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Absolute Realty, LLC.

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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These realtors did not represent me I had no contract with them). I did purchase a townhome they listed on the mls which had a major technical flaw in the listing which has turned into a nightmare for me And it didn’t need to be this way had these 2 realtors did there job). | I will be doing a separate scamion for my agent and broker Dave robison and kent sorensen of gobe realty) as they also did not do there job with regards to this real estate transaction. Legally maureen and abby owe me nothing but i do believe any realtor who does a poor job and doesn’t step up financially to help clean up the mess they created has no business being a realtor. | I purchased this townhome in april 2019 off the mls Mls 1590122). It was a one car garage townhome but came with a separate detached garage located across the street. The detached garage was highlighted as a selling point in the listing. Remarks section of listing mentioned “this end-unit townhome with 2 garages is move in ready. “agent remarks states “the detached garage, 15 is located across from the townhome.” | There was also a picture of the detached garage in the mls listing. I was happy to buy this townhome as it was a great price and i believed the detached garage added significant value to the property. As my agent can verify, i would have never purchased this townhome had it not came with the detached garage. | I bought the townhome and moved in but 6 weeks later got a note on the detached garage saying…I am the new owner of this garage, please contact me asap. This was a shocker as i thought i had bought the garage and i know i didn’t sell it. Come to find out, this detached garage had a separate parcel id which the listing agent failed to include in the mls listing. | A real estate contract determined what you purchase Take ownership of). Most buyer agents copy what is included in the mls listing over to the real estate contract and that is how you purchase the real estate property. So in essence what happened is i bought the townhome The parcel id for it was included in the real estate contract) but i did not buy the detached garage. But this didn’t need to happen. | All abby and maureen needed to do was confirm the details on there listing before listing it. Check and make sure the detached garage does not have a separate parcel id Only takes 2 minutes using the salt lake county platt map viewer found online). But i think in these instances listing agents often just cut and paste the information from the last mls listing when this townhome was sold. That may often work but it’s just pure carelessness not to make sure big details like this are correct. | It should be a no brainer to check. You have 2 separate structures and one parcel id. A potential error exists. Please verify whether the detached garage has a separate tax id or not and make sure your listing is correct. It’s just a matter of saying…”i am going to make sure i earn my paycheck when this property sells.” instead, i think realtors often just focus on getting a paycheck rather than making sure they earn a paycheck. | Anyway, once my realtors and the listing realtors found out what happened, they started looking into it which is not a good sign. It’s obvious exactly what happened Neither my agent or the listing agent did their job). But they wanted to find other people they could pin the blame on for this. So i sat around for almost 2 months waiting for them to see if they could find a way to pin the blame on someone else. | I was trying to get the garage back. The current garage deedholder was willing to sell it. My agent told me he had told abby i was having trouble acquiring the garage I was hoping that would be a clear sign to abby and maureen to step up and make sure i get this garage). But that didn’t happen. I really expected when this first happened that both sets of realtors would come to me and say…Don’t worry, if the garage is for sale we will make sure we get it back for you. | Had they did that, things certainly would of been much less stressful. But i understand now why they didn’t do this. It appears the only thing they were going to do was try and pin the blame on someone else and then let whatever happens, happen. | I would avoid these realtors and the real estate firm they work for. This is a catastrophic mistake they made. And to offer absolutely nothing to make me whole speaks volumes. That being said, events like this are worth its weight in gold. | So many people are involved with real estate transactions that agents can often become lazy, complacent or even negligent without bad things happening. So when it actually does happen Like in this instance) you find out very quickly what realtors are made of. You find out what there morals and character is. And you will be surprised at how many people you think are honest and straight actually aren’t. Money can be everything to many people. | It’s ok to make these kind of mistakes. It’s not ok to walk away when people have been harmed. By the way, these 2 realtors never contacted me once through this whole thing. My agent did speak to abby many times but the only real message i got from my agent was that… Abby and i are working hard to pin the blame for all this on someone else And we don’t know how long it will take). | From the day this happened, that appears to be all these realtors thought about. Them finding a way out of this was 1000 times more important than me getting this garage Otherwise i would already have the garage). I have asked twice in writing for money to buy this garage back. Abby and maureen have provided no response in both instances. If the sh*t hits the fan! and these 2 realtors scrued up, i wouldn’t expect them to own up to it.

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