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Published: 07 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We bought my son a 1997 Pntiac Grand Am here in Oklahoma. In June on his trip out to Colorado, he was moving there, the car began overheating and he felt a slipping while driving. There was a hesitation when reversing, etc. He had called us while on the raod. Once there it seemed to settle down a little, but still had the overheating and slipping problem on and off. On June 27th my son called and said the car would overheat within minutes and the slipping was getting worse. He caould only move the car a few blocks when it would stall. He noticed an AAMCO down the road and told us. We called them and they had the car towed to their shop on the 28th of June. We talked to an employee named Eric on the phone that evening regarding the problem. No one stated the car would Completely shut down, Peter, my son, never talked to them at all. We said it was revving high, over heating, slipping and would stall out on my son. We also made sure they understood that we were not sure if it was a transmission problem or something else and asked if they would hook it up and perform diagnostics to find the problem. They assured us they would. On June 30, 2003 we called to see what the status was and were told by Eric that he had not had time to look at it yet. On July 1, 2003 we called and again were told they had not had time to look at it yet. They said they were shorthanded and were busy with a SAAB and a Lincoln Town Car. AAMCO never performed any testing, diagnostics, etc until July 2. We were called late afternoon of July 2 and told that it was the transmission and that they had to rebuild some of the parts. They said it would cost approximately $479.00 at the most. We specifically asked them if the fuel pump was OK, they stated yes it was good. They said all else was good with the car. We agreed and gave them the credit card number. They said it would be done the next afternoon, July 3, 2003. My son picked up the vehicle on July 3, 2003, went three blocks away, called us and told us the same exact problem was occurring. We told him to turn around and bring it back. We then called them back and they never responded nor even looked at the vehicle. It sat on their lot for three days. On July 7 we had my son get it and take it to another mechanic nearby. It took several hours to do this because it kept overheating and slipping and stalling. The mechanic found that the fuel pump was shot, which is exactly what AAMCO said it was not, and said the transmission is in need of repair. We specifically asked if the fuel pump was OK, they said yes, nothing else was wrong with the car according to their diagnostics that they ran. We specifically stated we did not want to pay for something that was not wrong with the car or the cause of the problem, being so far away and all. They assured us the routine of having teenage sons and how it is hard with the parents in another state, etc., etc. Now the car did not overheat but it still was slipping and now it began to get stuck in gear. On July 18th, Just 12 days after we took it off the AAMCO lot, the car stuck in gear and would not budge. We searched around for mechanics and had the car, once again, towed to Max’s Radiator Service. He was going to look at the car and have another mechanic down the road look too. There was an additional problem of the thermostat but that had not been causing the slipping. Both os these mechanics told us the transmission was shot and they suggested we get rid of the car. They said to replace or rebuild a transmission would cost more than the car is worth. All together this costs me so far, $672.79 for the fuel pump and labor from Alioto Automotive Repair; $97.50 for towing from Tech Towing Inc.; $65.13 for analysis and some clamps from Max’s Radiator Service; $224.38 for Thermostat and Labor and analysis from RC’s Automotive Service, $650.00 in travel expenses and motel room for us to get up there to see what was going on. Approximate total of $1,710.00 We filed for our credit card company to reverse the payment to AAMCO. After proving to them all of above they agreed with us. BetterBusiness Bureau agreed with us. AAMCO is now trying to sue us for the $2449.87 for a rebuilt transmission that was either never rebuilt or done so horribly wrong they deserve nothing. In their response to BBB they said they had told my son that it needed a “tune up” At no time did AAMCO ever mention to my son, or us for that matter, that it needed other work, or the car was in need of a tune up. I am insulted that this company thinks I am stupid enough to not know the difference between a new Fuel Pump, thermostat, and transmission and a tune up. We also have checked with AAMCO in other area’s, AAMCO in Oklahoma gave us an estimate of $1695.00 including labor for a totally rebuit one. As well as other transmission places, such as Quick Transmissions in Oklahoma for a total of $1,100.00 including labor. The going rate for a rebuilt transmission is approx. And average of $1,00.00 to $1,600.00 dollars which is including the labor, not $2,449.87. We have been manipulated, price gouged, and defrauded. They fed on our need to have the car fixed and the dependency we had on them since we were in another state and found it easy to lie to us apparently. At no time did AAMCO indicate to us the price would accelerate from $479, quoted to us on the phone of which we agreed and gave them our credit card number, to $2449.87. Also, no authorization was ever given to make repairs at an escalated a price, $2449.87, which was an increase in cost that AAMCO failed to mention. We never even recieved a copy of the total bill until the BBB sent it to us. Now the real kicker is that AAMCO is “sueing” us for the amount and thsi leaves us no other alternative but to counter sue for all the expenses we had to put out to get up there and get something done. By the way, we got the car to the nearest dealer, Gateway Mazda, and just to make sure had them check it also. I have a signed letter from the Genreal Manager, Garry Martin, dated September 4, 2003, that the transmission was in need of repair. We only got a $500.00 trade in since the car needed a whole new transmission. Denise Chandler, OklahomaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Aamco Transmissions

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