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Published: 17 October 2019

Posted by: BlueJean

A&G Custom Sound and Auto in E. Los Angeles is unethical with their method of acquiring sales from consumers. In addition, their lack of interest in Customer satisfaction is evident immediately after you sign the loan agreement. I wanted to purchase some new rims for my car and went to their shop on Whittier Blvd. to inquire on payment options etc…Unfortunately the only option available to me was alternative financing through my checking account. I informed Myra that I would think about it and would let them know. A few days later I received a phone call from them encouraging me to try the alternative financing so I agreed and chose the rims that I wanted based on a photo. I was eager to buy some rims and Myrna the loan rep. was so helpful and pleasant thatI felt comfortable to move forward. I then asked how much the rims were, she referred me to Javier the salesman and said the he would help me in that area. When the approval came through for theAlternative financing ; Myra still could not give me a total nor could Jay. Needless to say I was dissappointed because I thought that I would be driving off in my new car with my new rims. This is because they lead me to beleive that they had plenty in stock. I was then informed that if I wanted the rims I had to sign the agreement which I would then be committed to. I thought this was strange without giving me a total amount but figured they would not go over the amount ofthe loan for 1, 100 dollars. In fact, Jay sensed my hesitation to sign and quickly set my mind at ease by ensuring that he would see to it that I did not max outthe loan, so I signed the papers. In the event that the rims of my choice were not available I was asked to select 3 additional sets of rims so I did. The next day Jay informs me that none of the rims I chose were available but recommended some alternatives. When the rims arrived I drove to the shop and asked Jay if I could see them before he installed them. Jay strongly recommended that I wait until they were installed. I later found out why. Meanwhile I go to complete the paper work with Myra and this is when I realized just how unscrupulous this company operates. First I was informed that the cost was 1, 075.00 just 25.00 dollars short of the maximum loan. Second, Myra asks me to sign the rest of the documents barely allowing me time to read the fine print before pushing another paper in front of me. Nonetheless as I read further I realize how thisalternative financing works. Basically, they withdraw 75.00 dollars out of my checking account every two weeks for 1 year. I was very disappointed that she had not clued me in on the advantages or disadvantages for this type of loan but then again she wouldn’t even give me the totals until I committed myself. To make matters worse her attitude was not as pleasant and very unapproachable. Soon after I began to realize the type of company ethics I was dealing with. It was obvious that this type of practice was not only accepted but probably encouraged by management. Customer Satisfaction should be a priority and is a requirement for most companies operating under ISO Certification. I will certainly investigate what guidelines this type of company operates under including regulatory requirements if any. Nevertheless, I went to see the rims on the car while it was on the hydraulic lift and realized that the rims were not fit for a BMW and did not look as good on as they did in the photo. I let Jay know that I was not happy with rims and asked if there was anything he could do to accommodate. The lack of effort by Jay and Myra were discouraging to say the least. He cited that it was too late because the rims were already mounted. At this point I remembered how he tried to encourage me not to look at the rims until they were mounted and asked him why. In other words he wanted to mount them first so it would be impossible to return them. This is manipulative and conniving business practices and I personally would never refer anyone to this company. Furthermore, once I signed their papers my phone calls were not returned nor could I get any cooperation. This company’s standard of quality customer service is non-existent andCustomer Satisfaction is the least of their priorities. Apparently only Radio personality Big Boy Power 106 and star athletes such as Kobe Bryant are privileged to this type of customer service.

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