AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care

AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care

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Published: 04 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wed 3/28 3pm my girlfriend dropped my car off at AAMCO location in Lake Forest, CA and she turned the car over to local manager David Garcia. He test-drove the car and stated that the problem doesn’t appear to be the transmission itself, but he would advise later that afternoon. She called many times No one called back that night. | Thu 3/29 I called David first thing in the morning and he stated that it is the transfer case and the cost will be $750. The repair was scheduled to be finished by Fri (3/30) evening. | Fri 3/30 I called four times, asked for David, and was told that David would call me back right away. He never returned my phone call that day. After the fifth call he told me that the car will be ready on Monday! I extended my rental and felt frustrated. | Monday 2/4 I called in the morning and David informed me that the car will be ready that evening. In the evening however he informed me that the vehicle can be picked up Tue morning! | Tue 4/3 In the morning, David informed me that they have discovered another issue with the drive shaft which would result in additional $625 and the car would be ready on Thursday!! | I stated that I don’t want to invest anymore money into a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero with 130,000 miles. | He personally guaranteed that this would be the last money required and that the car will be 100% fixed and 100% ready on Thursday. I then agreed to proceed. I felt like I had no another choice as I needed the car fixed for my livelyhood! I started to get very frustrated and had no idea this is just a beginning! | Thu 4/5 David has called me to inform that the car will be ready Friday morning. | Fri 4/6 David informed me that the vehicle will be ready that night and in the evening revised his statement again till Monday! | Mon 4/9 In the morning I called the shop and David stated that the car will be ready in the afternoon and in the afternoon, for the first time on his own, he called and informed me that the car is ready!! I asked if they offer a discount if my made my payment in cash and he confirmed that if I pay cash there would be a $75 discount. Final amount turned out to be $1300. In the afternoon I went to pick up my car. When I was making my payment at the counter I asked David if everything is OK. He assured me that he personally drove the vehicle, the car is in best shape and that I will receive 18 months or 18,000 miles warranty. I got in my car, started the engine, drove and thought I have entered a bad dream! $1,300 later – The car was making exactly the same noises which led me to seek the transmission shop originally!! After a 10 min drive I returned to the shop and asked David if this is all a joke.. David got in the car with me and after a minute of driving he stated that this will be some other issue with the car. Really?! I told David that I would like to get my money back. He stated that I will not get my money back but I am welcome to leave the car in the shop because it is under a warranty. I asked to speak to the owner (Mike Tanner) and stated that I will file a complaint with Aamco corporate office. David spoke to the owner and informed me that the owner will refund me half of the money if I leave the shop and never come back! At this point I stated again that I am filling a complaint with Aamco headquarters or I want my car in proper shape back or my money back. David asked me to calm down and that they don’t need any problems and assured me that they will get the car fixed. I agreed and left. I have not heard all week from him, nor the ownership. | Mon 4/16 I called the shop and David stated that he is at a funeral and that he will definitely get in touch with me on Tue. | Tue 4/17 I called in the morning and David informed me that they finally figured out what is the cause. He stated that it is something with the transmission and it will cost additional $625! He stated I would not be charged for labor. I told him he must be joking. I asked for my car back and told him I will not pay anything additional and that I better sell the car for $1000 to be parted out. At that point he quickly reacted and said that the car is not drivable and wouldn’t be able to leave the shop. He offered to buy the car from me for $500! After this incident I contacted AAMCO headquarters with the complaint and the demand for my money back or my car back in a running condition and properly warrantied. No resolution. | As of today (4/26 – thats 3 weeks later!), I am out of $1300.00, I am not in possession of my car and continue paying for my rental car for past three weeks! I still believe that this is only a bad dream. My friends made me aware of horrific reviews on AAMCO and I found many customers with same and or similar problems especially for this location! it seams like David intentionaly misleads clients with a wrong diagnostic resolving in low estimates and once in possession of the car, forcing people to pay more and more money for further repairs. | please protect yourself and people you know by staying away from this location. | I just filed a report with Department of consumer affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair and thats just a beginning. | I assume if you came that far reading my report you are in a similar situation! so if any of you are up for coming in with me on a group Law Suit action agains AAMCO, I am IN!!! please contact me at any time!

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