Accumetrics DNA Testing

Accumetrics DNA Testing

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

First and formost I should apologize for not writing this report sooner. I actually used ACCUMETRICS PRENATAL DNA TESTING around the summer of 2013. I feel that if I wrote this report long ago when I should of then there wouldn’t be more people that have fallen victim to this company and for that I am truly sorry. I will tell you my story as briefly as possible. I have since moved on from this so maybe that affords me to be more clear and concise rather than extremely angry as I once was. My story of course starts with I was concerned and questioned paternity of my then ex-girlfried who I was still back and forth with sexually. She stated she was pregnant so of course I questioned it because of other past transgressions and because we were not “together”. Fast forward and I did some research and found out about prenatal paternity test and that they were very accurate and not invasive or dangerous as they once were. I told her that I wanted to get one and she agreed and swore up and down that I was wasting my money. I came across ACCUMETRICS DNA TESTING and found that they do in fact do prenatal dna testing so I decided to go with them mainly because of price and because of limited negative reviews about them. I contacted them and to my suprise I actually spoke with the person I had seen in the video named Harvey Tennenbaum. I thought that it was odd that I actually was able to speak to the spokesperson or owner or whoever he is directly. That was the first red flag. Each time I called before I actually paid for a test kit it was him who answered which I thought was very odd. So we both took our DNA( mine saliva and hers blood ) by a witness who collected my sample and a phlebotomist to take her blood. I did not order a test that required a chain of custody of DNA so me and my EX just stayed with each other and went straight to send it in the mail directly after DNA samples were taken so there was no questions between us. So I don’t remember exactly how long it took but the results came back as I’M NOT THE FATHER. (BTW this came with a graph that looked like a 5th grade science project bar graph) This came as a huge blow and I can admit now that it was devastating and heartbreaking more than I can try and explain. I didn’t admit it then but I will admit it now. I told all of my family and friends that I am not the father which was extremely hard and embarrassing. After I heard the news, absolutely terrible things were said on my part to my EX and I also sent her a 20 page letter which was a vicious verbal assualt telling her what I thought of her which I can never take back. I cannot think of a worse betrayal in this life than this type of scenario so I continued on with my vicious verbal attacks as she swore that the results were wrong. I just kept thinking of all the people on Maury that deny and deny all the way until the last minute and even after they get the results they sometimes still deny. She did not let up about the tests results being wrong so she said she was going to get her own test done with ACCUMETRICS. I already wrote her off so she said ACCUMETRICS already had my DNA so they could just use it. About a month went by and she got back the results showing I AM THE FATHER. Obviously I was scepticle so I didn’t really believe it. I decided to be there for the birth just in case I was the Father but I was emotionally detached by then because I had 2 tests with 2 different results but JUST in case I was the Father I would hate myself If I wasn’t there for the birth of any potential children. I took a post natal DNA test in the Hospitol because they are close to 100 percent accurate and I am in fact the Father to a now almost 2 and half yr old son. BOTTOM LINE- DO NOT USE ACCUMMETRICS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! I know it can be an embarrassing situation but break down your pride and get the money needed to go through other reputable companies that are out there. Do not be like me, because for me it was a rollercoaster ride of sadness, heartbreak, and betrayal BECAUSE OF ACCUMETRICS getting it wrong. The range of terrible emotions can not be explained that I went through cannot be possibly explained with this quick breakdown of what happened because of the wrong results of Accumetrics. Also the terrible things that were said to my Son’s mother because of ACCUMETRICS standing by the results of original test. IF JUST ONLY ONE PERSON READS MY STORY AND DOES NOT USE THIS TERRIBLE, USELESS, SHAM OF A COMPANY THAN I FEEL THIS WAS WORTH POSTING. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY Thanks for reading

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