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Published: 31 July 2017

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Able to Change Recovery, Inc. 31501 Rancho Viejo Road 101 San Juan Capistrano CA 92675-1870 Complaint Description: Due to my embracing the rare genetic disease porphyria I used alcohol to rid the pain. I thought ABLE TO CHANGE would help me with this dual problem. Not being able to take pain killers nor alcohol since these substances exasperate porphyria I knew I need help. I was abusing alcohol since is was so readily available and eased my pain. I found ABLE TO CHANGE in my insurance booklet. I spoke to Maggie on Fri morning 1/24/14 in reference to my problem and she had Rachel Lewis call me that Fri afternoon. My husband drove me to ABLE TO CHANGE on Sat morning 1/25/14 and gave ABLE TO CHANGE $3,500.00. I explained to Rachel during the face to face interview I was suffering from porphyria, B-12 anemic and high blood pressure. I explained I drank to ease my pain ultimately causing me a drinking problem adding up to a dual problem – porphyria and alcoholism. I informed them I didn’t drink in two days and their breath analysis and urine tests confirmed this. I explained to Rachel Lewis I would need a blood test and B-12 shot soon since I was cancelling my doctors apt. down in San Diego on Monday for a B-12 shot. Rachel said I would be taken care of. I kissed my husband goodbye and was driven to the residential woman’s house a couple of miles away by house sitters – Jessica and Marie who both lived at the house. When we arrived Marie immediately told me they all wear flip flops in this house since you have to constantly take your shoes off. I bent down in pain and took my sneakers off and carried both suitcases upstairs. Marie showed me my room and informed me that I had a roommate named Nancy. She told me where to put my clothes away and showed me my bed. All the beds are small single beds with hard mattresses, old poly/cotton printed comforter lint infested top sheet sticking to sticky comforter and cheapest tiniest poly filled pillow possible. Two small wooden head and foot boards shorter than 6′ long making it only possible to sleep in this pathetic bed with my knees buckled up since I am 5’10″” tall. The bedrooms only have juvenile furniture. After I put my clothes away I was instructed to go downstairs and was given an Albertson’s $100.00 gift card and was brought to Albertson’s to due shopping with three other clients brought the bags in the residential facility and was instructed to put my food in one of six refrigerators in the garage and stay out of the one in the kitchen since it belongs to sitters Jessica and Marie. After putting groceries away I started experiencing excruciating pain. I looked terrible, I complained about my pain and was told I have to go shopping again. They said it was fun shopping. (I was only admitted into this facility 2 hrs ago and I was told I have to go fun shopping. This time Jessica drove client Nancy and myself – only two clients (surprised they don’t call us patients) and sitter Jessica. Jessica brought us into this Indian pottery, jewelry etc gift shop. While I walked around in pain try to look interested Nancy was looking at a few Indian items and Jessica(sitter) was standing far away from us against a wall in back of a few wind chimes for sale with her face in her phone texting. Every so often she would take her face out of her phone and observe Nancy and myself in a very authoritative manner. Other customer were looking at Jessica, Nancy and myself and one customer came up to me an inquired when are they going to let me out and laughed. After this I was in excruciating abdominal pain knowing. Twice I complained to Jessica I was going to be sick and had to use the restroom twice. Both times when I made this request she yelled – I have to go with you.Back to the house Marie told me when I go to a AA meeting I have to be watched.The lady who I shared a room with kept snoring since she was on a anti-depressant and a sleep aid – I had no sleep on Sat night.On Sun night I was told to vacuum the whole downstairs – I did on Monday morning – with the pain I thought I was going to die. I shared my complains with Rachel Lewis Monday morning that this place was making me worse and since my husband was working on the field I had to call a cab Your Desired Resolution: Please let the public know this facility is not suited for a 59 year old with medical disabilities. This facility is exactly like a half way house for drug addict criminals. I do not have any criminal record. At this facility I was only able to drink my coffee and tea sitting on a high stool in the kitchen. The comfortable chairs in the family room and parlor – you are not allowed to bring water or anything into and you have to have your shoes off. My whole time at this facility I felt I was walking on eggshells, dragged around like a rag doll to different places when I was feeling very sick and when I was in a lot of pain. I was talked to as if I was a criminal by the residential sitters. I would go up to my room and find my bedroom door opened and my crazy roommate Nancy also had the bathroom door opened wiping herself with toilet paper. I ran downstairs when I saw this. After complaining to Marie about the way I was offended by her tone of voice that evening telling me I have to sit with her since the last clients she had ran away from her and exchanged drugs. During this conversation I got angry and yelled that I was in horrible pain and ‘YOU’RE TELLING ME TO VACCUMM THE WHOLE ******* DOWNSTAIRS EVERTDAY. I then ran upstairs and found my sick roommate half naked – well I ran downstairs aging and told Marie this immediately. This nutty roommate kept asking me nosey questions about my husband – she asked me my age and told me she was the same age(I didn’t ask) she asked me how much I paid to get into the place, what my husband did for a living. Well, Please let the public be informed that this facility is not a medical treatment center. This is why I was called a client and not a patient. After returning home on Monday I visited my doctor Tuesday. My porphyria has worsened due to the unprofessionalism and harassment at ABLE TO CHANGE. I received my B-12 shot yesterday from my Oncologist. Now I need a phlebotomy since ABLE TO CHANGE caused me a very bad Porphyria attack. When I left on Monday Marie inquired if I was going to take my food. I was too sick to carry it and asked her to either keep it or throw it out. She said fine. I left behind $130.00 worth of food. This whole experience was the worse experience I ever had in my life. All I know is that this facility is not capable to treating older people with medical problems. Please let the public be aware of this. I certainly hope my husband receives his $3,500.00 back. Thank you. .

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