Accu-Brake - Flagstaff 4X4

Accu-Brake - Flagstaff 4X4

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Published: 05 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my Toyota truck to Flagstaff 4X4 in Flagstaff, AZ for info on replacing my worn out rear springs. The salesman (Chris) suggested air bags from Air Lift Company. After thinking about it, I went with his suggestion and bought the air ride system and had them installed. On the day I was to leave for my trip to Mexico I loaded my truck and headed to the fuel station. I filled the truck with fuel and as I was pulling out of the station when one of the air bags burst and about 1 mile later the other did the same. I went straight to the Accu-Brake / Flagstaff 4×4 and told them what happened. I was told they were to busy and to come back later. I told them I was leaving for a trip that was planned for weeks and others were waiting for me. I was told to just go. I asked if he would just run out and take a look so as if I did go on my trip that I would not be blamed for any damage while on my trip. NO we are to busy just go and we will look at it when you get back. When I returned home two weeks early from my trip gone bad. I was told I had to make an appointment later that week. When I came back later that week I was told to leave the truck and they would call me when they had looked at it. Later that morning I got the call and was told that I had over loaded the truck and had bent the 1/4-inch steel that holds the air bags. I knew I had not over loaded the truck and instead of arguing I just went to pick up the truck. When I arrived I was told the same thing and that they had taken photos to prove that I had over loaded the truck. I left and had someone else take a look at it. I was told I had installed the upper bracket wrong and that it was not strong enough to hold the way it was installed. The upper bracket is to be mounted to the frame and not hung from the frame. Doing so will bend the bracket and tilt the air bag and it could blow. Just as I had thought. I wrote to and sent photos of the brackets and the air bag that was left and received a few letters from Mike Pung at Air Lift Company. After showing him a few photos he also acknowledged that the upper brackets were installed wrong! So, Today (July 12, 2004) I stopped by Accu-Brake / Flagstaff 4×4 to see if they would like to talk about resolving the problem and was told my the owners “You over loaded the truck” I told them about the photos that they told me they had taken and asked that they take a look at them before they came to any conclusions but they are very closed minded and set in there way of doing business they way they do. (Accu-Brake / Flagstaff 4×4 makes or admits to NO mistakes) I told them I would like to keep this from going to court but they seem to think that people will not go through with threats of court. Well, I have news for them! First thing tomorrow I will be at the courthouse filling claim and will sue for the damage they caused to my truck (drilling into my truck frame) and for the price of the installation and parts sold to me with all costs involved. Maybe the average person from Flagstaff will not have time to make things right. I assure you I do! Contact me if you have a similar problem with this disreputable company. Tom Flagstaff, ArizonaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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