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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Owner of Acura TSX with tech package 2009-2010.They are saying that Acura is Advance? And it is, but only on the Paper. For those who did not buy it yet, here is the real thing from the owner.This car is the worst car that ever had. Here is few things that really wrong with it and I have to live with it for 2 more years (leased).1. GPS. 1a. GPS doesn’t have the information about speed limit for any roads or highways, so it cannot give you the fastest and easiest way (like TomTom or Garmin)1b. GPS doesnt have the Bird View that all other GPS has it. 1c. Places Search is the worst. Its not friendly at all. (and I am very good with all technologies) Here is one stupid example, when for example you search for Wendys it gives you Wendys that 2000 miles away. You really have to find your way how to start search that can search by the distance. And when want to make a way point there is no way at all to do that.From other people complaints: (found online)Visually outdated GPS screen. Many other car companies have big high definition screens. Acura’s GPS looks plain ugly in comparison and the GPS technology is straight from 2005.GPS real time traffic blows more di..k then my $100 navigation system.The Navi screen acknowledgement is getting a bit bothersome.Out dated low resolution Navi screen.2. Microphone. 2a. This is my 3rd car with Bluetooth, and this is the worst Microphone ever. People hear you very bad; its like you on a very bad speakerphone.2b. There is a 3-4 seconds delay between when you answer the phone and people starting to hear you. So you end up screaming HELLO for the 5th time before people can hear you. 3b. Bluetooth microphone is poor and picks up a lot of distortion even with all windows closed people can barely hear me speak unless I am yelling over the road noise.You want to confirm that? Here is the forum with people complaints Climate Control (this the worst)3a. This is a real nightmare. Manual options simply dont work. You CANNOT control climate control manually. The air is ALWAYS blowing from side front vents. If you put it Floor Only it will still blows from Front side vent. I took it to a dealer and they said that this the way the design it.3b. The fan speed changes automatically even if you set manually. If, for example, you set the fan speed on manual 3, time to time it will start blow harder like 4 or lower like 2. Again dealer said its NORMAL.3c. When its cold outside the climate control blows Hot air to the bottom and Cold air to the front vents (and remember there is no way to close front vents even on manual floor only mode and if you close it physically on the dash that this cold air will start blowing from every small dent on the dash, and its even worst). So you upper body is cold and you feet are sweating, and if you raise the temperature, itll just blows harder. This is a biggest problem, I took my car to a dealer 4 times, but what they do, they connect the car to a computer and if sensors in the car sends OK! to a computer, they that its OK!You want to confirm that? Look at the Votes on this Now the front vents are not that simple also, they have their mind as well, so they blowing air, ready?,, at DIFFERENT temperatureYou want to confirm that? Look at the YouTube you live in the place where you have cold winter (40F and below), you will regret the day you bought this car. 4. Brakes”Brakes are very squeaky, just like public city bus.From other people complaints: The brake problemsIf you slow brake from about 60Mph the car shakes a little and it feels very weak and it starts smelling like something burned. Brakes warped every 3000 miles until I replaced rotors with slotted aftermarket rotors.brakes remain a weak point.From Other peoples complaints with which I agree: (found online)5. Ipod interfacing slow and takes much longer to use then if I just used my Ipod.6. Speakers blowing, I should be able to blast as loud as I want with out blowing the speakers.crappy speakers (seriously, this sound system could have rocked with just slightly better quality speakers)Speakers are weak7. SteeringElectric assisted steering feels a little lifeless. I can’t explain it, its just missing something…Maybe someone else can explain it. Electric power steering feels too artificial.Twitchy Steeringthe steering is definitely numb.steering is dead and in town it could be ligheSteering – wants to wander on the highway, need to keep both hands on wheel.The Electric steering is kinda weird8. The whole Bluetooth/voice control/navigation system needs to be scrapped and re-engineered to be one integrated system and not 2 separate systems. For starters, even when importing your contacts in a tech-equipped car, the Bluetooth handsfree never links to that list, therefore only showing a number in the MID when someone calls…it never makes the connection to your address book (either imported or on your phone, my Audi has done this since 2006) Who remembers phone numbers nowadays? Secondly, there is no quick and easy way to navigate your imported contact list. Thirdly, when you try to dial from your phone (because of above mentioned shitty integration with imported contact list) you have to manually transfer to the call to the bluetooth system. Lastly, every time an un-paired iphone that has BT turned on gets in the car, it keeps activating the voice control and says “pairing process cannot be started from the phone, please exit and say setup”Bluetooth microphone, is poor and picks up a lot of distortion even with all windows closed people can barely hear me speak unles I am yelling over the road noise.Voice recognition and interface/control is not so goodVoice commands are not always understood by car9. Jumpy suspensionSuspension terrible on certain surfacesjumpy suspension over holes/bumps10. Side mirrors aren’t linked to memory settings, and they don’t auto-dim11. Dashboard reflecting in the windscreen when the sun shines makes it hard to see out.12. Gas Tank – When you have more then half of tank of gas you will hear the gas splashing very loud. Noise of fuel slopping around in the tank drives me nuts at parking speeds.13. There is so very little space on the rear seats.more leg room to get your feet in & out when entering through the rear passenger doorsback seat legroom is tight if anyone over 5’10 is in front14. poor rear visibility for parallel parkingI am not working at any other competitor dealership.I am a regular VERY pissed customer who HATES the car, who visited the dealerships with my problems 4 times and they DID NOT resolve anything. There should be a 30 days return policy on Acuras cars.

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