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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I don’t usually write reviews, but I really felt that people need to know about this dishonest business called Adjuster Pro. They are scammers! Like a lot of people, I got sucked itno thinking that adjusting would be a great industry to be a part of, that there were actually jobs, but unfortunately that is not the case. I heard about AP through someone at Worley. | They advertise themselves as the premiere school to get your insurance adjusters license, and they do make it very easy to sign up. All over their website they have testimonials from people who have taken their course and have their license.. What they neglect to tell everyone however, is that it’s nearly impossible to break into the field, even after you have your license, UNLESS you already have years of experience. | AP has a list of insurance companies which hire adjusters, right around 30-40 are listed. After I received my license, I contacted every single one of the companies on their list. Each one I heard back from, which was about ¾ of the list, all told me they same exact thing; they do not hire inexperienced or novice adjusters. They all required 3-4 years, minimum. One companies did say on occasion they MIGHT hire an intern, but otherwise not. | Right after I found that out, I contacted the people at AP and asked what they would suggest I do, how would they suggest I break into a field that pretty much has closed the door to anyone without that prior experience. I waited, and waited for a reply. Nothing. I emailed them again, still no reply. Finally, after about a month, I got an email saying that I should just stick with it, that it’s not easy to break into adjusting without experience, but that they had confidence in me that I could get on board with some company, eventually. And that was the extent of their “help.”. | This company is a scam! All they do is basically is give you a practice test and charge you $300 for the privilege of taking their online course. They offer zero job help, no real ideas on what you should do if you’re new to the industry. They take your money though. And are more than happy to help you UNTIL you whip out your credit card and plunk down your money. | If anyone is interested in becoming an adjuster, I would say, don’t. There are at present 30K people on the roster with Worley, which is one of the bigger adjusting firms. There are thousands people in this industry sitting around waiting for work. Just check any of the adjusting forums that are all over the internet, there are a lot of people fresh to the field, all stoked because they have a license, but they are totally unemployed. | I feel totally scammed. Here it is, 6 months later since I got suckered in to taking the AP course and I haven’t even come close to getting a job in this industry. I wasted $300 and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

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