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Published: 23 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Thinking about renting a short term or long term rental from www.4RentWeekly.com SlumLords in Arizona ?, take my advice and save yourself the trouble, pain, stress and headache and simply don’t do it, move on and find and another place to rent, in case you did not get that clearly let me put in another form, here’s the revised statement “Run, don’t walk from this place” or any of there locations, including : Palm Shadows 4RentWeekly Phoenix Central 1350 E Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85014 602-264-7260 www.4RentWeekly.com Siesta Palms 4RentWeekly Phoenix Northwest 2541 W Georgia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85017 602-242-5002 www.4RentWeekly.com Twin Palms 4RentWeekly Phoenix West 4323 N 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85017 602-242-1387 www.4RentWeekly.com All owned by: CaliberCos Inc. Caliber – The Wealth Development Company 16074 N. 78th St. Ste. B-104 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-295-7600 www.caliberco.com/contact/ They dupe investors into investing into their slumlord dive apartments by billing themselves out as an investment company that specializes in Hotels u2022 Apartments u2022 Office u2022 Self-Storage u2022 Single Family Residential u2022 Private Lending What do you have to be first in order to qualify to rent an apartment from 4rentweekly.com ? , first you have to be incredibly ignorant, that and or incredibly stupid. That is unless you enjoy having the4rentweekly.com maintenance and cleaning crew screaming at you and slamming doors in your face on property at their leasing office, normally this happens right in front of their leasing agents, which in turn obviously lends itself to the fact that this place 4rentweekly.com stinks from the head down, from their corporate to their on-site management. This is clearly the case in that at any normal workplace corporate structure, stressing on the word normal this type of behavior would simply not be tolerated, but for some strange reason at 4rentweekly.com the tail appears to wag the dog because obviously the maintenance and cleaning personnel there have zero fear of reprisal and without a doubt absolutely zero fear of losing their employment for screaming at or slamming doors in the face of paying customers that help to pay their salaries. From my personal experience of what I gathered from my 3-month stay there is that where as in a normal rental office of any apartment complex the maintenance and cleaning personnel are normally managed by the office personnel of the rental office, but not at the 4rentweekly.com properties, instead the maintenance and cleaning personnel are allowed to treat rent paying tenants with dis-respect and with no consequences. I personally had the Blonde-Haired maintenance personal scream at me “Can’t you read”, mind you that this was done in the rental office in front of their alleged rental blonde female rental agent to no reprise. This comes as no surprise to me because the same blonde female agent made me pay $20.00 dollars for a replacement electronic gate key, of which I was told by the same female that if I returned it I would receive my $20.00 refunded back, never happen, was told that it’s a fee even after I returned not only the replacement card, but also the original card of which I had found, still no return of my $20.00, After reaching my limit of being screamed at by maintenance and cleaning personnel I gave my notice and moved out of these dysfunctional apartments that no one should live at or be subject to the disorder that is there, if you doubt my word simply view their less than great reviews: yelp.com/biz/4rentweekly-phoenix-central-phoenix-4 That was also not a typo, yes not only did I have the maintenance person screaming at me, the same maintenance person that failed to repair the towel rack my unit, even after two months of waiting, but I also had their black clean-up guy screaming at me about where and I can and cannot park, then this same black guy attempting to slam the rental office door in my face while yet another rental agent was right there in our presence, point-in-case again that the rental agents are not viewed as management by the maintenance or cleaning personnel in that they do not fear any or what-so-ever consequences of mistreating rent paying tenants. This same black guy had previously pour his heart out to me one day while I was doing my laundry as to how he was abandoned by his Mother as a child and had lived at the property for over 16-years and have been the clean-up guy for each of the four companies that have owned the property over the last 16-years, or as he put it to me, he’s a “Permanent Fixture”, thus the feeling empowered behavior out of him and his not fearing any consequences from management. Or as www.4rentweekly.com put it to me, he’s not the clean-up guy, he’s the “Groundskeeper”, I gave my notice and moved out within the next week after noticing that not only was the Blond maintenance guy that yelled insulting racial remarks at me was still employed there, but also the Black clean-up guy was also there, both of whom I had reported not only to the on-site rental office, but had also took time out of my busy day and went to the Caliber Company corporate office and also reported them, in the end a complete waste of time, which was my indicator that obviously www.4rentweekly.com and their parent company cared not as to how their maintenance and cleaning personnel treated their rent paying tenants, it was time find another place to live, of which I done with great urgency as fast as I could. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Thinking about renting a short term or long term rental from www.4RentWeekly.com in Arizona ?, take my advice and save yourself the trouble, pain, stress and headache and simply don’t do it, move on and find and another place to rent, in case you did not get that clearly let me put in another form, here’s the revised statement “Run, don’t walk from this place” or any of there locations ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Ashtrays are never emptied and the furniture has cigarette burns (see pics below), upon asking the clean-up boy about emptying the same ashtray outside my door that had not been emptied for over 2-months, his response was, “When I find time”, incredible, never happen. Being a serious non-smoker this of course bothered me, and to add insult to injury I also continued to ask for the cigarette burned chair in my unit to be removed, as I told them I would prefer to not have any chair in my unit than a cigarette burned chair in my unit making me aware daily that I’m living in a dive apartment, again, never happen, fell on deaf ears, even after I went and had a meeting with their corporate management in Scottsdale at Caliber Wealth Management company at CaliberCo. You should feel good about where you lay your head at and call “Home”, I guarantee you that if you rent an apartment from www.4RentWeekly.com that will not be the feeling you have, instead you will regret having to even come home after a hard work day, much less having to confront the blond female in the office that appears to get her jollies via reaming her tenants a new a-hole each and every time she sees them, a terrible terrible horrible place to live.

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