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Published: 09 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These people at A-Check Global are incredibly unprofessional. I work in the aviation industry and extensive 5 year background checks are necessary every time someone is considered for employment. I have had to deal with A-Check’s incompetence through background checks for other companies that wished to hire 2 former employees of ours. Apparently their new prospective employers used A-Check. Because this industry falls under the supervision of the FAA, there are very specific forms and protocols that must be followed. The first time our company was contacted by these people, they neglected to fill in ANY of their contact information on the FAA forms they sent me. These forms must be filled out in their entirety and signed by the applicant to be valid. I am only permitted to send the information to the contact information on the form. I had to get an in-person verbal confirmation from the former employee and jump through hoops to help them out. | The second time, A-check sent us forms that clearly weren’t signed by the applicant they were researching. The FAA forms (which again clearly state that they are invalid unless signed and dated by the applicant) had “signatures” that were very obviously just typed in a script font through Adobe. I felt bad for the former employee / applicant and called the A-Check guy personally to let him know that these forms needed to actually be signed by the applicant in order to be valid. At this point the A-Check employee became belligerent with me, insisting that the applicant signed the papers. When I pointed out that the applicant was obviously a former employee of ours and that as a result we had their signature on file, he got nastier. Finally, when I made it clear that the forms were NOT valid as they were and would create compliance issues with the FAA as well as violate HIPPA, the A-Check employee agreed (rudely and reluctantly) to email the applicant and request their signature on the documents. | Both of the applicants in the above situations were beyond exasperated with the A-Check guy they were forced to deal with. I was losing my patience with him after two short encounters. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the poor applicants that have to interact with A-Check in order to secure employment. In short? If you can avoid this company, do so. There are MANY others out there that will do a better job in a shorter amount of time. Check their online reviews before contracting with them.

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