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Published: 26 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

IF you VALUE YOUR SAFETY, DON’T CALL THESE GOONS! Our Ford Expedition’s factory-installed “Stealth,” which is an anti-theft device went haywire so the car wouldn’t start. The key-fob button must be pressed in order for the car to start and it had stopped working. It had done the exact same thing before so we knew what was wrong-we just don’t know how to fix it. When I called Accurate Mobile Mechanics, I pointedly and specifically asked the owner/mechanic, Marc, if they were familiar with the “Stealth” system (it is a unique system) and he assured me they were. I explained the problem in detail to make sure he knew the system and what needed to be done. I told him how it had gone out before in exactly the same way, and he told me that they’d have no problem fixing it. It was precisely because of what he told me that we decided to hire them to come to our home, and the $85 service fee was agreed upon. Later that morning, two scruffy-looking men showed up in an old, beat-up, plain white van, no company logo to be seen anywhere. These two men really looked as if they’d just broken out of prison. Spencer wore a dirty bandanna on his head, the other man spoke very little English. Not long after their arrival it became painfully obvious that they were incompetent clowns. From the start, they insisted “the battery was dead” and insisted they’d go get us a new one, despite the fact that all the interior and exterior lights were brightly lit, and the stereo played great! As I’d explained on the phone, the STEALTH was malfunctioning! That now meant nothing to these two because it was obvious that they didn’t know anything about that system! So, they just adamantly kept insisting that the car had a spent battery- despite evidence to the contrary, and despite the fact they didn’t perform any diagnostic tests of any kind. I said “Any mechanic should know the battery’s fine since the lights and stereo are on!”For the entire duration of the 5 hour circus act, Spencer continually insisted it was the battery, not the Stealth system! After being on the phone for the 1,000,001st time, he suddenly decided to add, out of the blue, without testing, that now it wasn’t “JUST the battery, but was the STARTER too”! Mechanics 101 clearly wasn’t their strong point, and it was apparent they’d all lied about their experience with and knowledge of the Stealth system! I had to remind them that the Stealth system was their reason for being there! He again insisted the problem was with “the battery and starter,” and then, to my amazement he asked me if I (!) had JUMPER CABLES! That’s when I broke out the battery charger! Stupefied, he looked at me blankly and asked “What’s that?” (!) He wasn’t joking! He actually said “How do I use this?” At that point I told him “this job is just way out of your league- you need to just go!” They had been there OVER 4 hours at that point! Instead of leaving, he decided they should “disassemble the dash to see if something was wrong with the wiring” -okay, I figured I’d let him only if he’d let me test my do-it-yourself-at-home-brain-surgery-kit on him first! Needless to say, by the fifth hour my car was no better off than it was when they got there, and my aggravation level was off the chart! I kept trying to call Marc, knowing he was answering his phone because Spencer kept calling and talking to him. Since Marc wouldn’t take my calls, (I’m sure he overheard me in the background during those calls because my anger was evident: this was a very frustrating and angering situation!) Since Marc wouldn’t answer my calls, Spencer was the only one available to talk to. I clearly told him I would be placing a stop payment on the $85 check. That wasn’t a “service” call-it was a nuisance call! I would never have agreed to hire them if they had all been upfront about their lack of experience with the Stealth anti-theft system! They should never have accepted the job in the first place because they had no idea what they were doing, so they certainly should have never misled us! They figured they could charge me for the battery, starter, their hours and hours of running for (unneeded) parts then charge for labor, and if the car still wouldn’t start then I’d be into them for more money while waiting for them to tear out the dash, fiddle around, and screw up some more. I am sure people who aren’t mechanically knowledgeable fall for their act all the time. At one point Spencer told me that since I “am not a mechanic” I should just “stay out of it and let them do their job!”To clearly illustrate how this all should have ended up and to show how their method of operation compares to the way an honest and knowledgeable mechanic does business: the AWESOME mechanic that we hired the next morning to do the job had the car started, as in “fixed” in TEN minutes for only $60, including the cost of the Stealth part that HE picked up on his way to our house! After he left, my husband and 10-yr-old son left in the car to go get haircuts a few BLOCKS away. Well, THEY ENDED UP ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY, on the other side of the valley! They even had to get on the freeway! WHY? Because they were being closely followed and chased by those two idiots in that trashy white van, with Spencer at the wheel!That means those two thugs were waiting outside the gates of our community specifically for our car to exit the gates so they could follow, harass, chase, intimidate, coerce, scare, threaten, harm, traumatize, kill– cause the stalked people to fear for their lives, not knowing what the intentions of the stalkers were, or why it was happening in the first place. This is called “LAYING IN WAIT” and is called “STALKING!” My husband tried to lose them, but despite speeding up, making turns off route, doing all he could do in the traffic, the van tailed them! My son was terrified! Eventually, while stopped at a red light, these 2 goons actually EXITED their van and aggressively approached the car! My husband had to run the red light to get away from them! WHAT were they going to do when they got to our car? My husband and my 10-year-old were in there! My husband called, telling me what had just happened, and it sounded so crazy I thought he was pulling my leg! He got serious and told me to “believe” it and to make sure the doors were locked in case they came to the house! Within an hour, they showed up at my HOUSE, and started loudly pounding on the front door and then at the same time started FORCEFULLY TURNING THE KNOB back and forth, over and over, non-stop, trying to get the door to open! At that point, they couldn’t have known whether or not I was at home! Then it got quiet. Well, one stayed at the front while the other went around to the backdoor. Then it started again, but this time one was on each door! Why were they forcefully trying to enter my home? What were they planning on doing once they got inside? Then they both were at the front door again, and at that point I yelled out at them, warning them my gun was pointing right at the door and they’d be leaving in body bags! They were totally crazy! I called the police, and also called their boss Marc leaving him an urgent message: apparently he wouldn’t answer the phone! My sister then called me and I told her the mechanics from the day before were trying to break into the house. She thought she’d misunderstood me, but then she heard all the racket in the background sounding like they were trying to break the door down! I gave her Marc’s number then she called him. He answered right away, not knowing her number. He identified himself as the business owner, then she told him what his thugs were doing. He was rude and arrogant, telling her “They aren’t trying to break into her house!” She assured him I thought that they were, she’d also heard them, and he said “Well, she should call the police and that will be the end of her problem with them I guess!” She told him the police had been called. She asked if those were “his men” and he said they were, so she said he needed to call them and tell them to stop their insane behavior–what the hell were they doing? Marc then lied and told her I’d written them a “bad” check! Incredibly, he then told her that “they would ‘stop’ if she she’ll just come out of the house and talk to then like a ‘reasonable person” and then said “all” she has to do is OPEN THE DOOR, pay the $85 and they’ll go away”! He said “we are only trying to be ‘considerate’ and we are only trying to ‘help’ her by giving her the chance to pay $85 instead of paying off the $600 lien I’ll place on her car if she doesn’t pay them $85 right now!”She called to tell me why this was happening, so I called him right away using *67 and told, rather reminded him that I didn’t write a “bad” check but had put a stop payment on it like I said I would. What kind of person does these things to other people? This entire thing was a nightmare, and who knows what would have happened if those goons had reached the car, or gotten inside my house! If $85 is worth this much to him then he should not be in business at all! If the only way to get customers is to mislead and lie to them by saying he and his crew are educated and experienced and capable of performing the job, but then do whatever it takes to extract money from the customer knowing his employees are beyond incompetent, then he isn’t a businessman- he’s a con artist running a criminal operation. If he can’t handle it when a customer catches on to the scheme, and he feels enough anger and resentment and loss of control that he feels it’s his right to retaliate in such a way that a 10-year-old boy gets traumatized, that a woman was terrorized, and a man was made to feel he was trying to escape an unknown perhaps violent act putting his son in danger, so ,having to scramble all the way across town when just going out for a haircut, then this creep needs to be shut down. He has no business being in business!

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