9220 4254 Quebec Inc

9220 4254 Quebec Inc

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

AVOID AT ALL COSTS doing business with this company!!!!! Methods of contact where they advertise Ebay- Mario7971 website- www.directauto-parts.com Toll free- 866-322-4423 Email- [email protected] This company used to operate as “Direct Auto parts” they changed their name to 9220 4254 Quebec inc because they had so many issues like this and no one wanted to do business with them. -When it comes to ordering sam will send you pics of an engine that looks great, however when it shows up it is completely different! -He will give you a time-frame and say it’s reday to go-however he will delay PU’s and make excuses based on the fact that he has to order in the product but didn’t want to lose a sale. We would have 2-3 PU’s missed each time we ordered an engine -He WILL NOT hold up on his end of the warranty. When engines were received they were absolute junk and needed certain parts etc. Sam would always have an excuse as to why he wasn’t responsible -He will make an agreement with you on a deal, and then last minute change his mind. Then yet again after agreeing to that, he would change it again and speak as if you hadn’t had a previous conversation regading the situation (Bi-polar maybe). -His tactics are completely un-ethical and alarming to say the least. He has costed us many upon many customers business due to his lack thereof. -Upon shipping product out we would ask that pics be taken to show how the product left before shipping to avoid claim issues. This was rarely done and then when claims came up, again it was never his fault as he swears the motor was in great shape when it left. -I personally have been on the receiving end of product shipped from Direct Auto, and was completely is aw as to how it was packaged and looked compared to the pics he sent before hand. Here is a sample email sent to sam regarding an engine recently that we had sever issues with: Mon 28/02/2018 9:55 AM ‘DirectAutoParts’ <[email protected]> Sam, We have a problem and Paige will be calling you today to sort out a solution. I found the pictures of the 5.9L that you had on hold to ship to us when you left for your family emergency. It is totally different than the engine received. There is no bell housing or flywheel, and the most interesting is that the engine pictured did not have the serial number and engine ID tag on it. The engine that we have received does. The turbo on the engine pictured was removed, the turbo on the engine received had never been removed. Itu2019s like the engine that the guys said they accidently sold was sold and you found this to ship out to us. Regardless this engine is no good to us at all, it we want an engine of the same quality as pictured not a rusted out heap. There is a freight claim for the damaged oil pan which will be paid to you. To sum it up I would STRONGLY reccomend NEVER doing business with this company!!!!!

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Scammer and Con Artist

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