A Eastern Connection - AutoTrail - V&C Warehouse

A Eastern Connection - AutoTrail - V&C Warehouse

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

A FEW FACTS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO TRANSPORT A CAR: A Eastern Connection (AEC) is the new name of Autotrail/Auto Trail, which has many complaints here on Ripoff Scams.com. Same Owners, same address, same scam.(I have seen a couple of their contracts that had a Jericho NY address but they are still based in Bayville, NY) These people do not OWN any trucks and they take pleasure is ripping off prospective clients who wish to ship their cars via truck from point A to Point B. The way the scam works is that you either call to get a quote or ask for a quote via the internet. Sadly, most people look at the PRICE when deciding who to choose to ship their car. AEC makes it seem that they own the trucks when they are really just a broker. A good broker knows many trucking companies and will work hard to find a trucking company that will fit your needs. This is NOT the case with AEC. When first requesting the quote, you will be treated with professionalism and you will be promised a two to three day window for the pick up of your car. There are several problems with this though. Many carriers will not haul cars for this company because they do not pay their bills. Also, as an example, you might pay $650 for the transport but AEC will offer the carrier a whopping $325 to move it. The majority of carriers don’t even want to bother as it is not worth their time or fuel to move a car for that amount. One they have you locked in and no one shows up for your car and you start calling frantic (or even if you are calm) one of two things will happen: #1) You will be lied to with a story of the truck breaking down or is behind schedule or something that may even be believable, just to put you off for a few days. ~~OR~~ #2) a very nasty man who may use an alias, but his real name is GREG, will come on the phone and do his best to intimidate you by screaming and cursing at you and possibly even threatening you. If you want to cancel, he doesn’t care because they have a clause where they make $250 just for taking the order if you cancel. Even worse, IF your car is already on a truck, he may threaten to not tell you where the car is (and in many states, the police will not get involved as a theft for so many days because you GAVE the car to the driver) or he will have the carrier place the car in a holding yard just to rack up more charges for you to pay. According to the AEC web site, this company claims to be a member of the FBAA (Fair Business Association of America) which if you take the time to research here on Ripoff Scams.com, you will find they are just another scam company that covers for companies such as AEC. According to the AEC web site: they have been in business for 17 years. The owners have been in business longer than that but AEC has not been in business that long. They also claim to be ICC Bonded and that they conform to ICC pricing regulations, even though the Federal Government disbanded the ICC many years ago. They also claim to offer “Door to Door” service. Most larger transport truckers will NOT come to your home as it would risk damage to their truck as well as any cars on it. Most carriers ask that you meet at a shopping center, large parking lot or tow yard. They also claim “Telephone Scheduling 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week” but you will not be able to reach them 24/7 and even if they wanted to help you out, they cannot reach the majority of truckers or carriers 24/7. Keep in mind that all actual carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance by Federal Law and you should not have to pay extra for insurance. You also should ship your personal items separate from the car, insurance is for damage to your car, it will not cover claims of theft. Auto Carriers are not licensed to carry your personal belongings. Paying extra for “expedited service” is just extortion and should not be charged or paid. You also should not pay any type of inspection fee as any legitimate carrier will inspect the car with you upon pick up and go over it again upon delivery. While Ripoff Scams will not allow other sites to be listed, just do a search and you will find review websites that will show you the complaints. Your best bet to find an honest transporter is to ask friends or neighbors who they have used. You will hear the good and bad stories and those will be the best way to decide who to use. No matter what a pain it can be, do NOT sign any paperwork without reading all the fine print. AEC provides plenty of clauses that protect themselves while leaving you wide open for heartache. INSIST on a written contract with no blank spaces left before you sign and agree to anything. PLEASE, do not just pick the most affordable,as this can be a case of you get what you pay for. If you have elderly parents/grandparents, please assist them in obtaining transport as AEC really should be charged with crimed against the elderly as they prey on “s****. /> Jeanne Cape Coral, FloridaU.S.A.

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