A+ Rent A Car

A+ Rent A Car

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Published: 08 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

It was a Sunday, My Son had not come home from work yet, ( he works the late night shift) I was worried. I received a call from him early morning. He was in Cocoa, about 45 minutes away, broke down. He had given a co-worker a ride to his parents house. Car was not starting at all, he was tired and frustrated, he said he tried to get it started several times and was awake most the night, he didnt call till morning, because he didn’t want to wake us at 4 am. He was worried. But he had my car, no other car available, no family around or they were at work, so I had to rent a car. I told him to stay where he was, and myself and his Dad would be there asap. I called 2 companies, they were closed, I could have used the Rental car companies open at the airport but they said it would be a long wait. I called A + Rent a Car, the rep. answered. I explained the situation, he said okay and I asked the total- He said 39.99, plus tax and fees. I said I need the total it came to 49.99. I needed to know because if low enough , I could use my bank card, higher would have to be a credit card. My Husband got a ride from a neighbor that was on the way to work. Once arrived the price was $108.99, My Husband called me- I said put him on the phone- This is what he told me: I am going to quote here “reps words are in quotation marks ” 1) “I never said 49.99” ( Yes, he did) 2.) “You have the emergeny, I am doing you a favor” (what a jerk to take advantage of this situation. “we dont rent daily” Your website says daily- “no it doesn’t” 3.) ” You HAVE to have the extra ins. coverage, you do not have a choice” But I have car rental insurance, full coverage as well) why dont I have a choice? 4) “Because it is an emergency to pick up your Son” What? 5) “I am going to give you a break- I take 10.00 off 98.99 take it or leave it.” I was fuming at this point, it was obvious he was taken advantage of the situation. But I said go ahead, thinking of my Son and him being strandand. 6) “And you HAVE to return the car today, if after 6:00 you pay a full day again.” what? So this is a 2 hour rental? Rep- “whatever, you turn in today” “we dont rent daily, I’m doing you a favor.” Your website says daily rentals, so does the facebook page- 7) “If you go over 150 miles, you will be charged mileage.” But the website, says free mileage. “We don’t go by the website, that is not us” But it says your name , same address., same location, same phone number. ” No I am different” I knew I was being scammed. But I didnt have a choice, I wanted to get our Son and get home. I spoke to my Husband, said just let it go for now, we just need to get our Son ( he had to work that night) and my Husband early the next morning, so I said just do this and then we will deal with ot later. 8) We got the car- it was nasty, not just dirty, nasty as in some sticky stuff on the seat, a smell of smoke, and trash all in the back seat. It was a PT Cruiser. I didnt care. Just needed to get this done. We got our car started, picked up our Son, went home, he explained everything, then went to sleep, because he had to work that night. Then we went back to the A+ rent a car. I mentioned the follwing: Car rentals are for 24 hours, not 2. The additional CDW is not mandatory as you claimed The price was 49.99 you quoted me You took advantage of us and our situation. Your website is you, under your address and the owner is the same. Your website says unlimited mileage, daily rentals,the price of the cars, open weekends. None of which you abided by. There isnt even a car that is 108.99 a day listed. No refund, no apology, only this.. ” I did you a favor. at that, I left, feeling so outraged. I called the owner left messages and nothing. Also, just a final note, the contract- the rep did not sign the contract crossed out the cdw (insurance) on my copy, his copy I paid and agreed for the insurance..( he made two diffrent copies while I was standing there, I could not beleive he was that obvious in his scam.) So how many obvious issues and scams did he pull? There was even a real possibility of illegal business conducted there. I have the originals and the credit card statement. I know I should have left , but I just wanted to get our Son home, make sure he was okay, the car was working, and this jerk, knew that-he took full advantage. Never rent from there again? They shouldn’t even be allowed to conduct business.

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