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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am filing this report on this website in order to help fellow car owners who may plan to transport their car at some point in life. I have had nightmare experience while trying to transport my car with the help of A-1 Auto Transport. I personally would like to blame Cherie Morse who lied to me for 10 consecutive days with regards to status of my car. I found about A-1 transport through a search engine. I searched for “A1 transport” for customers review over the newsgroups. I didn’t find any reviews. The reason, as you may have noted, I unknowingly removed “-” between “A” & “1”. This small mistake cost me 10 days of heartaches and headaches. I hired A-1 auto transport to ship car from Houston to California. I was rushed to drop off car by Friday 5 pm at the following address as the truck was supposed to be there on weekends. 1803 Sheffield Blvd Houston, TX. 77015 I didn’t have an alternate car. I had to request one my friends to drive from one corner of the city to the terminal on that day. In the following week, I called Cherie to follow up. I was told that the truck has not yet reached Texas. I will be picked up in next 2 days. When I called back, Cherie told me the truck will take another 2 days. She informed that it is confirmed by their dispatcher. Eventually, I went back to internet to find about this company one more time. This time, I typed “A-1 Auto Transport”, and guess what I found at least 15 documented experiences people across the United States had in the past. Some of the people really suffered due to A-1 Auto Transport’s way of business. I also contacted one of the people who posted one of the Ripoff Scamss. He strongly advised me to cancel the order and ship the car with the other transport company. I didn’t listen to him. I called up Cherie and gave an ultimatum to give the deadline to pick up the vehicle or I will cancel the order. I was told that if I do so I will not get any money back. The deadline was Monday following the week. I spent all weekend with anxious feeling for not listening to the person who suggested me to cancel the order. On Monday, Cherie (((ROR REDACTED FULL NAME FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) again tried to lie to me. I told her no more. I would like to cancel the order. She transferred me to Tracey. I told her in plain words that I would like to cancel my order. I went to the terminal above and got my car back. Imagine after 11 days, the car was sitting in Houston only. I had made at least 25 calls and 5 emails to Cherie to know the status of my car, I was lied all the time. After exactly a week, Cherie called me whether I took my car back. She told me I am in big trouble as I am not supposed to take my car back. I knew why I was called after a week and not immediately. I had filed a dispute with my credit card company who may have contacted A1 Auto Transport. The terminal in Houston confirmed cancellation of my order with A-1 Auto Transport before allowing me take my car back. I have not yet received my money. I am not going to worry if I loose the money. I only hope that every car owners see this and numerous other posts before deciding to do business with “A1 Auto Transport”. A final note, I had to ship my car to California on an urgent basis to avoid the hardship to the person in California who has to walk 3 miles everyday to catch a bus. At one point, I told this fact to Cherie. But, it didn’t affect her way of doing business. I think employees at A-1 Auto transport have become inhuman along with their owners. PLEASE DO NOT TRANSPORT YOUR CAR WITH A1 AUTO TRANSPORT; IT WILL BE EASIER TO DRIVE 40 HRS THAN SPENDING 40 HRS SPENDING ON PHONE TO TALK TO THE MOST DISHONEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS IN THE AMERICA. (((ROR REDACTED EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) Thomas Houston, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on A-1 Auto CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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