6th Planet Used Parts, Top Notch Auto

6th Planet Used Parts, Top Notch Auto

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was out in Iraq with the Marine Corps and when I got home I wanted to modify my 97 Saturn SC2. I found Mr. Cutrone on the internet and began talking with him and Melissa during the rest of my tour. The first visit I had with Mr. Cutrone was a great visit. The took my automatic transmission and installed a manual with a stage two racing cluth and a short shifter. He mounted my front, aftermarket, bumper and installed my two racing seats. He did this all in about 4 days and I paid $1,900. Great deal for all the work that he had done so far. So with this in mind I was going to have Joe do the rest for me. I had to head back to my base in NC b/c my leave from Iraq was over. While I was up there Mr. Cutrone and I talked about installing a different type of engine. Perhaps a Ion Redline engine, but, conveniently, there was an 05 Scion TC engine with 10,000 miles on it. He started going into this whole thing about how he would have to have a wiring harness custom built and some other things to do with the engine so that it would mount properly when installed. Since Joe did such a great job for me in the past, when he asked me for the $3,000 up front so he can go ahead and get the wiring harness ordered and start preparing the engine for me, I went and got a loan and sent him the money. Exciting. Next he called and said that he’s going to need $4,000 dollars more for the Scion TC engine. So we’re talking about $7,000 now. I was young and stupid but I learned the hard way. It shouldn’t be like that though. So there were no estimates given to me at all. I didn’t know that I would need one and Mr. Cutrone never mentioned it to me. So it’s my word against his. Now I was honorable discharged from the Marine Corps and moved back to Florida. I had my car to him the first week I was home. I waited 2 weeks before giving him a call. He told me that he just moved the car into the shop and was getting ready to work on it and that the wiring harness should be arriving any day. Cool! Two more weeks go by, still nothing!!! So we’re at a month now. Two more weeks go by and I give him another phone call, this time I’m not too happy. He snaps at me dropping quite a few F Bombs and tells me that he doesn’t appreciate the way that I’m talking to him. I really don’t care. He had my car for 6 weeks at this point and from what I’m picturing, nothing is happening to my car. So on the 8th week I finally go over there, I live about 45 minutes west of him and with no car it was kinda hard to get out there. I show up and he didn’t do a d**n thing to my car except install an instrument panel, which he was supposed to do the first time I was there. He charged me for that, which we had never talked about installing on this visit. Honestly I’d forgotten about the instrument panel. So then he gives me the bill. and it was for $8,400. So I owed him $1,400? For what? I looked at the bill. He charged me for his time in making the phone calls on a wiring harness that wasn’t there. $85 an hour and for time searching for parts on the internet. While I was there I wanted to see my Scion TC engine. The engine looked like it had fallen out of a truck into a mud puddle. So Mr. Cutrone and myself get into it. He told me that if I didn’t take my car with me he was going to start charging me $50 a day and I still owed him money. He made me think that I had no case with the law because I didn’t have any estimates. So I’m still not too sure about that but I was up the river with no paddle and $7,000 dollars in debt on two seperate loans. I told him that I wasn’t going to install the engine and asked if I was going to get a full refund for the Scion TC engine that he swore to me he could put in, I can’t tell you how many times he mentions about how he rebuilt 300Z’s either, Mr. Cutrone basically told me that the engine was mine and I was going to have to figure how to get rid of it. We came to an agreement that they would keep the engine at their shop and try and sell it for me. About 6 months later I came out with a truck and picked the engine up. I sold it about 3 months later for half the price I paid for it. Mr. Cutrone, I believe in Karma, and buddy, you have yours coming to you. It took me a year to pay off those loans, living paycheck to paycheck to make sure I got them paid off. Travis Godley, TexasU.S.A.

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