A And R Auto Parts, EAP, European Auto Parts, EurAsian Parts, Mike Reimann, Jeff Reimann

A And R Auto Parts, EAP, European Auto Parts, EurAsian Parts, Mike Reimann, Jeff Reimann

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Published: 05 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was desperatly looking for an engine for my jeep grand cherokee and I got the number to this auto parts. I called and a guy name Miky answered and said he did have one available for me with 55,000 miles. It is in great shape he said. He mentioned he could deliver it to my home within a few days since we are not so far away from his work place.I headed down that day and payed him in full for hte engine $1600. He gave me a reciept and wrote down he would deliver it in 5 days. Well the five days went by and no engine. I called him and he would give me excuses of how the person that would be delivering it was out of town and that they didnt have a truck available and blah blah blah.. Well I ended up going down there after he stopped answering my calls. I would call all of the four numbers he had given me and no answer. Finally after 3 weeks later I went down there and picked up the engine. We had made an agreement of an exchange. he would take my old broken engine after we had installed the one he had sold to me. My uncle installed the engine for me and just like many of you it had this noise. I called him and he said to run it a few hundred miles to see if it would go away. It didnt. So I took my car down there because he was going to have Roman the mechanic guy look into it. They kept it for about a week and called me to tell me it was ready. When I went to pick it up that afternoon Mike was not there neither was Jeff or Roman some guy I hadnt seen before handed me my keys. I turned my jeep on and it sounded worse! I called him and told him. He said he would take it to someone else so I took my jeep to him once again same thin happened the noise got louder and louder as the days went by. I ended up calling him to ask him when they were planning on picking up the broken engine and he did the same thing he gave me dates and never showed up or would send other people that would just drive by but never tried to take the engine. I went down there again and made came to an arrangement with him to pick up the engine by Feb.25,2016 or he would refund me my money. I made him sign a paper saying this. That day came around and he didnt pick it up. I called and called and nothing until one day he sent one of the guys to pick it up but I made that guy sign a paper as well with the day and time and name and that he got sent by Mike to pick up the engine. until today he has not resolved my problem but my sister is a lawyer and thanks to one of the reports I read after researching we are going against him and doing everything we can to get my money back. All of this started in November of 2008. I have left him messages like crazy but I dont care! if he has done this to many people we need to stop him. I will be going to his work place as many times as I need and I will get my money back! If I can help anyone providing the numbers he is using now let me know as well as how to get to his shop because it is really hidden! Maria Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.

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