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ABRA Auto Body & Glass

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wilbern auto body is combined with ABRA auto body. I at first thought they was a respectable shop…Jeez was I wrong. I went in and found the person hndleing my case was extremly disrespectful and rude. At first attempting to go through my collision insurance so it would fall on my record and increase my insurance rates and increase my decutable. Soon as I heard that I called my insurance company, who said that is incorrect and they would fix it. Upon telling the mechanic handleing the case he said and I quote ‘Thanks for causing me to work harder then I need to, now I got to redue the entire process again and I told you not to call your insurance company I would handle it’ I do not trust people I dont know nor do I feel comfortable with someone telling me what to do with my money, vehicle, and insurance. This was only the first time I went there out of four total visits… | To keep this short Trip one, Picking up vehicle for the first time. I went to inspect the truck and the guy handleing my case of course has to walk the ‘inspection’ with me, He was extremely pushy like in a hurry so I simply had to skim quickly over the vehicle. I left, went out to eat, went home and took much more time then the 10 seconds the mechanic allowed me to view my vehicle, I noticed a lot at this point…two dents still exsisted, my rims ‘decortive’ lugs are scratched, chipped and more ruined then i orginally returned it to their shop with. I reported this three hours or less to my insurance agent, they said i had a week to notice any new or exsisting damages to get it fixed. But I had picked the vehicle up a few min before they closed shop, I had to wait out the weekend of saterday and sunday, I returned the vehicle to the shop first thing monday. The same mechanic claimed, these two dents i seen, are door dings, he said he did not notice or see them during our inspection, and said I(me) did not see them either. I told him he did not give me a chance to view he vehicle correctly but then I showed him my rim was damaged on these decortive lugs. He said he dont recall seeing that either, I asked him about my missing or stolen Ipod he dont recall seeing this either or knowing it was in the vehicle. I feel he lied the entire timeto my face. But dispite the lies to my face i aruged with the man, used pictures to prove the dents was appart of the wreck and needed repaired, Had no way to prove my Ipod was missing, and for my Rim, the wreck pictures showed the decortive lugs on the rim is in flawless condition, yet after it left the shop, they are messed up. the back Bumper also was scratched we noticed this upon the visit. He claimed he knew nothing of this either! I told him his shop needs to replace the step pad they scratched up terribly, He said fine in a jerkish way, told me i needed to buy the side step pads to match it or it will look bad, so i did for $86. I dont mind spending money to make my vehicle correct. My Rim, once getting the vehicle back…still was damaged, he claims it had to have happened over the weekend as if someone to a wrench and attempted to remove the decortive lugs off the rim. Only the rim the shop touched, fixed, and worked on, no other is like this. I told him it was his guys who done it, after a long agurmentive conversation between his manager, and him toward me they told me to call my insurance and have them come out to inspect the rim and vehicle or deal with it being damaged. Both he and his manager teamed up to argue toward me, Neither wanted to help me, nor solve the problem no matter what. Neither cared about me or my repairs or issues or damages they caused to my vehicle. | During this last visit, they broke my cigerete lighter during the repair at some point, i asked the manager about this and the mechanic both claimed they knew nothing of this. I asked them why dose the lighter have a white/clear ring around it, all my others have grey, and why is the lighters cover black, not grey like my dash. They completly argued at me till I was so fired up i simply left. I never have witnessed such horrible customer service, to where managers and employees team up to argue agressively at a single customer. I never will go to this shop again, I will never ask someone to go there, nor recomend anyone to visit this shop even. They will fix your vehicle some what, steal things out of it, lie to your face, and cause you more greif then nessisary. If you ever visit this shop, I hope you got good nerves, or good medications. If I had the chance to sue for distruction or theif of my property I would love to! I hate to see what they done to other peoples vehicles without their knowing.

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