A Aable rental cars

A Aable rental cars

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I called A Aable car rentals because I was in need of a rental to get to and from work while my car was in the shop, all the other rental car places were out of cars I suppose because of the holiday. I spoke to whom I assume is the owner and asked very specific questions about the price, deposits, mileage etc.. He told me that I would pay a 250 dollar deposit and 39.95 per day that is it! I make my way down there and arrive at what looks like a junk yard with some decent suv’s on one side and some very very old cavaliers and taurus’s on the other. I walk in to the little shack of a building and proceed to tell the man at the counter that we had just spoken and that I would like to rent a car. Without even acknowledging me, he asks an old man to go grab a car, then asks for my drivers license and 250 dollars. I then asked him what car id be getting and he told me “one of the cars out in front” I then asked if they were reliable because id be commuting a long way to and from work. He responded with “The car will be fine” I proceeded to hand him my license and money and he then hands me folded paper to sign, all that I could see was the 250 dollar deposit and the rate per day. Me being the trusted consumer that I am went ahead and signed. He then handed me a key and said “have a nice day”. I felt rushed out, so I asked “Thats it, no extra fees?, information, fine print I should know about?” He said nope and walked away. So I did the same; when I got outside i looked at the ford taurus they had pulled up for me, it was old, dirty and smelled really bad. I thought about going back in and asking for a different car but they all looked about the same. I drove off and about 15 min into driving home I decided to look at this so called contract once more and lull and behold there was a 100 mile a day limit and a 75 cent charge per mile that you go over. I immediately dialed the man again and got no answer, I went back and no one was there, so I decided to just head home and that I would deal with it the next day. The next day I called and asked the an why he hadnt specified the milieage limit when I asked and he said that I never asked about mileage specifically”! He then said I could come down to change my contract and make it a unlimited option for a higher rate per day. I asked if i needed to bring anything he said No and hung up. When I arrived a hispanic man that hardly spoke english proceeded to add up the miles I had gone over ( It was at about 143 miles) and told me that I had used up all my deposit and that I would need an extra 350 dollar deposit on top of the higher rate. I told him that i had spoken with the owner and he said he would simply convert my contract, and mentioned nothing of charging me for miles already driven,just then the owner walked in and I proceeded to plead with him and he cut me off and began to call me an “imbasol, an idiot, a broke fool. A retard a c**t and a slew of other derogatory terms. I became enraged and began to yell and curse right back. I wound up leaving there paying 250 dollars for about 14 hours of use and for a car that had zero power steering , almost causing an accident and terrible breaks. On top of the most rude man Ive ever come in contact with, this place was one of the worst experiences Ive ever had. I cant understand how hes still in business.

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