer Service *Billing Disputes *Failure to Deliver Ordered Merchandise /Missing Items/ Incorrect Items Mechanics placed outer sidewall down on bedliner ruining the look of the brand new spare tire and refused to replace it. There have also been a “myraid” of complaints with these PRO COMP Tires developing SEVERE Tire Pulls and bulges in their treads at 8,000, 12,000, and 20,000 miles Mechanics dripped installation silicone into the oil pan of my brand new truck when it only had 5,811 miles while attempting to install a supercharger. This, “Improper Installation” caused silicone to restrict the oil pick-up filter screen and other parts of the engine causing overheating and detonation. Independent mechanics stated that this “Improper Installation” by 4 Wheel Parts caused the engine to “GRENADE.” Shamefully, 11 months have passed and 4 Wheel Parts are still trying to get out of replacing the vehicles engine. I ordered from and had 4WP Mechanics install a brand new DENALI instrument cluster into my chevy truck for additional temperature gauges. Their mechanics installed this cluster with (ZERO MILES) never sending it out to have it re-calibrated to my vehicles original miles of 5,811 violating several STATE/FEDERAL laws in the process. I complained to them and they responded by stating, “Have you smogged your truck yet, then the DMV will never know. The representative continued, “Do you see my Dodge truck out there, I’m 18,000 miles over my LEASE, I just put in a (ZERO MILE) cluster.” Not only did this 4WP sales rep. commit LEASE FRAUD, he committed auto manufacture warranty FRAUD as well. The question is, how many times had they done this. State Ininvestigators are also reviewing reports/conducting personal interviews, and have even conducted full entire audits of business records to date. 4WP so-called ASE certified mechanics made yet an “Improper Instalation” whe it came to installing a “REAR DIFF SKID PLATE.” Mechanics pressed against/pinched the rear parking brake cable partially activating the rear wheel brakes. This condition is extremely dangerous due to the fact that it direclty effects the stopping performance (anti-lock) braking system of the vehicle during all driving conditions; increasing stopping distance. It is expected that the Burea of Automotive Repair will issue a stiff violation/one day shutdown of their business and/or both. State Investigators are coming to a conclusion/close regarding the incident of making gross product performance misrepresentations and selling of a non-compatible High Performance Gibson Exhaust System for my truck. The manager one again pushed this product on to me stating that, “I required it for my supercharger and my stock system diamater was only 2 1/2 inches wide v.s the 3 inch Gibson. This was a complete misrepresentation of the facts regarding both untis. These employees used pressure of speech tactics and double team tactics to get me to agree on purchasing this item. This Gibson unit made a “Resonnace” sound that would penetrate the drivers cab at or about 1,800 R.P.M. & 2,800 R.P.M as if someone was blowing over a coke bottle next to you. I decided to drive out to the the Main Gibson Factory Corporation and speak to the designers directly. Gibson members stated, “The Gibsone is a very High Performance Exhaust system moving air at 143 CFM (cubic feet per min). However, this Gibson Exhaust unit was never designed to handle the massive air flow that a supercharger puts out. 4WP should have never sold you and installed this system on your vehicle, that’s what our 1-800 phone numbers are listed for. I went back to the 4WP staff and relayed the information to them, “Obtaining an answer of, “That’s B.S.” which clearly leaves someone an impression of the mentallity and poor service at 4WP. Then I made the formal requests for a full refund for the $399.00 Gibson exhaust system and for them to replace my stock $406.00 factory exhaust system. Initially 4WP agreed apon this and then began to drag its feet…….waiting 1.5 weeks for a replacement factory stock exhaust, when one at the time could be ordered and obtained in just(4) days. Then the delay turned into (3) weeks then purposely to over 1.5 months. 4WP was now in breach of their contractual obligation and was clearly trying to frustrate me to just leave and go elsewhere. Little did they know that they were tape recorded on several occasions Investigators also noticed that 4 Wheel Parts so-called ASE Certified Mechanics again completed an, “Improper Installation” when simply attempting to install my Giant PIAA lights onto my pre-runner bar. The report reads something like, “Washer size selected for installation application too small causing cracks to form in the mounting tabs.” I took my brand new truck back to 4WP and they attempted every, “Used car dealership excuse that I have ever heard upon me.” They first stated, “You ordered a street version “Pre-runner bar” and it was never designed to take the abuse that you put it through on the street.” I replied, “First of all, I have not done what you claim and furthermore show it to me in writting that this pre-runner bar is a street version only.” He could not find it anywhere. “Well, I’m gonna have to call my General Manager and he’ll get in touch with you directly, but as expected he never did.” I ended up spending the same amount as I spent for the entire pre-runner bar itself to repair and powder coat it of $180.00 CLICK HERE to see A copy of their BBB Unsatisfactory Performance Record is available at www.labb.org. If an, “Improper Installation/Fraud Has Been Committed on Your Vehicle and/or you feel that you have been ripped-off by 4 Wheel Parts, begin by sending reports/complaints at the following web sites/offices below. Then for BEST results, you must send a written complaint to the D.A.’s Consumer Protection Division of your state below as well: If you absolutely love the service at 4 Wheel Parts then send an email to [email protected] tel. 310-900-5528 fax 310-900-5580 (fair and balanced) www.badbusinessbureau.com/ www.bbb.org/ www.autorepair.ca.gov Bureau of Automotive Repair 400 R Street, Suite 5200 Sacramento, CA 95814 916-322-3333 Orange County District Attorney Consumer Protection Division Mr. Joe D’Agostino 401 Civic Center Drive Santa Ana, CA 92701 Consumer Protection Division Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office 201 North Figueroa St., Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Arizona State Offices Chief Counsel Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section Office of the Attorney General 1275 West Washington St. Phoenix AZ 85007 602-542-3702 602-542-5763 (consumer information and complaints) Toll free in AZ: 1-800-352-8431 TDD: 602-542-5002 Fax: 602-542-4579 Web site: www.ag.state.az.us Assistant Attorney General Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection 400 West Congress South Bldg., Suite 315 Tucson AZ 85701 520-628-6504 Toll free in AZ: 1-800-352-8431 Fax: 520-628-6532 Web site: www.ag.state.az.us County Offices Cochise County Attorney’s Office Post Office Drawer CA Bisbee AZ 85603 520-432-9377 Fax: 520-432-4280 County Attorney Greenlee County Attorney’s Office PO Box 1717 Clifton AZ 85533 928-865-4108 Fax: 928-865-4665 County Attorney Coconino County Attorney’s Office 110 East Cherry Ave. Flagstaff AZ 86001 928-779-6518 Fax: 928-779-5618 Pinal County Attorney Pinal County Attorney’s Office PO Box 887 Florence AZ 85232 520-868-6271 Fax: 520-868-6521 County Attorney Gila County Attorney’s Office 1400 East Ash St. Globe AZ 85501 928-425-3231 ext. 298 Fax: 928-425-3720 County Attorney Navajo County Attorney’s Office PO Box 668 Holbrook AZ 86025 928-524-4026 Fax: 928-524-4244 County Attorney Mohave County Attorney’s Office 315 North 4th St. P.O. Box 7000 Kingman AZ 86402-7000 928-753-0719 Fax: 928-753-2669 County Attorney Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office 2150 North Congress Dr., Ste 201 Nogales AZ 85621 520-375-7780 Fax: 520-761-7859 La Paz County Attorney County Attorney 1320 Kofa Ave. Parker AZ 85344 928-669-6118 Fax: 928-669-2019 County Attorney Yavapai County Attorney’s Office Yavapai County Courthouse 255 East Gurley Prescott AZ 86301 928-771-3344 Fax: 928-771-3110 County Attorney Graham County Attorney’s Office Graham County Courthouse 800 West Main Safford AZ 85546 928-428-3620 Fax: 928-428-7200 County Attorney Apache County Attorney’s Office PO Box 637 St. Johns AZ 85936 928-337-7560 Fax: 928-337-2427 County Attorney Yuma County Attorney’s Office 168 South Second Ave. Yuma AZ 85364 928-329-2270 Fax: 928-329-2284 Arkansas State Offices Deputy Attorney General Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General 323 Center St. Suite 200 Little Rock AR 72201 California State Offices Acting Chief Bureau of Automotive Repair California Department of Consumer Affairs 10240 Systems Parkway Sacramento CA 95827 916-255-4300 Toll free in CA: 800-952-5210 TDD: 916-255-1369 Web site: www.autorepair.ca.gov Director California Department of Consumer Affairs 400 R St. Suite 3000 Sacramento CA 95814 916-445-4465 916-445-2643 (Correspondence and Complaint Review Unit) Toll free in CA: 1-800-952-5210 TDD/TTY: 916-322-1700 or 1-800-326-2297 Web site: www.dca.ca.gov Attorney General Office of the Attorney General Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento CA 94244-2550 916-322-3360 Toll free in CA: 1-800-952-5225 TDD: 916-324-5564 Web site: www.caag.state.ca.us County Offices Supervising Deputy District Attorney Criminal Division Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1215 Truxtun Ave. 3rd Floor Bakersfield CA 93301 661-868-2350 Fax: 661-868-2135 Deputy District Attorney Consumer Affairs Unit Solano County Distict Attorney’s Office 600 Union Ave. Fairfield CA 94533 707-421-6859 707-421-6800 Fax: 707-421-7986 Senior Deputy District Attorney Business Affairs Unit Fresno County District Attorney’s Office 1250 Van Ness Ave. 2nd Floor Fresno CA 93721 559-488-3836 559-488-3156 Fax: 559-495-1315 Director Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs 500 West Temple St. Room B-96 Los Angeles CA 90012-2706 213-974-1452 Fax: 213-687-0233 Web site: consumer-affairs.co.la.ca.us Senior Deputy District Attorney Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office 627 Ferry St. Martinez CA 94553 925-646-4620 Fax: 925-646-4683 Deputy District Attorney Consumer Fraud Unit Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office PO Box 442 Modesto CA 95353-0442 209-525-5550 Fax: 209-525-5545 Web site: www.stanislaus-da.org District Attorney Consumer Affairs Division Napa County District Attorney’s Office 931 Parkway Mall P.O. Box 720 Napa CA 94559 707-253-4211 707-253-4059 Fax: 707-253-4041 Deputy in Charge Consumer & Environmental Unit San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office 400 County Center 3rd Floor Redwood City CA 94063 650-363-4651 Supervising Deputy District Attorney Consumer and Environmental Protection Division Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office PO Box 749 906 G Street, Ste 700 Sacramento CA 95812-0749 916-874-6174 Fax: 916-874-7660 Monterey County District Attorney Consumer Protection Division PO Box 1131 Salinas CA 93902 831-755-5073 Fax: 831-755-5608 Division Chief San Diego County District Attorney’s Office 330 W. Broadway, Suite 700 San Diego CA 92101 619-531-4070 Fax: 619-531-4481 Web site: www.sandiegoda.com Consumer and Environmental Unit San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office 732 Brannan St. San Francisco CA 94103 415-551-9595 (public inquiries) Fax: 415-551-9504 Web site: www.ci.sf.ca.us/casf/ Supervising Deputy District Attorney Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit 70 West Hedding St. West Wing, 4th Floor San Jose CA 95110 408-792-2880 (consumer protection) 408-792-2881 (small claims advisory) Fax: 408-279-8742 Web site: www.santaclara-da.org Director Economic Crime Division Consumer Fraud Department County Government Center 1050 Monterey Street, Room 235 San Luis Obispo CA 93408 805-781-5856 Fax: 805-781-1173 Web site: www.sloda.com Mediation Coordinator Marin County Mediation Services 4 Jeannette Prandi Way San Rafael CA 94903 415-499-7454 Fax: 415-499-3673 Consumer Protection Division Marin County District Attorney’s Office Hall of Justice, Room 130 3501 Civic Center Drive San Rafael CA 94903 415-499-6495 Fax: 415-499-3719 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: co.marin.ca.us/depts/DA/main/index.cfm Senior Deputy District Attorney Consumer Protection Unit Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office 1105 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara CA 93101 805-568-2300 Fax: 805-568-2398 Coordinator Division of Consumer Affairs Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office 701 Ocean St. Room 200 Santa Cruz CA 95060 831-454-2050 TDD/TTY: 831-454-2123 Fax: 831-454-2920 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: www.CO.Santa-Cruz.CA/US Supervising Deputy District Attorney San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office Consumer Affairs Prosecution Unit 222 East Weber, Room 412 P.O. Box 990 Stockton CA 95202 209-468-9321 Fax: 209-468-0314 District Attorney Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office PO Box 1000 Ukiah CA 95482 707-463-4211 Fax: 707-463-4687 Supervisor Consumer Mediation Section Ventura County District Attorney’s Office 800 South Victoria Ave. Ventura CA 93009 805-654-3110 Fax: 805-648-9255 Web site: www.ventura.org/vcda Consumer Fraud and Environmental Prosecution Unit Tulare County District Attorney’s Office 221 S. Mooney Blvd. Room 224 Visalia CA 93291 559-733-6411 Fax: 559-730-2658 Supervising Deputy District Attorney Consumer/Environmental Protection Unit Orange County District Attorney’s Office 401 Civic Center Dr. West Santana CA 92701 714-347-8706 Fax: 714-568-1250 City Offices Supervising Deputy City Attorney Consumer Protection Division Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office 200 North Main St. 1600 City Hall East Los Angeles CA 90012 213-485-4515 Fax: 213-847-0402 E-mail: [email protected] Head Deputy City Attorney Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit San Diego City Attorney’s Office 1200 Third Ave. Suite 700 San Diego CA 92101-4106 619-533-5600 Web site: www.sannet.gov/city-attorney Deputy City Attorney Consumer Protection and Fair Housing 1685 Main St. Room 310 Santa Monica CA 90401 310-458-8336 Fax: 310-395-6727 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: pen.ci.santa-monica.ca.us/atty/consumer_protection/ Colorado State Offices Consumer Protection Division Colorado Attorney General’s Office 1525 Sherman St. 5th Floor Denver CO 80203-1760 303-866-5079 Toll free: 1-800-222-4444 Fax: 303-866-5443 County Offices Chief Deputy District Attorney Economic Crime Division El Paso and Teller Counties District Attorney’s Office 105 East Vermijo, Suite 205 Colorado Springs CO 80903-2083 719-520-6002 Fax: 719-520-6006 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: www.co.el-paso.co.us/DistrictAttorney/default.asp Chief Deputy District Attorney Denver District Attorney’s Economic Crimes Unit 303 West Colfax Ave., Ste 1300 Denver CO 80204 720-913-9179 TDD/TTY: 720-913-9182 Fax: 720-913-9177 Web site: www.denverda.org District Attorney Archuleta, LaPlata and San Juan Counties District Attorney’s Office PO Drawer 3455 Durango CO 81302 970-247-8850 Fax: 970-259-0200 District Attorney Weld County District Attorney’s Office PO Box 1167 Greeley CO 80632 970-356-4010 Fax: 970-352-8023 District Attorney Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office 201 West 8th St., Suite 801 Pueblo CO 81003 719-583-6030 Fax: 719-583-6666 Connecticut State Offices Commissioner Department of Consumer Protection 165 Capitol Ave. Hartford CT 06106 860-713-6300 Toll free in CT: 1-800-842-2649 Fax: 860-713-7239 Web site: www.state.ct.us/dcp City Offices Director of Consumer Protection City of Middletown 245 DeKoven Dr. PO Box 1300 Middletown CT 06457-1300 860-344-3491 TDD: 860-344-3521 Fax: 860-344-3561 E-mail: [email protected] Delaware State Offices Director Fraud and Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General 820 North French St. 5th Floor Wilmington DE 19801 302-577-8600 Toll free in DE: 1-800-220-5424 Fax: 302-577-6499 Web site: www.state.de.us/attgen/ Director, Consumer Protection Unit Consumer Protection Unit Office of Attorney General 820 North French St. 5th Floor Wilmington DE 19801 302-577-8600 Toll free in DE: 1-800-220-5424 Delaware Residents Only Fax: 302-577-3090 Web site: www.state.de.us/attgen/ District of Columbia District of Columbia Offices Senior Counsel Office of the Corporation Counsel 441 4th St. NW Suite 450-N Washington DC 20001 202-442-9828 (consumer hotline) Fax: 202-727-6546 Florida State Offices Assistant Deputy Attorney General Economic Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General 110 SE 6th St. Fort Lauderdale FL 87001 954-712-4600 1-866-9-NO-SCAM Fax: 954-712-4658 Web site: myfloridalegal.com Assistant Attorney General Economic Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General 135 West Central Blvd. Suite 1000 Orlando FL 32801 407-999-5588 1-866-9-NO-SCAM Fax: 407-245-0365 Web site: myfloridalegal.com Assistant Deputy Attorney General Economic Crimes Division PL-01 The Capitol Tallahassee FL 32399 850-414-3600 1-866-9-NO-SCAM Fax: 850-414-4483 Web site: myfloridalegal.com Director of Multi-State Litigation and Intergovernmental Affairs Office of the Attorney General PL-01 The Capitol Tallahassee FL 32399 850-414-3300 1-866-9-NO-SCAM Fax: 850-410-2672 Web site: myfloridalegal.com Assistant Attorney General Economic Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General Concourse Center 4 3507 E. 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