AARP New York Life Insurance Co.

AARP New York Life Insurance Co.

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Published: 24 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

AARP Life Insurance is fraudalent, liars and a complete rip off. On Janurary 18,2019 I had a life insurance policy written up by them. My girlfriend also had one done but with a different company. We paid on these monthly with no problems. This is what I experienced with AARP New York Life. On April 2019 I was diagnosed with heart fibulation it was during a time I recieved a high fever I was taken to the hospital, so I did not have a long history as I was accused of. For a whole year I paid on this policy, since I have no family and burial insurance or retirement of any kind. I had fallen a few payments behind and was reassured by cusomter service I could still pay my premiums with no problems just send a money order and it would be reinstated. Now many times I would try and create an account online to make payments, but their website would never cooperate. I complained about this and there was always an excuse. So when I was behind in a payments and wanted to create an account this was also an excuse that was made if a person was behind they could not creat and online account. They also wouldn’t take a payment over the phone. It made no sense to me since it was quicker, but now that I think about it, I feel like its a part of their sabbatoge. I wasn’t feeling well, so I asked my girlfriend to take over my affairs. During this time she called and spoke with several customer service reps at different times and everytime a person calls this company you have to speak to a new person, so the communication is really poor. As many of their calls centers are outsourced and you never know where the calls are coming from. During a time I wanted to raise my policy because burial is very expensive I was told no physical was needed but I had someone call me to ask questions and during the call the women lectured me on commititng fraud. Why would I commit fraud when I am the one paying for this policy to bury myself? I find that ironic since these companies use customers monies regualrly to make large investments with, since its a cash business. Not to mention all that money sitting in the bank accumlating interests for the agent Michael Horan. Warren Buffet has also admitted to this in one of his biographies he had done the same thing. It’s easy to do he expressed other wise why would someone want to own a company like this because it had no value other than access to a lot of cash on hand and they’re lecturing me about no fraud activity is allowed. I find that insulting. After this call I didn’t bother I just told the rep to forget it. I was really turned off by the conversation. By this time they were aware of my heart fibulation, now this conversation took place several months later. So I continued to pay my policy until I got a bit behind. However I was reassured to pay the balance and everything was fine. I did just that and when I called to confirm they got the payment. I was told no and that my policy was canceled. My 90.00 dollars was gone and they black balled my policy, lying to me all that time, using the excuse of my health and that I had a long history of it. Which is a total lie I have only had it a year and only discovered it 4 months after I got the policy. The policy was written up a few months prior with no knowledge of my condition. All documents were sent to them, so they were aware of it. It was only because I made such a statement that I don’t want to find out the company is using my premium for the own self interests. Frankly I’m sure they are, it turned out they returned my money after they’re gross incomptent customer service said they never got the payment and the policy was canceled. Basically they lied and mailed the payment back to me black balling my policy and sent a letter a few eeeks later lying about the entire situation and turning it around on me that I had a long history which is another lie and they can’t carry a policy if someone is ill. That makes no sense aren’t all customers ill at some point? If they weren’t they wouldn’t be dying and have a reason to carry a policy in the first place. Melanie Miller is responsible and Michael Horan is responsible, this company lies to people, black balls policy holders steals your money in the process and blames the customer for what the wrong doing the company has done. Its okay they steal and use premuims for other investsment and do what ever they want, but the minute a customer calls them out. They black ball the customer. AARP is a rip off and a corporation who are common theives!!!!

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