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A-1 Auto Glass

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Published: 29 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I called A1 because after calling around for quotes they were the cheapest and their website said they did same day installation which was great because I was in a bind and needed to have my windshield replaced asap. (I was already missing a day of work that Friday because I couldn’t drive with my windshield smashed) So I used their website around noon to book an appointment for that day (Friday) thinking everything would be good. First off, they did not come on Friday, we waited all day and they never showed up! They called @ 8am Saturday morning and said that they’d be out between 9 and 10 like nothing was wrong! We agreed, because honestly we just needed our windshield fixed on the double. The installer showed up and was rude. We were told that they would not have to replace the trim if it was not glued in and that if they did it would be $30 extra. My fiance stood at the car and began peeling the trim off with his finger and it came off easily with only his finger (obviously no glue) that’s when the installer informed him from 10 feet away that the trim would have to be replaced because it was glued in. My fiance showed him that it was not in fact glued in and asked politely if he could try to reuse the trim. That’s when he got an attitude and said “either I can use new trim or I could put it in with out any trim, how would you like that?” I was inside and my fiance came in to tell me what had happened. I went outside to talk to the man, only to find my windshield on the ground with all of the trim cut off. I asked him why and he said that he had to cut the trim off to get the window out and that’s why he couldn’t reuse it. I just thought “First it was glued in when it wasn’t and that was the reason that he couldn’t reuse it and then after he cut it out he obviously couldn’t reuse it!” Then the installer informed me that it would be an extra $40 for the trim, not $30! My fiance called up the company to complain about the installer’s attitude and the price discrepancy. He spoke with someone named Doug who was condescending and gave him a lot of bs about why things had to be done this way at this price, I took the phone from him and Doug was so busy talking that it took me 5 times saying “Excuse me Sir.” (in a very different female voice) before he would stop talking long enough to get two words in. I tried to make a complaint with him, but he just talked down to me and kept spouting bs so I asked for his manager. He said that George would be in within the hour. George called back within 1 minute and he was even worse than the other two. He kept trying to tell me that “this is how it is” I told him that this is his business and that he should want to work things out because his customers do not pay to have some rude man come to their house a day late and then get the run around. I said that I did not want someone coming to my house and then being an a*****e to my family for no reason. That’s when he said that I should tell the installer to leave because they don’t want my business! WTF! They come a day late, charge me more than my quote, are rude to my family and then they have the nerve to get pissed at me because I was understandably upset! BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! In the end we got screwed over and they got our money because they knew we were desperate and I think that is despicable!Original Quote for Windshield: $238.17Original Quote for Trim: $30.00Total: $268.17Amount paid without any changes or problems for windshield: $273.00Amount paid without any changes or problems for trim: $40.00Total: $313.00Total Discrepancy in Price: $44.83Next time I will just be more patient and use Safelite. In the end it cost me more to use A1 and I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation!Also, when we went back to leave a review on their google maps listing, they have reviews disabled, the two addresses that we could find for them do not exist and the only way to contact them is through their 877 number on their website! Please take note not to repeat my mistake and find a reputable company that actually has an address and employs real people so that if there is a problem you have somewhere to turn.

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