A Foreign Affair

A Foreign Affair

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Published: 06 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

SCAM. Overall absolutely a scam. They operate under the guise of fairness and probably convince themselves, at some level that they are legit, but they are not. I have corresponded with women on this site and I have been on a tour and visited 3 Socials.First of all. Letter writing is total BS. Management knows this and this piece is the most lucrative part of their business model. It is also a red flag and represents the core of this organizations lack of ethics. As many have read here, many women are fake, don’t write their own letters etc.Travel. I went on a tour. It is overpriced and not well run but it was not terrible. And you could use it as a way to visit a country you would have never visited otherwise. The Socials are fun in that you walk into a room with 100 women and you are in a group of 20 guys, many social misfits. So if you have any game, you can meet many interested women. The problem is that there may be 2 or 3% that are serious about meeting someone for marriage. What they ARE serious about, is having you buy them expensive meals while you are there (they get a cut from the restaurant) and using an interpreter, who is their friend (and they get a cut of the $20/hour) and just have a grand old time hanging out with their interpreter girlfriend while some older dude is paying for everything. I was there. This is the norm, not an exception.My comments are real and true. I expect a plant from AFA will chime in and negate my comments, but do trust me. I was there. Several of the girls that work for AFA regionally and only work the dating room or “war room” as they call it confirmed my suspicions early on. The women at the Socials can earn more money in 1 or 2 dinner dates with you (restaurant cut + interpreter cut) than they can earn in a month and sometimes two at their jobs. Word gets out, and AFA uses regional offices to advertise this way. So they have nothing to lose. And sure, they all know the longshot of meeting their dream man and that is a real option, but they are there to play and make some $$$.So in summary, AFA is definitely operating unethically and providing misinformation. AFA knows the reality of their letter writing (scam 95% of the time) and that women in the Socials are there for meals, a gifts, or to maybe even get an allowance or a new phone once the man leaves (after being scammed at restaurants and interpreter cuts) as they play like the love him and want him to visit again soon. But AFA is making a mint. This is the reality. They should be ashamed. Or better yet sued. If the saying “what goes around comes around” is true, they have many bad days ahead.

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