AAMCO, Kevin Braun, Customer Service Manager

AAMCO, Kevin Braun, Customer Service Manager

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Published: 21 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I own a 1996, Ford F-150, Eddie Bauer edition pickup truck with a manual transmission it has close to 80,000 miles. March 4,2002, after putting gas in the truck I went to change gears engaging the clutch and it never returned from the floor. I called a couple of places and talked with Kevin B. of AAMCO, he assured me they could tow it and have it fixed in reasonable time. I stopped by AAMCO to fill out the necessary paperwork to have it financed if need be. In talking with other auto shops I was informed the problem with the truck could only be a Master or Slave Cylinder has went bad. While talking with Kevin B. I informed him of this and he gave me an estimated cost what either of them would cost. He (Kevin B.) informed me it is AAmco policy to do a diagnostic testing that is $49.50 to make sure they (AAMCO)repair or replace right parts without guess work being involved. Like I said this all took place Monday, March 4, 2002, at around 12:00pm, the towing service person was there and left at that time to retrieve the vehicle. I sat to fill out the paper work and when I left AAMCO I seen the towing service was had loaded my truck and was enroute to the garage. Kevin B. called 3/4/02 at around 2:00pm and claimed it was the Slave Cylinder that had went bad and quoted me a price to fix it of around $600.00. He then went on to comment it was an internal project that would require dropping the transmission and the such so in would be more labor intense. He commented that he wants to make sure the Master Cylinder is not the reason the Slave cylinder went bad. I questioned him on the cost of the parts because the same parts I could buy for less than $80.00 he was quoting for $80.00 and up. I had to call the place where he was buying the parts in order to get a clear understanding of the mark up(List) price AAMCO was using since Kevin B. himself had claimed he was not doing. He (Kevin B.) had gotten real biligerent over the phone, so I shut off the conversation with him by just requesting he does provide me with quality craftmanship on my vehicle. Tuesday (3/5/02)when I called Kevin B. he was yet working on the vehicle supposedly waiting on the parts that I knew he already had because I had talked with his Partsman (Al’s Auto, 5711 N. Illinois, Fairview Hts., Il., 618/277-2770, I talked with Brent who told me a Slave and Master Cylinder had just been purchased at list price 3/4/02). Later in the day I asked Kevin B. had my credit report cleared and he confirmed it had been approved for $1,000.00. He called to tell me the clutch itself was very thin and the need of relplacement since he has the transmission down ther would be no labor charge other than turning the pressure plate and the purchase of a Clutch kit. I just told him to replace it and laughed and told him why did I know you were going to try and use the whole $1,000.00. Wednesday (3/6/02) Kevin B. called to say the rear seal has a leak not a big leak but one that will later cause a problem, I just said what ever Kevin, I just want my truck fixed right and what aboout the warranty for all this work. He claimed it is 30-90 days for the parts and 12,000 miles or year for labor or something like that. Thursday (3/7/02) at about 3:30pm he called to say my truck was finished and I could pick it up. I signed the necessary papers and went to my truck. Kevin assured me I did not need a Master Cylinder so he did not replace it. The truck was dirty on the inside from where the technicians had been crawling in and out and smelled like old automobile grease. I choose not to say anything to Kevin, really I just wanted to be done with AAMCO. It was 4:40pm and AAMCO closed at 5:00pm. Driving home I felt considerable play in my clutch pedal and a very short range engagement and disengagement where the pedal was on the floor. Friday (3/8/02) I drove the truck to Springfield, Il., abotu 100 miles north of Fairview Hts.. I noticed my truck did not have the pick up it had before the work was done and it seemed as if the clutch never really disengaged and was putting added stress on the engine. When I got to Springfield I had my wife to call Kevin and he informed her to have me to bring it back Saturday so they could look at it. Saturday (3/9/02) I took it back to AAMCO and the first thing that was told to me is, “the Master Cylinder is what is causing the problem”. The bill for the work I have had done is $968.80, I think. All of this is from my clutch pedal sticking to the floor. I am still without my truck this Monday will make a week. To just pinch and create situation that cause customers to pay for should be illegal. I think Kevin Braun should be charge with some type of criminal offense and those who maintain control of the AAMCO franchise should do some investigative work to find how and what their employees are handling their name. It is already a shame they are collecting profits off both ends the labor of their technicians (it is $72.00hr.) I know they do not pay their technicians $72.00 an hour. Parts I can purchase at Al’s a master cylinder for $66.98 and a slave cylinder for $86.98 but those same parts through AAMCO cost Master Cylinder $91.80 and Slave Cylinder $120.60. I don’t thinks rip off is the right terminology its more like ‘SCREWED IN MERCY’. Simply because when one takes their vehicle to someone like a Kevin they are really at their mercy. Larry Fairview Heights, Illinois Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Aamco Transmissions

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