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Published: 03 July 2019

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Hi in reply to this post . I first did my ancestry report with 23andme .They recently took away their country of ancestries and just tell you regions , like Asia/Africa,Northern Europe and Southern Europe . So I saw after their ad for a special 70.00. I called and asked the receptionist if they can be more specific then 23 and me . They told me they definitely are . SO I went ahead and bought three.With taxes it came up to 180 something . They also tell you that the info will be available to download in 2 weeks on their website and theie own PDF says they have tools on the site provided . 14 days went by . I decided to send an email because the receptionist told me 1 to 2 weeks. I received an email advising me it takes 14 days .It was after the 14 days .I received my husbands . it said he was 80 percent italian and 10 percent northern european ad 10 percent middle easter. First he knows his mom is part spanish from spain . And these results are very typical for thinking what Italians are …I also saw it was vague on a pdf …with a map with dots that were not even correct . But anyways I thought …wow they asked me in the paper when I submitted the results what all three etnicisties /countries thy were . If your suppose to tell me why am I telling you .Infact for my sister and my mom …I just said multi racial ( which we are) I used also my sister married name . She is my full sister btw . I am pretty sure if I said my husband was African he would of came back 80 percent african !! Anyways I called their number . I also forgot my smart phones tapes callls when I was on the call .But the woman told me they do not do any type of DNA testing !!! And I have the wrong company . I said is this not via guard ? She said ,"yes " I said dont you know what your company offers ? I never swore at her . I spoke to this woman like I would anyone . But she did not like me telling her that and she hung up ! I called back a second time and she hung up . the third time . I said , " look here I am recording you . ANd then she told me it takes 3 weeks !" okay for a woman who did not even know her company does it she now says the time is 3 weeks. I told her that not onl was I told it was 2 by your receptionist but I have an email from you guys also saying 14 days . SHe then said that they do not give you your ancestry ..they just tell you your race !!!! What a joke they change what they say as they go along !!!!! Now who would not know their race !!!! I spend some time back and forth calling till I spoke to someone and then a couple more emails and calls they finally sent my sister and mom;s .. OKAY WHAT A JOKE !!!! THEY SAID MY SISTER WAS Polish !!! Omg her surname is Polishe because her husband is Polish !!!! then they said .By the way during those emails they even asked me what type of test I ordered . Even though I gave them the so called numbers for each they gave me They said my mom was chinese and korean . hmmm lol her last name is chinese because her dad was half chinese but he was also amerindean ( South american aboriginal ) …and her mom was german /black and south asian but according to them she is just Asian … It is a complete joke !!!! They are scammers!!! look at their facebook page they dont even see reviews of people calling them fraud.Rip off reports has alot of complaint about them …even telling one man it was his child and after he paid child support for years he found out the child was not his… I am saving all communications . I also have 23 and me . their report is such a blatant joke that you know its a scam . And they say they do government reports!!! then they are scamming government agencies as well .!!!!

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