Aamco Frazier, Gary Boni

Aamco Frazier, Gary Boni

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Published: 30 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had the transmission rebuilt on my Honda at Aamco in Frazier , PA in January of 2011. I had to put it back in the shop in July of 2018 because the transmission started to act up again. The car was pausing and jumping when it switched gears again.So my car will have been there officially for 12 weeks as of September 30th, 2011(tomorrow). The transmission is still under warranty, so there is nothing that should have held up the repair process for 12 weeks. I already payed off the $3, 000 it cost to rebuild the transmission the first time it was fixed. Every week, the owner promises the car will not take longer than that Friday to be repaired..and of course it never is.During the 12 week span, I called at least one to two times a week to check on the status of my vehicle. I work 6-7 days a week and travel an hour to get to work. The owner called back once in 12 weeks to update me on the status of my car even though every message I left on his phone requested that he at least left a voicemail on my phone to update me on the status of the car. The one time he did call back, he left no voicemail.Corporate was no help either. The complaint form they have on their website that they ask you to use to contact them before making a complaint does nothing. The two or three responses I got out of my numerous comments on this contact form from their customer service were just “we apologize for the inconvience” and then informing me that they would email my complaint to the store owner. After the two responses to my complaints, they decided to ignore me completely and notrespond to the weekly complaints I woud put in about my car not being completed yet.I then contacted corporate through their main number 1-800-523-0401(which is not listed on their main website).They never pick up when you first call (more than likely screening calls so they can figure out which complaints they want to avoid or figure out how to deal with first). I then get a call back from one of their customer care agents. Gave the guy my complaint. He then agreed that the 11 weeks was too long for my car to be in a shop for a transmission I already payed for and had under warranty. He said he would call the manager of the shop to see what’s going on and call me back that same day or the next. The funny part is that it’s been 5 days and the agent from corporate has not called me back yet. I left him two messages already saying the same thing I said to the Frazier owner. I told him to call me back to update me and let me know what Aamco would do if my vehicle is not ready by Friday. Of course, just like the owner of the Aamco Frazier, PA shop, just like the contact us section of Aamco’s main web page for customer inquiries and complaints, there has been no effort to contact me about my car that they have had for 12 weeks. They just ignore you.Please do not go to this Aamco shop in Frazier, PA or any other Aamco as far as I am concerned. Their satellite offices obviously operate the same way corporate does. Corporate will do nothing to resolve the situation. The shop in Frazier will do nothing, especially if they already have your money and are working off of a warranty they provided.I initially rented a car because the owner Gary Boni said the car would not take more than a couple days to fix. Had to stoprenting cars because once I noticed he was giving me the same line every time I called about the car going to be ready in a few days. My commute to work was about an hour. It is now two hours up and two hours back since I am sharing my wife’s car and having to take her to work and pick her up after I’m done my shift. Now we’ve added many unnecessary extra miles and wear and tear on her car due to this situation. I used up vacation days trusting the owner’s word that the car would “only take a couple of days to fix”. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY AAMCO!!!It is utterly ridiculous that a company that specializes in transmission repair still can’t fix a transmission that they rebuilt after 12 weeks of having the car in their shop, even with their corporate office being aware the situation. I would love for the owner to go through the same troubles I did in trying to keep his job and pay his bills while a company swindles him and kidnaps his car for a quarter of the year, especially in this recession .

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