Acharya Lokeshananda Sharma Nilouthi Gaon

A man who is molesting his own daughter and a sex addict in disguise , he is running from authorities in the past and practices foul/ sex / blood magick over little girls to grown women

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Published: 11 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Do you know Acharya Lokeshananda Sharma Nilouthi Gaon, Sai mahavidya Sadhna , Running from Authority , Sex addict

This is a very dangerous man and any girl is at risk. The wife hires a group of ladies and men to cast magick to ’ save ’ her husband and they will cast spells on anyone and everyone themselves. The practice of blood magic to manipulate people and especially women are the easiest targets. The wife helps the husband to target girls. She acts cool as a cucumber but she knows what her husband does what he does and dismisses it as ’ nothing ’ in denial. They actually rape women and people so to say.

Many of my friends and family reported this man as dangerous. All he does is sit in his room the whole day, stare at the wall, and he wants a ’ lady ’ like a ’ toy ’ to keep him sated. A friend of mine experienced visuals of this man enjoying the rape of women who struggle through childhood abuse. I myself have felt him throughout just wanting sex and wanting others to advertise who he is or put him on a pedestal. He is abnormally addicted to sex and he lies at the drop of a hat. Girlfriends who are close to me have begun to complain as well about him similarly. He works through some demons who are fed with sex and child abuse and they will feed on anyone to give him power at the expense of someone else. He calls these demons ’ sai baba of Shirdi’ and pretends to be a holy man

One tantric said that this man stores entities at lower chakras of women and he said that even little girls are subject to it. They are very clever people and dangerous. They are not fit to be in society. He is a criminal with no obligations or fear of society.

I believe he is even molesting his or has molested his own daughter and he enjoys doing sadistic stuff. The children might be subject to abuse because they practice magick and hurting people o a daily basis. I believe some authority wanted him or still wants him because there was a Wikipedia page on him that got taken down.

If you feel suspicious report him. And its trap full of cult abuse. Be careful there are mirrors and shadows these people use to hide the bad things they do. They are not fit to be in society.

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