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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Jeffery Spot

Many a time, pyramid financial schemes or multi-level marketing (MLM) Pyramid schemes have slipped under the radar and have not been caught by authorities who have always advised the general public against falling into such traps. When you combine such a scheme with health products and vitality, what do you get? An irrepressible combination or something fraudulent? That is exactly the moot point in the case of 4Life Research LLC. There may be more to it than meets the eye in this case. 


About 4Life Research LLC Scam


4Life Research LLC has already made its claim that irrespective of whatever it is that you’re seeking, i.e. financial freedom or even excellent support in terms of your health and wellness needs, you will be getting it quite easily via the company’s suite of solutions along with an opportunity to truly make a difference. It labels itself a great company although several facets of its operations may be getting concealed in the process. 

A multi-level marketing (MLM) network is one which sells products based on a particular sector and in this case, 4Life Research LLC sells products which are more emphasized on the health sector and personal care. There are several products which claim to use vitamins and herbs although in reality these only have smaller sized molecular organisms which have nutrition provisions for a short-term solution to immune system balance but nothing that really ticks for the long haul. The company claims to be creating its own portfolio of wellness and health products tailored towards the supposed needs of adults and children alike. On the website, there are several awards (no veracity of the same can be confirmed) displayed for these products and what is more highlighted are the opportunities that are being given for the distributors of the company. 


Why things appear to be quite shady 

A lawsuit was filed against 4Life Research LLC in the year 2016 and this clearly stated that the company was indulging in marketing practices and procedures that were deceptive to say the least. Yet, after a warning letter was sent to the organization on this issue, they supposedly made some changes. One of the changes that were sought revolved around the suspension on an immediate basis of distributors who were going around false claims related to the products that were being sold by them worldwide 

While apparently the company had taken action, nothing much has been verified about whether it actually did so. The company does not really delve deep into the core aspects of how it does business and does not release any official statements on selling and marketing channels, the number of distributors and so on. What is more alarming is that if false claims are being made to lure people into buying products, there is a huge number of the adult population globally which is at risk since the company has previously stated that its products are sold across 50 countries globally by a network of distributors. 

David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee started this company back in the year 1998. The first product that they created was the Transfer Factor. This product apparently helped in supporting one’s immune system through the usage of cow colostrum. The company has always been tight-lipped about the product creation procedure, materials used and the scientific regulations governing the same. However, it does go all out to commemorate its achievements (so-called) and celebrate milestones with big and glitzy posts. Given below is one such post which reportedly celebrates its 15th anniversary (in the year 2013). 


The second product created by the couple was Transfer Factor Plus, essentially the same product although they integrated a blend that was Cordyvant into the same. This was also made to offer immune system support along with increasing overall energy levels and well-being. By the year 2002, the company launched several other products in the health and wellness categories. Numerous complaint have surfaced about the materials used for making these products and their overall impact on health. Some people have been severely damaged internally after using these products although their reviews have mysteriously vanished within hours of being posted while positive reviews and recommendations also mysteriously spring up just at the right time as it seems! 

The company always stated that all products have well-researched ingredients but does not clearly reveal their scientific and regulatory aspects. The next product line-up post 2002 was heavily geared towards workout protein and multi-vitamins which are anyway making waves globally for the last two decades or so. The company only has a very basic timeline for launches of its products and does not give any information about how the business actually started. 

The quality of products made by 4Life Research LLC is questionable to say the least! The company has already made several false claims and hence in the year 2004, the FDA has stated that the company was asked to remove all such health claims from its products since these claims would lead to their products or supplements being classified as drugs. The company only states that they have a huge team for research and development comprising of doctors and scientists. They also have their own (possibly fictional) health sciences advisory board to ensure quality as they say themselves. However, final details including research types, ingredients, process of creation and so on are never divulged which has led many to believe that a shady operation is going on. Several people have already complained about the effects of 4Life Research LLC, only to be hushed up. God knows what they are putting into their products states one person who has personally been bearing the effects of life-long sluggishness and nausea ever since she took 4Life Research LLC’s multivitamin product. 

The company does not provide any details and it is not known whether they adhere to rules and regulations. The research that is being talked about may ultimately be done by some random independent agency and the same goes for testing. Additionally, several people feel that products are really overpriced and this points at the company’s greed to earn money at the cost of people’s health and probably their lives. 4Life Research LLC also has a solid plan in place to lure distributors and goad them into making false claims to meet sales targets. Direct selling is done by distributors who also recruit more people to sell these products. The entire pyramid network thrives on commission and this leads to the costly prices of 4Life Research LLC products. Distributors have to invest an amount initially and then buy products from the company at wholesale rates. The difference between the sale price and wholesale price is earned by the distributor in question. There have been several reports and reviews issued in the past about 4Life Research LLC running a scam or a fraudulent multi-level marketing pyramid scheme which lures distributors into selling more by promising them money which is anyway meagre and also by cheating consumers with these claims and possibly doing more damage to them than they realize at the moment. 


Other investigations conducted 

An organization TINA.org did an investigation on the activities of 4Life Research LLC which was then making Transfer Factor products and supplements and it discovered how the marketing campaign was hugely deceptive and was intentionally being deployed by the distributors and the company personnel alike. TINA.org went ahead and compiled a whopping 140 examples of claims relating to treatment of diseases and overall health that were not substantiated with medical proof in 4Life Research LLC products. They were making dangerously tall claims about curing symptoms related to autism, diabetes, dengue, Tourette syndrome, Down syndrome, ADD, influenza, cancer, shingles, Parkinson’s disease, leukaemia, leprosy, heart ailments, HIV/AIDS, Barr virus, lupus, epilepsy and meningitis among others. 

Even a warning letter was dispatched by the guys at TINA.org in a brave effort to the team at 4Life Research LLC in the year 2016 stating these findings and asking the company to fix the situation immediately. The company also responded with supposed action taken on the basis of the letter. TINA.org may or may not have been satisfied with the reply garnered from 4Life Research LLC. You can check out the full story here- 


4Life Research LLC is not just about dangerously making health claims with ineffective products. Sometimes it strays into other fraudulent territory as well. One complainant writes online that he/she ordered a product and got the wrong one instead. Upon wishing to return the same for a replacement/refund, the company asked for a return authorization. However, it did not pick up any call and played a recorded message whenever the phone was picked up. There was no reply to emails as well which goes to show the fraudulent intentions of the company. Another complainant clearly states how the system for earning at 4Life Research LLC is also shady and does not really benefit distributors all that much. The promotions are really deceitful and misleading. There is no connection to reality. 

Whenever one wishes to be something more than a regular customer, payment has to be made irrespective of whether you can use the products or won’t be able to. MLM companies only look to get more distributors on board and take their money as the initial investment. As a result, the end result is not very good at all. The prices and packaging is thus different globally and in some parts of the world, products are cheaper than the other. There is no uniform pricing policy. Packaging is fraudulently different across countries for essentially the same product in order to tweak around with prices and cheat unsuspecting customers. The products are hugely overpriced by all means and this probably pays for the shiny benefits enjoyed by people at the top of the pyramid. 

The entire system is fraudulent and is tailored to get you paying for a long time before you actually start earning money. You will not be able to cheat the system; 50% of new distributors that you will be enrolling have to be present in the direct down-line which is the first level of just 2% commission from sales. This system will only be financing the fraudulent people at the top of the chain or the top company executives who are only interested in getting more money out of the pockets of people, both customers and distributors. With people stopping enrolment, the entire system will come crashing down which may happen soon enough. As can be seen, the pricing strategy is totally designed to lure the customer unknowingly into paying more. The packaging is cleverly tweaked as well to get the money flowing. At the same time, distributors are milked and exploited through a complex network to ensure profits keep coming in for the people at the top of the pyramid. This means that distributors do not also earn as much as they originally thought they would. Additionally, there is the shady activity of coming out with false advertisements and claims about curing so many products without backing up the same with medical proof and details of research, ingredients, doctors and so on. 

The company conceals everything and only reveals a glitzy side that is bereft of any real details. God knows how they have been able to thrive without being regulated or coming under the scanner of authorities. Even when they have, they have managed to gloss it over with something else, rarely being called out for their lack of medical proof and how dangerously they are luring customers with false claims to fill their own pockets, not just in the United States but also throughout the world. How many paid reviews will it take and how much concealment will be required before the world puts its lens on 4Life Research LLC and starts doing some digging? This is what the company management should ask itself before they play around with people’s emotions and their health for their own selfish sake. 


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