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Addiction Recovery Network

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This “company” is a fraud. They promise clients the world and get them to sign off on $30,000 or less if they are desperate to fill beds like in Sundre Alberta, the staff is not educated or experienced in the position they are hired on for, the staff, the married female psychotherapist Maya is having sex under the clients noses with a staff member, the red seal chefs are not red seal, many many many staff have not been paid for over a year for wages they earned, the people running it have been in the news in a bad way but just posted a fraud statement of innocence. When confronted with these rumors they will just say “oh i have been slammed unfairly” and brush it off. They said this to me upon my hire when I asked about what I saw online. There is a huge file in the labour board of at least 100 people who have not been paid. Employees and contractors still waiting for over a year and more to monies they earned. Yes employers can get away with not paying you. I cant believe it either. John Haines is still operating this business out of Sundre Alberta /James River Alberta area but was using his step sons name and kept running the place and stealing peoples hope and money while in court proceedings. I have personally known of clients that try to kill themselves because of being detoxed too fast with their so called “doctors’ and staff was not informed that came on shift so the client could be watched more closely. There is so much bad about these people I could go on and on but I dont want to waste my good energy all day. I just felt I had to finally say something because if I can help one more person not be scammed then its worth this time. I add that once you sign off on that huge fee they got you. You get to the place and start to quickly see what you were promised isnt the case but you signed your money away and cant it back. Clients have even called family trying to tell them the truth after finding out all the lies and seeing all the bad and the staff under Haines’ direction will tell the family, “thats just addict talk” and easily sway the family to NOT listen to their loved one. Its quite easy and such unecessary stress on a client that just wanted help but is stuck in a place that they see so many reasons to not believe in is sad to watch. For some their life savings gone to pay for it and struggling to get something out of it under the horrible circumstances no one asked for is hard for them and the good honest staff to try to make sense of. You dont last long if you dont follow along with secretiveness and lies that are constantly happening to keep clients at bay from the truth. There are links about these people. The first ones you will see trying to speak his innocence are another scam. I called this “Cision” that publicized the report to ask why they are publicizing lies because this man surely still owes people and is not honest. I was hung up on. Call for yourself the number on the bottom saying the same and you will see it sure dont seem like a reputable reporting place. This guy is good at covering his lies, Wow. The Addiction Recovery Network is the same people as Addiction Canada but we are sure theres another name they are also using to hide the truth of who they are. That report says he had to close down but he didnt. He stayed open under his step sons name and is still at the exact same location. The place is a log home in Sundre Ab with a Canada flag at the dirt road path you go west on off the hwy. Sadly they have more than one location tho.. I hate that I drive by there often and still havent received my pay along with many and know there are people there not getting honest help but they are still operating and even worse, acting like they truly care. As mentioned, there is a link when you punch in John Haines Addiction Canada but note that this is paid for and by the people they have ripped off. Its easy to do . If this place was ever reputable it would never have received media attention as it has. This is not lies and please dont send your loved ones here. They will go through so much more than needed to try to get sober once they sign off on that huge fee which is sometimes lower if they are desperate to fill beds once they get there and see and feel the lies and shoddy help. Post for yourself in Sundre, Red Deer, Caroline Alberta facebook pages asking people if they heard of what I speak to see the truth. They have duped many. Google John Haines Addiction Canada. Stay away please..

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