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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life, and would warn anyone NOT to use Action Moving and Storage. When I decided to move from Ontario to BC I contacted many companies to see which one could move my things the fastest, as I had accepted a job and was starting in 2 weeks. The company I hired promised to have my things moved within a week, and they subcontracted Action Moving to pick up my things from my house and deliver them to a warehouse for transfer onto another truck. I drove across the country a few days later, with the expectation that my things would arrive a day or two after I did. Two days after I arrived I had heard nothing, and contacted the company I hired originally. They told me they had no idea what was going on, but that my things had never made it onto their truck and as far as they knew were still in Ontario or even Quebec, but they could not reach anyone at Action Moving to confirm where my things were now. I attempted to contact Action Moving myself, but when I did manage to reach someone they had no answers for me and told me I needed to speak with a woman named Teresa. I later found out she was responsible for not entering my shipment into a computer which led to it not being loaded onto the truck going across the country, because she decided not to come into the office that day. Despite several calls and many messages left for Teresa and the owner of the company, I did not hear back for many days. When I did, Teresa was incredibly rude and unhelpful. She told me that my things were in storage and that she was unsure when they would be able to deliver them. I did not once receive an apology for the delay in delivery. I started my new job and had to purchase new work clothing since I had brought none with me in my car, and had to purchase an air mattress as I had no bed. Weeks later, Teresa continued to dodge my calls and would not return my messages. Once I reached a receptionist who told me that Teresa was in the building but busy, and would return my call as soon as she was free. Hours later after hearing nothing I called back and was told that Teresa had left. Later that day she did call, but said that she did not have my file with her as she was not at the office so she couldn’t tell me anything. The company I had originally hired (BC Alberta Movers, who will be next on my bad reviews) at this point said they had done everything they could to find another way to transport my things, but they had no trucks in Ontario for another couple of months and could not help me, I would have to deal directly with Action Moving. ONE MONTH LATER I still was living on the floor of my new apartment. Action Moving promised one delivery date after another (a total of 4 different dates), each came and passed with no delivery. Then it would take days for me to reach Teresa just to find out that the truck had not left yet, or was delayed, or some other excuse. Again, never once did Teresa apologize for the extreme inconvenience her company was responsible for, and she continued to be rude when we spoke. I was told that I “”needed to be more understanding.”” After a month of living on the floor of my apartment, I’ll admit my patience was wearing and my politeness was also wearing with the incompetence and inconsiderateness of this company. Over one month after the original promised delivery date I finally received my shipment. I had to take the entire day off work at my new job because the delivery time, which I was told would be 11:00am, didn’t end up being until 7:00pm. Once again, I spent the entire day wondering if it would even come because I couldn’t reach Action Moving. That morning, I got an email from Teresa telling me I would need to have a money order for the driver, and that my things would not be unloaded without one, even though I had been told that they accept credit cards. I had to rush out to get a money order before the promised delivery time of 11am, although turns out I didn’t need to rush. When the movers finally showed up they didnt even ring the doorbell, I had to go out to the truck and they refused to get out of the truck until I handed them the money order. When everything was unloaded, they also refused to set up my bed frame which had been taken apart for the move, despite the fact that I had been promised that it would be put back together for me. They “”didn’t have time.”” I had no tools and had to call an acquaintance to help me set it up before I could sleep in a real bed for the first time in a month. Action Moving promised me “”$100 per week of delay”” for my inconvenience. My things were 4 weeks later than the original promised delivery date. Action Moving said they their policy was 1-2 weeks of delivery, and that it was BC Alberta that had promised me one week, so they therefor would only give me a $300 discount, plus the cost of my air mattress (total $350) on a move that cost thousands. Save yourself a lot of trouble and AVOID this company. .

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